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Happy Birthday Sister Prayers

Happy Birthday sister prayers

Happy Birthday sister prayers – Do you want to send beautiful prayer messages to your sister on her birthday? Are you ready to make her smile or happy with you? Don’t worry, you are going to find many messages you can send to your sister to celebrate her birthday.

1. May the Lord protect your image; may He bless you with your new age and make it mark the beginning of your new success. Happy birthday.

2. As your life begins to shine today; may it continue to shine forever; may your dignity be forever protected. Happy birthday.

3. Happy birthday to my sensible sister, you are such, may you be successful in life, now and forever.

4. Good morning to my beloved sister; you have been nicer to me than ever. I wish you a great happy birthday.

5. May the Lord bless your new age; may your mission in life be achievable. Every single thing you desire in your heart will be possible.

6. Wishing you the best of your day; may you be celebrated in good health. Happy birthday my sweet sister.

7. Having you in my life is a big pride, I am so lucky because you are a smart girl. Your new age shall favor you forever.

8. We are all proud of you. The day you were born, we were all happy and welcome you to our midst. Today you are marking your new age, may it come with prosperity.

9. You are the best gift I have because I am your immediate elder brother. Thank you for always being a good sister. May you live long in success and prosperity.

10. I am wishing you the best on your day; may you excel in your entire daily endeavor. Happy birthday.

11. I have always loved you because you are a kind of sister that is rare in the whole world. May your new age mark the beginning of your fortune in life.

12. Happy birthday to my beloved sister. May your happiness continue to grow like a tree with lots of benefits to you and everyone around you.

13. Thank God for your new age; may it be the open chapter of a wonderful moment in your life. May your happiness reign forever in your heart.

14. Lord shall remember in all good fortune; you shall be blessed with your heart desire. I ask the Lord to put endless joy in your heart.

15. You will find the rest of the mind today and forever. Your new age shall favor you and groom your entire life with a success that never ends.

16. Thank God for your life; you are alive today we thank God for everything He has done in our life. We pray that your new age brings more wealth and health to you.

17. You shall be blessed forever, you will find peace in your heart as a tree finds shade against the sun. Happy birthday.

18. I have seen many sisters but none of them is as important to me as you are. I love and wish you the best on your birthday; may you be uplifted this year.

19. The Lord shall shower you with lots of mercy and blessing on your birthday. He shall protect you against all evils. Happy birthday.

20. You are plus one today, may you begin to see good reasons to why you are alive. Happy birthday my beloved sister.

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Great Happy Birthday Sister Prayers

21. You are my sweetest sister. Congratulations on your birthday. Thank you for allowing me to share in the love of today.

22. Thank God for your new age; may it be of abundant benefit to you; may your happiness continue to reign forever.

23. Happy birthday my beloved sister; everything you ever wanted or needed shall be granted to you by His grace.

24. I just want to say happy birthday to my sweet sister; we are proud of you. We ask God to protect you against all evils.

25. Thank God for this wonderful day, you are the most worshipped in all time; kindly bless our little sister for us.

26. I remember when you used to cry at my back, today you are now a woman. May you live long to reap the fruit of your labor. Happy birthday.

27. I am happy to announce the birthday of my sister; celebrate with me and pray for her success and prosperity.

28. May the Lord bless my elder sister with lots of good things; may the Lord protect her image from the evil people.

29. You shall not see any evil this year and every other year to come. You will be blessed beyond your expectation.

30. May your face be filled with the mercy of the Lord; every evil spot trapped on your face hindering the good people from recognizing you shall perish today. Happy birthday.

31. May the Lord put a smile on your face; may He select you among the luckiest people this year. Happy birthday.

32. Thank God for your life; you are plus one today; may your honor be increased in the heart of mankind.

33. I wish you a belated birthday; put a smile on your face this morning; take your tea and enjoy the rest of the day as part of your birthday.

34. Once you are happy, I am too. Your joy is what makes me happy. You shall be blessed and honored better than you can imagine.

35. The Lord will forever be with you; your heart shall be purified and devoted to the service of the Lord. Happy birthday.

36. May you be blessed with all manners of love, success, prosperity. May the Lord open ways of great fortunes in your life. Happy birthday.

37. My sister is plus one too, I ask the Lord to encourage her for more honorable achievements in life. Happy birthday.

38. Thank you Lord for giving me a cool-headed sister that understands the way of love and respect. Bless her with all her heart desires as she clocks another year today.

39. Today is a new chapter in your life, may you be celebrated and bless with abundant properties that will sustain you all through the year.

40. Happy birthday my happiness, the sweetest younger sister born after me. I pray for your happiness this day as you open another chapter of your life.

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Special Happy Birthday Sister Prayers

41. If there is any reason why I love you as a sister; it is because you are smart and respectful. May the Lord make these virtues last in you. Happy birthday.

42. I will buy you the best of cakes while coming home today; may you live long to celebrate more of it. Happy birthday.

43. I just want to say happy birthday to you; you are one of the most precious people in this world to me. May the Lord reward you of all your good deeds.

44. As you are aiming at the best in your life, may the Lord make it easy for you. Happy birthday my beloved sister.

45. Happy birthday my lovely sister; may your name be known all over the world as one of the best students in the world.

46. Put a smile on your face and make sure you are happy always. I pray to the Lord to bless you with grace and honor.

47. May you find peace in your heart; may your husband find it easy to take care of you. Happy birthday my sister.

48. If I have you as part of my life, it means I am the luckiest person in this world. May your face be filled with a smile forever.

49. You shall be great and your new age shall profit you in such a way that you cannot comprehend. The Lord shall not forsake as you clock another year.

50. May you be blessed with whatever you want. Your happiness will forever be with you and shall never be replaced with pain.

51. You are my best sister, my best friend and the closest to me. Now that you are plus one, may you find peace in your heart.

52. Many have gone and many have failed in life but you are here to make a new life. Happy birthday to my sweet sister.

53. It is my pleasure to have you in my life as a good sister. I love your lifestyle as it is simple and easy going. May you enjoy your new age.

54. Thanks are to the Lord for bringing you to our family. We proud of you and wish you all the best. Happy birthday.

55. The Lord shall not forget you, He shall put your love in the heart of every living soul. You are the best sister. Happy birthday.

56. May your new home profits you, may you find peace and harmony in your marriage. Happy birthday.

57. As you set to write your final exam next week, I pray that everything you want will be available for you forever. Happy birthday.

58. The space between my heart and yours I don’t think it is more than an inch. I so much love you as a sister. I pray that your new age serves as the beginning of progress in life.

59. Happy birthday sweet sixteen, I am happy for you. May you find peace and harmony in everything you are doing.

60. This blessed day is for you and me, may you always find rest of mind in your endeavor. Happy birthday.

Amazing Happy Birthday Sister Prayers

61. May God never get tired of bringing to your door, fresh opportunities and success every single day of your life. Happy birthday.

62. Every negative plan of the enemies shall be attacked by the Lord for you. You will never be affected by evil eyes. Happy birthday.

63. May the Lord purify your heart to hate evil and love good. May He continue to make things easy for you to understand and achieve.

64. May the Lord keep His Eyes of honor focused on you, make you feel the good things of life. Happy birthday.

65. The Almighty shall hold you on His Blessed palm and guide your way to amazing success in life. Happy birthday my beloved.

66. I pray that the Lord bless you all the days of your life; may He count you among the most brilliant servants of His today being your day.

67. Happy birthday to my blessed sister may your day be a great success from today. I wish you all the best.

68. On your day, I pray that the Lord protect you against all the huddles of life; may He continue to bless you with lots of fortunes.

69. May the Lord show you the way to righteousness, happiness, and joy. May He bless you with everything you need. Happy birthday.

70. I beseech the Lord to grant you the strength to put your trust in Him, submissive to His wills and honor the symbols of His religion. Happy birthday.

71. As you celebrate the beautiful day you were born, I pray the Almighty to bless you with endless love and good health.

72. May the Lord give you the strength and ability to handle every challenge that comes your way. Happy birthday, dear.

73. You are my best friend and the cutest sister ever known, may the Lord make the way of your happiness nearer to you. Happy birthday.

74. I ask God to guide every step of your life to lead your eyes to see His mercy waiting for you to come. Happy birthday.

75. May the Lord keep moving you forward in life; may He protect your instances and give you whatever you need in life.

76. Lord, please, be with my little sister all her life. Guide her heart away from evil thoughts. Bless her abundantly with all her needs.

77. No matter what, don’t give up, always try all your best when life is too difficult for you to bear. The truth is that one day you will make it. Happy birthday.

78. Happy birthday, my beloved sister, it is my pleasure to find you been happy with everyone today. Accept my apology that my wish is coming late. May the Lord bless your new age.

79. Thank you for everything you have done in my life. You are such an amazing sister full of love, joy, life, happiness, and success. I love you.

80. Take care of your heart; it is one of the most beautiful machines in this world. Fill it with contentment and joy all the time. Happy birthday.

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