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Happy Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

happy birthday wishes for best friend

Happy birthday wishes for best friend – We all have friends. And we all know how pleasant it is to be remembered on our birthdays. People want to feel loved. Our friends want to be loved. They want to feel special. How can you make one of your friends that have their birthdays soon, feel really special? By sending them cute happy birthday wishes that will surely make them go, “Awww… Thank you so much! My best friend!”

These short birthday wishes are all fun! Pick one and send to your special friend.  Or you could combine two messages together…  The more the merrier! These happy birthday wishes for best friend compiled here are the best of what you could ever find.  Check them out!

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Amazing Happy birthday wishes for best friend

1. Happy Birthday to you My Dearest Friend. I wish you all of your beautiful heart desires this day and all the days of your life.  This day is a special day and you deserve a prayer from your dear friend,  I say, ‘May the Lord make you happy always.’

2. Happy Birthday  my Soul-Friend!  We were destined by God,  by the universe, to walk this amazing journey called Life together hand in hand.  And there couldn’t be a more perfect person to walk through life with. Happy Womb Escape My Darling Soul-Friend, Stay Beautiful.

3. True love is rare in friendships,  and true friendships are rare. You are one special true friend I’ve met that I never want to lose. Happy Born day my Best Friend!  I love you to the end of the universe (if it has a end..)  And back! I wouldn’t trade you for anyone. Ever.

4. Every diamond has imperfections. You are a rare diamond in my life Bestie. I love all your perfections and imperfections. I love you Best Friend. Take this birthday prayer from me, ‘Today is your day, you will celebrate many more of this day in total bliss and comfort.  Amen.

5. Happy Born day to my Soul friend, companion, Darling, Diamond, Honey, Vegetable, Meat pie,  Sausage…. Happy birthday to you Friend. You mean a lot to me and my heart. I will keep loving you till the end.  Have fun.

6. My Friend, I promise to never get tired of loving you, of having your back in difficult times, of protecting you. We are two against the world.  Happy birthday to you friend.

7. Sweet Friend, oh.. Sweet Friend.. Today is the day you were delivered by your mother into the world several years back. I bless God for making our paths cross and I don’t intend on ever leaving you. Happy Birthday Love,  it’s your day,  Take it!

8. Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!!!!  Best Friend, you know how much we mean to each other right? You know I am and will be your only Bestest Bestie right? Yes… You know. Happy birthday Big head! Keep my cake I am coming over now..

9. Ore mi, Ore mi tokan tokan, my destined friend. Heaven celebrates you today. Earth celebrates you today. I celebrate you today. Go forth into the world and conquer! Happy Escape from the Uterus!

10. It’s your day Best friend. I am coming over to eat my Jollof rice! And pour you Garri! I must meet you at home o!  No running..

11. Happy Birthday to you my Friend,  I feel you every time you and I converse. I never want our conversations to end. They are like my solace and comfort. I love you,  I love you!  I love you because I wouldn’t choose any other feeling.

12. My sister from another womb. Yes. You’re from another womb,  and I am from my mother’s. But our bond is closer than that of blood sisters. Happy Birthday Twin Sister! I love you more than words can express or say.

13. My best friend, happy birthday. Remember, love is a choice you make everyday to your love. I promise to choose to always love you. I hope you choose the same.

14. Friend, I will always love you! Happy Uterus Exit!

15. OMG! It’s your Birthday my Honeypot! I looooooove you so much! Enjoy yourself! I can’t wait to sing for you..

16. Happy Special birthday to you Kindred Spirit. Our spirits were meant to meet in this world. We’re inseparable. Remember to pray,  love and Be Good. Take care.

17. Partner, I remember when I first  met you. I thought of you in distasteful ways..and those times make me laugh now. I mean, looking at how close we’ve become. Happy Birthday Partner,  I will always be there for you.  Every time.

18. It is us against the world Bestie! Happy birthday! Let’s go into life and have more fun adventures!  High Five!

19. Cheers! This is to my friend, my confidante, my human diary, my beloved companion. Happy birthday from me to you. This is a message from my heart,  accept it with your heart. Love ya!

20. I used to think Friendships were formed so we wouldn’t be alone. You know.. Just for the sake of friendships. But I met you and found that friendship is a WHOLE LOT OF THINGS. Friendship is a form of platonic love, deep affection for each other. Real friendship is devoid of jealousy, deceit and lies. And that’s what we have. I get instant mood boost when I think of you friend. Although, I don’t usually say this verbally to you but consider this from me as a birthday token. “I really do love you”.

21. Happy Birthday Sunflower. Today is your birthday and I can never forget it. You are indeed a blessing to the world. Sunflower,  go out and shine in full radiance. Have a great day friend. I respect you big time!

22. I promise to never let you go out dressed in an ugly outfit. You will always look your best. I will always care for you. It’s what a best friend does. Happy Birthday Jollof.

23. Thank you for being a rant buddy,  inspiring personality,  comforter,  the one that encourages,  motivator to me and my dreams.  Happy Birthday to you my love,  I will always help you in your dreams and life pursuits too.  I promise.

24. Thank you for letting me call you all the cute names in the world. Even though you balk at some. Lol. It’s all because I love you and find you very cute. Happy birthday Teddy Bear.

25. Happy Birthday my maid of honor, yes you will be. 😛  And I will be at yours too. Have fun, it’s your jolly day.

Great Happy birthday wishes for best friend

26. I look forward to hundreds and thousands of high fives shared between me and you. I don’t want high fives with anyone else. Just you and I..  Happy Birthday BFF.

27. Happy Birthday Flawless Babe. I know you don’t like to be called ‘Babe’. I know… But mehn!  I am slamming it in your face!  Babe..
I had better run..

28. BFF,  I’ve read zodiac signs a lot and they  say our signs don’t really match up in friendships..But God.. We match up so well in real life,  that it leaves me questioning the authenticity of zodiac. Our friendship can’t be over emphasized.  We match up too well. Happy birthday my baby.

29. Happy birthday friend. I promise to always zip up for you when your hands can’t reach the back of your cloth. Yes, I will take care of you.

30. Happy birthday soul friend! Have this internet hug! And this! And this also! And a thousand internet kisses! Catch all of them..

31. Happy birthday pal! Cheers to many years of photo catalogs of us and our loved ones! Cheers to many more ridiculous selfies! And many more Snapchat filters! And many more photoshoots!!

32. Hello cupcake. Happy womb escape Pal. Love you more than my love for cakes.

33. We are paddling in life together. This ocean of life… When I am tired,  you row the canoe.  And when you’re tired,  I take turns to row. We are here to support  each other. Happy birthday sister.

34. Hey Stupid!  Happy birthday! Where is the party at? Despite the fact that I call you names,  you know I love you right?  And after all,  the names signify a level of closeness between us.  Let’s bask in that pleasure.

35. Best friend for life, best friend forever. Happy birth anniversary! Head over to my house now!  Let’s  have a fun outing and let’s eat cake.

36. It’s your anniversary today dear beloved. Friendships signify affection and bonding and these things  I definitely feel toward you.  I trust it’s mutual.

37. Hey buddy!  I just saw the Facebook notification announcing your B-day. Just joking. I didn’t see any Facebook notification. Instead, I heard a bell in my head go off screaming your birthday immediately I woke up thus morning.  I can never forget your birth anniversary buddy. Never! My brain wouldn’t even let me.

38. Happy birthday playmate. Let’s keep being play mates forever. How about we go to the amusement park?

39. Happy birthday bud. I wish you were here so I could hug you. But nevertheless, my heart goes out to you. Make sure you have fun. My best wishes.

40. My number one ally. My chum, my friend. It’s your day today. Shut up and don’t complain when I start to playfully tease you when next you see me.. Hehe..

41. Hi Crony. God I miss you. I wish you weren’t so far away. So that I could tell you happy birthday face to face. Happy birthday dear.

42. Happy birthday sweetie! Have fun and be happy. Because I’m being sweet doesn’t mean I won’t pour Garri on you. To be forewarned is to be fore harmed.

43. Hey crime mate. My inner alarm just buzzed me that today is your birthday. Please take this online slap. That’s your birthday gift!

44. Salute to a great friend. Greetings to the best buddy. For it’s her birthday. It’s your birthday sweetie. Happy birth anniversary! From your affectionate friend.

45. Happy birthday my friend, bon anniversaire! Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag!!! (Yeah.. You guessed right.. It’s German)

46. Many happy returns friend!  Live your life fully! Learn lessons, preach love, practice love.

47. Happy born day Cutie, love, sweetie pie, kuli kuli, honey, fish, dovie and Bestie! Remember, there are people out here that loves you and are willing to support you every step of the way. You are not and will never be alone.

48. I am so happy! I am elated!  I am so excited!!  I am in a complete state of euphoria right now!  It’s my friend’s birthday!  The most beautiful face and mind I have ever met.  You never cease to intrigue me friend! Happy Uterus runaway!

49. Love is about commitment dear. Happy birthday dear! I will remain ever committed to you.Come rain,  come sunshine.

50. Happy birthday my beloved friend. I hope to share many more laughs,  tears,  ups, and downs with you. I am staying and sticking with you through every thing. This is my promise on this special great day of yours. Happy Birthday!

51. Happy birthday to you my Friend! You are plus one today! May this day be the beginning of marvellous and glorious things in your life! May you continue to prosper and excel in all of your endeavours. May our good Lord continue to protect you for me! Happy birthday Love!

52. Birthdays are really special days. Everybody wants to be shown love on their special days! Let me tell you, you are loved! I love you Friend. And I am one hundred percent sure, that there are dozens and dozens of people out there that also love you. Why? You are an amazing personality and people are naturally drawn to you! They can’t help but love you.

53. Happy birthday to you Honeypot! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!! Happy birthday!!! Remember God, I, your family and the whole world loves you! You are treasured! Highly.

54. Happy birthday to you my lovely friend! Having you as a friend, is one of the best gifts God has given me. May we never stop being friends! Ever!

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