Is there really anything to celebrate? Yes, I ask you about our democracy! Yet I still have to wish you happy democracy day 2017!

From the recession that has affected us in this country, we are still here anyway, we should be thankful. Remember that a lot has happened and people have died, but we are still here. Happy democracy day!

I hear people asking if today was democracy day or dictatorship day!
I hear people asking if we truly we practice the freedom of speech as indicated in a true democratic society!
I hear people asking if we practice the right of religion, freedom of lives, freedom of movement as indicated in a democratic system of government.

I know there is the need for us to reflect on the totality of Nigeria’s democracy day, but all we need to is first wish ourselves happy democracy day! It is the people that are alive that are sane enough to question the democratic process, don’t you think so?

I know a number of you may say that he/ she has been celebrating democracy every year since he/ she was born and nothing has really changed! At least you are still here, what is that changes? We all have everything to complain about in this democracy day, and we all have everything to be thankful for here. I am not a politician, would have focused more on salient issues troubling our country and ask delicate questions of our leaders, but then, let us remember that love is the greatest gift of all on this democracy day 2017. We need love to survive. Check out my collection of happy democracy day messages for your use.

We have everything to be thankful for. Happy democracy day 2019 beautiful readers. Do you have reactions or comments on the democracy day 2019? Feel free to drop in the comment section below.



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