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Happy Democracy Day Quotes

Democracy day quotes

Democracy day quotes: Celebrating your Country’s Democracy day? Check out these nice democracy day quotes for your use for the day.

1. This day is a day that we all should celebrate; it is the day our fathers converted the power of the autocracy into the power for the people. It worth been celebrated by the entire Nigerians. Let us run the task together as one nation with a common goal.

2. Happy democracy day for everybody, you are all beautiful people that someone should be with. Today is our independent day. We should be seen loving each other and forming ideas to make our nation great.

3. Happy democracy day dudes, you are the pride of our nation. Together we stand and forever we live to make the world celebrated our great nation. We will not allow our enemies to turn us into a laughing stock, we will fight for what is right for us.

4. I am glad to be part of this nation. A beautiful country full of natural resources; a blessed land with fertile soil. We beseech that you are green forever. Our nation will not be taken for granted by anyone. Happy democracy.

5. How can we make this country great should be our question; we are the only people that can make our land a better place for everyone to live. Let’s join hand together to build the name of this wonderful country in the eyes of other nations.

6. Our agriculture is growing, our economy is booming and security is getting better. These signs are worth been celebrated. We are the pride of our nation; our nation is our asset and divine blessing from God.

7. Great Nigerians, this is another opportunity to celebrate the mercy of a democratic day. Let’s celebrate the freedom of speech, the freedom of love and passion whenever we wish. We are great people in a great nation.

8. Happy democracy to all my friends, you are all the best I have for now. Change of government does not hinder us from becoming what we want to be. We are happy today been a day of freedom for Nigerians.

9. I have the right to vote and be voted for, this is the joy of a democratic government. I can now move freely as I want and will no longer be scared of expressing my feelings. Happy democracy to the entire people of Nigeria.

10. Great Nigerians, I hope you guys are enjoying this day? It is a day worth been celebrated wholeheartedly. We are the best people for this nation and that’s why we are created here. You know what, God does not make mistake. Let us cooperate to push the glory of our nation.

11. Another opportunity has come for us to celebrate a new life given to us by our fathers. The labor of our past leaders will not go in vain. Our aim for this country will always be to make it great forever.

12. Let’s fight together against corruption that kills our economy. Let’s consider the poor masses that are dying every day. Our children are the leaders of tomorrow, they need our effort to stand firm in the process of making this country better.

13. No matter what we are going through in life, if we believe that one day the story of the past will be changed, definitely it will be changed for good. It will be better if we allow those who have the interest of the nation in heart rule us. Happy democracy.

14. We will get to the promise land one day. Don’t let us divide as desired by our common enemies. It will be a great idea if the Nigerian youth can come together as one in one voice to make our country better. Happy democracy day.

15. We have suffered enough since these years; it will be a good opportunity to maintain a new beginning with all our hearts. Let us hold hands together and build a new nation with a new approach in a new democratic state.

16. Nigeria is plus one in democracy today, we are the leaders that should make our nation become an attractive place once again. Let us clean the mess the wicked leaders of the past have cost and rebuild on the legacy of the good past leaders.

17. Democracy is development, efficiency, moderate, obedient, creative, rational, active, communicative, and youthful. Let the youth of Nigeria taste the power of democracy to make our country the best in the world.

18. If we can dream big, we shall achieve big in life; our love for each other can still stand as a good reason to be happy with each other. The mutual understanding that exists between two people is a power to keep a nation strong. Happy democracy day.

19. The greatness of a nation is as the result of tolerance among her people. If we stop shedding blood and stop hating each other, our country will surely move forward and we will achieve the purpose of democracy.

20. If we understand the purpose of a state, we will resolve in one voice to make things better for our people. We can’t move forward abhorring hatred for each other. We cannot get things done until we are ready to live as one Nigerian.

21. When things are getting tougher, let’s join hand together to make it soft; fueling the problem of a nation with hate speech soon or late will affect our children too. The future of our children is in our hands today.

22. Democracy is an opportunity for us to decide what the future of our children will look in the next ten years. Let us be good leaders so that our future generation will find a good legacy to emulate.

23. Our prayers will not go in vain and our efforts will ever be a significant part of the progress of our nation. Let’s join hands together to make our nation a bearable place for the masses to be. These killings will not in any way help our progress.

24. A patriotic citizen will not influence others negatively against his motherland. The wealth we accumulate through wicked politics will not accompany us to our grave and the entire houses we built will become someone else’s own. Happy democracy day.

25. As we climb the ladder of greatness, let us have the poor masses in mind; their votes brought us to the position we are today; their blood, when shed in an unjust way, will be the curse that will disgrace you in life.

26. Change is possible; don’t let us allow our selfish interest hinder us from support the right person for our country well being. America is great today because the people were able to resolve to have the interest of the nation in mind than their own pocket.

27. Let the entire politicians understand this life is temporary and the masses that voted them in are expecting their performance as they promised. We are into democracy and today is a reminder that it should be observed in the appropriate way.

28. Guiding our dignity real matters; our economy should be among our number one priority as a good citizen. Let’s stop any criminal act and become a good citizen of Nigeria. Together, let’s unite against terrorism.

29. When we kill, we kill our brothers and sisters. When we fight, we still fight our people in Nigeria. Let’s forget about our difference and embrace each other as one Nigeria. The lamp shines a light to the world but darkness to itself. Nigerians must unite against their common enemies.

30. I am sending this to the entire public officers, security officers, and our electoral officers; this is a new beginning of a new Nigeria. Let’s use our influence to build a better Nigeria. Our nation is at the edge of falling, only prayer and effort will push it back to its glory.

31. There will be need of a conflict, our nation problem resolution lies under the feet of our leaders; always remember that we only respect them because they vowed to lead us well. The time of a new Nigeria has come; let us play a brighter role in making it a reality.

32. The most beautiful things in this world are always been buried by dirt until we dig deeper, we will bring them out. Nigeria, which I see a great future for, will soon reach a height that will make other nations believe in us. Happy democracy.

33. Let Nigeria be great. Integrity is a virtue for the greatness of a nation; truthfulness will earn us credibility from other nations. Democracy day is around the corner; let’s celebrate it with love for each other. Happy democracy day.

34. Happy democracy to all my great friends you are my number one comrades ever. Your love for me shines in my life. I love every one of you. Thank you for supporting me when I need you most.

35. Being in the midst of great men is a wonderful opportunity for me to show my gratitude to all of you. Enjoy your holiday as we celebrate the democracy for a new Nigeria. I pray for the progress of our dear nation.

36. It has been long we see each other; this really makes me miss you so much. Happy democracy to the entire people at home, my awesome regards to them all. Tell them how much I miss them and love them.

37. As you are on this holiday, I pray that your effort since this year is beneficial to you. The democracy was intended for the freedom of the people; may you be free from any kind of bondage you may be which you don’t know. Happy democracy.

38. I want to make sure that my message reaches you and your entire family members; feel relax in this holiday; make sure that you are in good term with everyone at home. You are my best friend whom no other friend can replace in my heart.

39. Building this nation together is my dream, find the solution to our problems is the watchword and winning along with great friends like you is my ultimate goal. I just want to say happy democracy day to every one of you.

40. We were able to change the government successfully without any bloodshed but struggling in democracy has caused thousands of blood. Until we understand that we are one Nigerians we will continue to live divided against each other.

Nigeria Democracy Day Quotes for Girlfriend

41. Today is bright because it contains the celebration of a wonderful day in the history of Nigeria. Happy democracy day to the love of my life. I wish you all the best. I love every single thing that emanates from you.

42. Your beautiful face and lovely voice should be celebrated along with our beautiful nation. The day I met you, I found new freedom just like we found a new life the day Nigeria change its government to a democratic state.

43. I love you so much because you are the last woman standing. You are the hope that was sent to me from God to wipe away the pains I encountered in my life in the past. Happy democracy day to you the jewel of my heart.

44. The best brain I have ever seen in my life is you. I must tell you that you are such an amazing girl full of skills and power of programming. I am so much impressed with the development of the national website you designed. Happy democracy day my love.

45. This hustle has reached us both and must be followed to the end. We need to live together as good citizens of our nation. Let’s build our dreams together so that when we eventually get married, it will be easier for us to train future leaders.

46. Your thoughts have always been on my heart every day and night up till this moment, it has never occurred to me to think of living you even for a second. I love your smile, face, voice, legs, hands, and your beautiful body well built on a day called beauty.

47. I am so much happy today to celebrate this holiday with the love of my life; may the blessing that has no limit branch your home to shower you with long life and prosperity. Happy democracy day my sweetie.

48. Happy to hear from you, the loveliest person in my life. I will always be yours in ay season for any reason and at any time. Happy democracy day to you my superstar. I wish you much success always.

49. May the Lord protect you in this new season of our democratic nation; your pursuits will be reached and the entire dream you have for a beautiful future will be achievable. Happy democracy to everyone.

50. Thank God for the love you have for me; it is so genuine that I used to think if there is a person more skillful in terms of passion than you are. I am so lucky to have you as my girlfriend. Happy democracy day.

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