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What Will You Do If You Realize You Have Just 24 Hours To Live

You Have Just 24 Hours To Live

Adetola DeeDee speaks more about finding purpose, living your best life and not being afraid of death. If you are afraid of death at this point in your life, then begin to right your wrongs.

What Will You Do If You Realize You Have Just 24 Hours To Live?

One day you say?

I can imagine how terrifying and overwhelming it would be at the same time. But first, I will allow the fact that I’ve got just 1 day left sink in.

The importance of time can never be overemphasized. We should not waste it or spend it extravagantly. In over three decades of my existence in this life, I just began to understand the essence and importance of time. I wish, dream, hope and pray that only if I had found my purpose earlier. Maybe I would have been better than how I am now.

The fact that I found purpose means all hope is not lost, is it? It guides me through my daily thoughts, projections, and affairs and I get better for knowing what I am supposed to do with my life. Each day, Every day.

Truth is despite being wary of the importance of time and seeing how essential it is in placing value on time. A lot of people are still out there wasting away their time. A lot of people should have been productive from day one but think they still have a lot of time left to do whatever it is they want.

Honestly, one thing I have not been able to determine in this life is to know how long it is I have left to live. Every day, the feeling nudges me to deep thoughts and concern – deep mental, physical and spiritual self-awareness. I know there are a lot of people in my shoes wondering how long they still have to live. When I remember my past and how I could have died to do the wrong things and making the silliest of all mistakes, I believed that there was a higher purpose in between all the bad things I have done in time past.

For me to still be alive till now, then it means I have been given an opportunity to right my wrong and live to the fullest of all potentials. A day more to do something right, a day more to influence positively, a  day more to impact and a day more to make people happy!

So, let’s say I’ve got just one day to live:

1. I will, first of all, make my wife realize that she can continue with life without me. This is a very hard choice but we need to come to that realization. Leaving this world should not affect other people that love us. They should be able to move on and follow up on the legacy that we have left behind. Legacy you say?

2. I will call on Family and make sure they know about how short the time I’ve got left. Would try to get to those I have not been able to and also savour memories and moments we have spent together. To me, Family is everything.

3. I will also try to check up on as many friends as possible. In all sincerity, our daily and the fact that we want to be seen as affluent in the society has ignited a competitive spirit in us, to be seen as competitors with our friends rather than collaborators. I will try, yes, to check up on them and to make them know I love them!

4. I would try to sell happiness through the blog and through various means I had always dreamt of. Truly, one thing we need to be contented is happiness. Whether poor or rich, happiness is a state of mind and if my final purpose is to make someone happy. I would make sure I make that possible.

5. I would eat my favourite meal and have my favourite drink.

6. Finally, will try to create a legacy before leaving. What is this life if people do not know you for one particular thing you did to make their lives better? No matter how small the impact you make in someone’s life is, you will always be remembered for the small, positive impact and that to me is LEGACY!

7. Then I can finally sleep and rest, knowing that I have achieved something with my life!

For you reading this, have you just thought about the fact that today can be your last day on earth? Take a minute, ponder on it. What will you do right if you realize you would DIE in 24 hours?

Love more or Hate more?

Whether you believe in the greater power or not. One thing is certain and that is the fact that there is another world outside here when you die, and where you will be held accountable for your actions. Oh, you feel you will do evil and get away with it? See, if there is no supernatural being that you believe in, there is something inside of you called conscience that pricks you at every decision you make.

So whether good or bad, you are accountable for all your actions. So why leave the good and focus on the bad?

A lot of you believe in wishes. Words like:

Oh, only if I can have this, then I’ll do that.

Let me leave this for tomorrow and just focus on this today

I wish I had enough money, I would have done this for my parents and done that for my siblings.

Now let me ask you this, if you had 24 hours to live, those things you had postponed, maybe because of one bottleneck or the other, will you not want to try to achieve them?

If you had that one chance to realize that you would die tomorrow. Will you just sit and allow death to take you away or you’ll live the best life you have always dreamt of?

Are you afraid of death? If you are at this time, then it is time you focused on finding purpose and doing good.

So you see, it isn’t hard after all, those things we keep postponing can actually be done if we put our minds to it. Those situations we wait to present themselves before we take the plunge and live a life of purpose, shouldn’t be waited for. Do you even know that coming to the realization of your purpose is a means of making another fulfilling his/ her purpose?

Are you even aware that your purpose on this earth is that of SERVICE? Oh, you don’t know already?

Start right now. Start today. Experience your life to the fullest. This is when you can really be fulfilled and not be afraid of death when it comes calling!

Know this today:

1. You are not alone. There is a higher force that pushes to you to finding your purpose and doing you. So embark on the journey that would bring you closer to finding your purpose.

2. Love yourself. You can never love another if you don’t love yourself first. This does not make you a selfish individual but rather will bring you into self-awareness so you can live life the way you want to.

3. Be Responsible and Accountable for your life. Your mistakes, your choices, your decisions.

4. Do not see problems as stumbling blocks, rather see them as obstacles that will take you to a higher place when dealt with.

5. Meditate –  Doing this has helped me tremendously and has made me at peace with myself. You need to! You can start by spending some 30 minutes to 1 hour in the midnight thinking and reading powerful spiritual books. They help you gravitate from spirit to soul!

6. Build relationships with friends and family! This helps to create a physical and emotional bond you need to thrive in life.

7. Remember that you have God and continually seek clarifications from him.

Let me ask you again. If you realize you have just one day to live. What will you do?

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    Fabode Ibrahim
    January 17, 2019 at 11:21 am

    Bless you with this, you always impress me with your contents.

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    January 17, 2019 at 11:41 am

    if i have just a day left, I’ll make peace with my maker, make a voice note of all the knowledge I have that might benefit someone else, eat my favorite food, take chilled yoghurt and wait for death to come

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    January 17, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    This is a nice read. You are doing a good job here, Deedee!

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    Ali Ch
    January 19, 2019 at 1:32 am


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    January 22, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    That is so true! Thanks for the article!

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