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Happy Election Messages To Voters

election day messages to voters

Now is the time to send those Happy Election Messages to Voters around you. Whether you are in Nigeria or the United States, and whether you are voting or not. Send these messages to wish those that are voting well.

Wouldn’t you try these election messages to voters out?

Check them out:

1. We are happy to see another wonderful day of an election with you, May the best man win.

2. We are celebrating the entire leaders of the past and present today; may they reap rewards of their leadership.

3. It has been a while I heard from you so I decided to grab the opportunity of election to say hello.

6. Thank God for this day in the history of mankind; a day of righteousness; let’s change our attitude for good. Happy Election

7. I just want to say a very fantastic happy election day to all my friends, you are all wonderful set of people.

8. Thank God for everything, you are marvelous o Lord; we are also using this day to show our gratitude for all you have done in our life. For us to see another day of election.

9. I am wishing everybody a happy election day; may you all find it easy to be grateful to the Lord.

10. I just want to say thank God for your life as you witness this great day. Happy election day to the most important person in my life.

11. Hello friend, you know what? It is Election day, put the smile on your face and celebrate the people that are voting today.

12. I wish to be among these amazing people that came to this world to change it. I am so much happy with myself.

13. Lovely people are those who dedicated or dedicate their entire life to the will of the Lord. Happy Election day my dear love.

14. I am alive on this wonderful day; thank God for life because I am witnessing a precious day in the world.

15. You are my good friend and so I think today will be one of the most beautiful days in this world. So, I am wishing you all the best in it.

16. Thank you Lord for this wonderful moment in time; you are the best and the most worshipped at all times.

17. Glory, glory to the Lord who allowed us to live to this moment. It is never a small privilege to witness the Election day of 2019.

18. Today, I am bright, because it is the Election day; thank God for all these beautiful happenings. Wishing all and myself all the best.

19. Today, I am going to discount my entire goods to express my happiness for witnessing this precious day in my lifetime.

20. The love of God shall never in any way be far away from you; you will reap the fruit of your labor as we observe the Election day.

21. I pray for God’s protection and yours today, as you head out to vote for the elections. May all that you desire for this Country come to pass and may your Candidate win.

22. I have always admired this day because it is one of the most precious days in the life of a man. Take care of yourself.

23. Don’t be scared to vote for the one person you want it. Just get in there, vote and go home! Okay? God’s blessings.

24. Let those who want to fight, fight. Vote your candidate and head home. God’s protection always.

25. God will always protect his people and I pray he protects you at this time. Go in there and be the best at the polls. Blessings!

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