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Thank God it’s Friday…Yaaay!! It is that time to dance into the weekend like we don’t care! Right? How has the week been for you? Hectic I guess, at this time of the year! Some collection of happy Friday messages will make a lot of sense when you send them to your family and friends. There is nothing wrong with checking up on them is there?

Before you scream happy Friday though, just check through our collection of happy Friday messages and see which you would like to share with family and friends.

Happy Friday Messages

1 Bottoms up, pencils flying. It’s Friday and we are screaming Whoo Hooo. Happy Friday to you!

2 Hello There Friday, I never believed you could come up so early. I miss you! Do you miss Friday? Happy Friday to you!

3 It was a very long week! Happy Friday to you! Hope to see you soon.

4 You see why I wish every day was Friday? We could drink, eat and have a lot of fun with no regard for the world! it is really the start of a workless week’END! Happy Friday.

5 I know I need Monday for the cash and all the perks that come with being employed. Friday is the real deal though. All the fun in the world for three days starting today. I love Fridays! Happy Friday to you!

6 All the horrors of the week have been forgotten until Monday again! LOL. Happy Friday

7 Please Smile, it’s Friday already. Let us party till the weekend comes! Hurray!

8 I will never forget Friday because it is the day where the bustle of the week comes to an end. Happy Friday!

9 You better not worry about how your Thursday went. Friday is here already!

10 The weekend has landed and is upon us. Let us have fun with it! Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Messages of love

11 Let us welcome Friday as it comes and give honour to the weekend because it tis the time we have been waiting for. Thank God it’s Friday

12 There is nothing in this world that can replace how happy I feel whenever Friday comes into view.  Right from when I woke up till now that I am at work. The thoughts of seeing you today overwhelms my very being.

13 I love the days I go to sleep without having to remember I do not have to set alarm. I love Fridays! Happy Friday.

14 Tell your girlfriend to cook the best dish for you, because we are spending the weekend at your place. Happy Friday

15 We are going to party really hard because it is Friday. Are you ready? Because I am. Happy Friday to you!

16 Friday comes with all the worries of the working week left and carried over! It gives us the time to reflect upon what we have done, and What we can still do in the new week. Happy Friday my Friend

17  Friday is usually a very special day to hang out with friends and reminisce on how the whole week went. Happy Friday!

18 Whether it rains or not, I don’t care. What is important is that we get to spend the Friday together! Happy Friday!

19 I love that today is the last day of a working week. Now I can sleep, eat, relax and rest well. Happy Friday!

20 Imagine if there is a working week without Friday. I will just be a restless and unforgiving person throughout the week. Happy Friday!

21 Hey, It is Friday, time for thanksgiving and for gratefulness. Stay happy and safe this weekend. Happy Friday!

22 It is time to leave the stress if work. Time to reflect and thank God for an amazing week. Happy Friday to you!

23 I am happy I made it to Friday. Away from the hustle and rigours of work. Happy Friday!

24 Imagine if you are earning your salary on a Friday. It is going to be the most amazing weekend ever! Happy Friday.

25 My love is here. My Friday has come. I love you Friday. Welcome to Me.

26 Thank you for bringing and peace into my life. Thank you Friday for all the gifts.

27 Happy Friday, I wish everyone of you the most exciting weekend ever

28 You have a lot of things to be thankful for today. Today being Friday is the very first on the list. I am thankful. Happy Friday

29 Thank God it’s Friday, let’s go clubbing!

30 Hooray! Friday the dance day is here!!

Friday SMS Prayers of Happy Friday Messages

31 May your Friday be as exciting as the rest of your week. May God be with you in all your ways. Happy Friday

32 My Good morning hugs to you on this very beautiful Friday morning. May God bless all the things you do and all your ways. Happy Friday!

33 Good morning My love. I pray that you have a beautiful Friday. Stay safe

34 There will be showers of blessings in your life this weekend. Happy Friday

35 May the everlasting bless everything you lay your hands on this Friday. Happy Friday!

36 It is a beautiful morning and an amazing Friday! I wish you the best Friday blessings. Happy Friday to you!

37 The lord our God who reigns high above the earth will be with you everyday of your life. Happy Friday!

38 Thank you, lord our God for an amazing Friday. We are grateful!

39 All I want to say to you is a good morning and have a blessed Friday. Happy Friday

40 May your Friday be splendid, may your weekend be special and may your forever be truly great. Happy Friday to you

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