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Most Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

most touching love messages

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Most touching love messages for your girlfriend

1 When you are tired, down and depressed
When you feel like you can’t go on
When all the world is against you
Always try to remember that I have you in my thoughts
And I am ready to provide a helping hand to you
Simply because I love you so much
And I promise to support you in every way
I love you and I am ready to be with you every step of the way

2 People say that there is nothing like a selfless love
Only if they know the kind of love between us
I know what love means by hanging with you
You have shown me that we should not attach a lot of physicalities
To love so that we can get the best of each other
I promise you this all the time
That I will love you till the end of my days
I love you so much baby and I am proud of what we have

3 I was a lonely person, comfortable within my space
And thinking that I have no friends in this world but the stars
But ever since I met you
The whole concept of being lonely changed
You showed me that there is more to love than just being lonely
You are one of the stars that God sent to me, and I will always be grateful
For the kindness that God has shown to me
I love you baby. A whole lot

4 You are the only person in my heart
The only reason why I want to sleep and wake up
Knowing that your love is just by the day
Waiting for me to wake into your arms
You are my passion and I am so much in love with you

5 I know why my hands tremble so much
I know why my feet walk so fast
I know why my heart beats in such a crazy way
It is simply because of your love and I am thankful
For you being a part of you and you a part of me
I love you so much in a very crazy way

6 When we are in love
It is possible to want to show it
When we are in love
It is possible that we will want to announce our love
When we are in love
It is possible that we want to celebrate our love
When we are in love
It is possible that we want to enjoy it
Do all of these things you want to do
When you are in love you should stay happy
Because that is what being in love makes you do
That is how I feel being in love with you

7 Our heart has been in love for a long while
And this is the reason why the sun shines so bright on us
Flowers spring up and the birds chirp right up in the sky
The trees make a huge dance and the whole world welcomes
Our together in one deep and interesting synchrony
One love keeps us together
I will love you till the end of my days

8 Please try to listen to the words of my mouth
Please listen not only to the words but
The feeling that comes right from my heart
Listen to the emotion in my voice
That says that I want to spend the rest of my life with you
I really want to stay with you forever
This is how I feel about you
I love you in such a crazy way and I hope that
You see me as vulnerable as I am
I am in love with you

9 The force of attraction between us has gradually
And delicately culminated into love
It brings together two different people
Living in different worlds, with different personalities
Come together to live and breathe as one
Love brings us together in the craziest way
And life happens to us that we get married
And live happily ever after
I keep loving you every day and I am thankful
For the gift of life in different ways

10 Hello Baby
Please stay in my heart and let our love come together as one
If only you can see the light in my heart
That has shone so brightly based on the feeling of love in me
You will the light that shines brighter than that of the sun
As I love you so much from the bottom of my heart

11 In every way, you try to look at me
In every space you want to search
Even if you decided to check out the corners of my heart
You will find my love with your name resting in that corner as well
Waiting for you to check it out and see how much I am into you
And how much I love you so much

12 I will not wait for you to tell me that you love me before
You see that I truly and deeply love you from
The bottom of my heart
I will not wait for you to come here to stay
Before you see the pronounced signs that
I am really into you and need you here
Like right immediately
I love you so much
And I can’t wait to have you forever

13 I want you to see all the love that I am sending to you
I want you to see my feeling as I love you
My affection for you keeps growing by the day
And I LOVE YOU in a different and special way

14 You are the one that I love
I feel the love in my lips
As I say it to you
I feel the happiness in my heart
As I speak of my love to you
No matter how far you are away from me
I will always love you from my heart

15 You are the only different person in this world
With you around me, I am more me
I just want the lovely corner in my heart
Where I want to stay and play my part
I really really want you to be in love with me
And I also want to say that you love me

16 You are the only person in the world that I love so much
You are different and therefore I am crazy about you!

17 I am always in bed thinking about you
And I ask myself why I really love you so much
I was thinking about it and now I have come to realize
The reason why I love you is that
You have remained who you are over the years
And have loved me so selflessly
I am so happy to have you as mine

18 Thank you for loving me
Thank you for being the eyes I can see with
Thank you for being the nose I can smell with
Thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me
Thank you for being so special in your unique way
Thank you for loving me for me

19 We will always have an issue with time
We will sometimes be apart and you know that’s true
But know this that I will always stand here
Waiting and waiting for you!
You will always be in my soul and dreams
And I will always make you my love for real

20 You are my best new thing darling
You have taken time to understand my flaws and imperfections
You have seen me at my worst periods and moments
Yet you still love me with the whole of your heart
You are the best thing that ever happened to me

Most touching love messages for your boyfriend

21 I told my friend yesterday
about this precious gift that God sent my way
They pondered and wondered who could take my heart away
But they all were happy when I told them you were the princess and day
I love you so much darling and I want to be with you forever

22 Who would have taught in this life that I would end up with you
I have always seen you as a playboy and a guy that every serious lady should run away from
But you made me realize that you never really know someone until you get close to them
And now I see how it feels to fall in love with you
You just made love seem so easy that if I come to this world again
I would want to fall in love with you

23 Hi Bubba
Ever since we started dating, and I told you the story of my life
You told me yours as well, and we both saw our mistakes and real-life experiences
People say men are trash because of how they have been treated
But you have shown me that men are not really trash
It just depends on whether or not you have met the special someone for your life
I met you and my life changed completely
I love you for being you with your flaws and attitude
And I am sure we will get better in love as we grow together
I love you darling and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

24 Just yesterday, I overheard some ladies saying there is no love
I just walked past them smiling in admiration of how you have made me
See that there is love if we focus on understanding your partner more
With you, I find the peace and affection that I need to complete my life
And I want to thank you for showing me love in the best way you can
You know what? You do not really need to go overboard for you
I love you just the way you are.
Thanks for loving me, darling!

25 Before they say it is finished and that they will never love again
I will tell them I just started because you have blown me away
You love is that highest tone of musical tonic that will guide me into the heavens
And back to the earth
Your love is like the song that ministers to my soul when I feel tired and weary
You are a special person and you are the God on earth
Your love is second to none darling.
Thanks for loving me always!

36 I am still shocked at the realization that you can deal with me
My attitude, erratic as it is, you still love me that way
A lot of guys will always complain and say that they are tired already
But you always make me realize that you will never be tired of me
You have helped me in no small way with my relationship with other people
That I am grateful for having you in my life
I appreciate all that you have done and I will love you till the end of my days

37 You are special the way you are
And that’s the way it is
You are amazing the way you are
And that’s the way it is
You are unique the way you are
And that’s the way it is
You are lovely the way you are
And that’s the way it is
Thank you for being YOU!
I love you

38 If people asked me that what was the best thing in my life
I will look up to the heaven and smile
Mention your name and tell them you are the best gift of God to me
You came to my life on my birthday
And I knew that moment was special and that you were here
To affect my life positively in your own way
I fell in love with you afterward and I have never regretted it till date
You are simply the best darling
I love you!

39 I do not only love you darling
I look up to you for guidance
I respect you because of the way you handle situations
I admire you because of your interpersonal relationships
I adore you because of your selflessness
You are a true gem and you are just one wonderful person I would never let go of
Thank you for being there my love

40 Indeed you are great
Indeed you are special
Indeed you are the person you claim you are
Always objective, very principled
Always true to your words and very accountable
You are the definition of a real man darling
I will not love another but you
I love you forever and always

Heart touching and most touching love messages to the one you love

41 You made my life beautiful
You made my world amazing
You lifted me up and prevented me from falling
When God said he is everywhere
I now know what that means because he is in you
And that is why he is everywhere
Your godly attributes I love
Your emotions and the way you carry yourself I like
The manner you handle me, your lover and treat me like an egg
Is what drives me crazy about you
I will love you today, tomorrow and forever!

42 You fill my mornings with so much joy
And my afternoon with so much happiness
You fill my evenings with so much peace
This is why I am so in love with you!

43 You are so great
Yes you are
Because your type of love is different
crazy and sensual, I love every bit of it
Thanks for being my best friend darling
I love you always

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