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Happy Holiday Wishes You Should Share

happy holiday wishes

You are on holidays and you are looking for the perfect happy holiday wishes to share? Check the numbers we have below for your use.

Happy Holiday wishes for my brother

1. During holidays, we enjoy ourselves with our family. There will be no school, no work, and no more yes sir. Holiday is a joyful thing for everybody. Happy holiday.

2. Happy holiday brother and best friend; how is the holiday going over there? Are you enjoying the place? I miss you and that’s why I have to reach out to you.

3. Since the day I grew up to understand that you are my older brother, have always known you to be a gentle and easy going person. You are not difficult to live with. Happy holiday.

4. We are missing you over here and wish that your presence is observed anytime soon. Until we meet again and will not forget you. Happy holiday.

5. Dear brother, you have been the one I cherish among the entire brothers in the world. Your eyes are always bright with love and sympathy for your younger ones. Happy holiday.

6. I am wishing you a gracious day ahead; may your holiday be of great benefits for you; you are the best brother in the world. Happy holiday.

7. You are the divine helper the Lord has sent to me to make me happy. I acknowledge your courage for the sacrifices you made just to make me become somebody before you.

8. I have never seen a person with a selfless heart like you. Sometimes, I used to wonder the kind of human you are; truly, your type is rare in this world. Happy Holiday.

9. I pray that you enjoy this holiday with the rest of mind wherever and whenever you are. We love you and also wish that you are here with us.

10. Good morning to my sweet brother, I will always love you for the kind of person you are. I will forever thank you for always been the only friend I see when I need help the most.

11. There is this song of yours I will never forget until the last day. A song of motivation and hope for a future to come. Happy holiday sir.

12. It is a great privilege that I am your brother; your knowledge, your smartness, and skills are always amazing. I love you.

13. Being your sister gives me confidence in society. People respect me because I am related to a great man like you. Happy holiday.

14. You are my best friend and the most interesting brother in the realm of care. You always make sure that I am okay with myself. I love you.

15. Being in the same family with you is a double pride for me; I have you like a sweet brother and then as a teacher. I love you so much Yaya.

16. I wish you all the best in your studies. I heard that you are around. I will join you soon. I want to go out with you for this holiday.

17. A brother and a sister do not date, but I want us to keep a family date today at the restaurant. I really miss your brother.

18. I wish you know the depth of my love for you as a brother; you will have bought what you promised me. Happy holiday.

19. I cannot possibly tell you how much I miss you but the pain written all over my face will tell you how much you mean to me as a brother.

20. The end of the year is here; thank God for sparing your life for me. I have been waiting for this day to come. I love you.

Happy Holiday wishes for my Sister

21. The best time I experienced in this year was the day you got married. I was overwhelmed with endless joy. This time, with all my heart, I am saying happy holiday to my only sister.

22. The love between a sister and a brother cannot be taken away. I will always protect you from any evil while I seek for the help of God to make it possible for me. Happy holiday.

23. Happy holiday to the princess of the home; she is so pretty but stubborn, even so, we love her for whom she is. Happy holiday.

24. Thank God for this precious season, we are always happy whenever you are around. Thank God for this wonderful season that will soon unite you with us.

25. When I heard that you will be coming home soon, I became so much overwhelmed with joy. I can’t wait to see you once again.

26. You are my princess just as I am yours. We have always been Tom and Jerry and this is what I love most about you. Happy holiday.

27. Great to have someone like you as a sister. It was a beautiful experience the last time I visited your school. I hope you will be happy this time around.

28. I am wishing my dear sister the most beautiful holiday season; may you find success that never ends on this day.

29. Great holiday season wishes for the most beautiful girl ever seen. You are the pride of our family; may the Lord continue to protect you against all evils.

30. Thank you, my sister, for the support you give to me when I need it most; thank you for your effort in achieving my dreams for me. I love you. Happy holiday less I forget.

31. Happy holiday to my sister, the day you came into this world, we were all happy hoping for a brighter future for you. Happy Holiday.

32. Since you left for school, we have been missing you; now that you are about coming back for a holiday, we become so excited with love.

33. Good to have you as a sister; you are the example of good luck that everyone has been searching for. Happy Holiday.

34. Now I believe you will be happy for the whole day as it is a holiday. We are here for you preparing your favorite. Happy holiday.

35. I have seen beautiful people in my life but the light I see on your face is the most gorgeous one I have seen ever. Happy holiday.

36. Happy holiday to the princess of the house; may your heart be filled with peace; may you live in harmony with your colleagues.

37. Happy holiday to my best friend; a great sister who sacrificed everything to put a smile on my face.

38. Sometimes, I look at you in a unique way and then realize that a sister like you is rare. In fact, you are uncommon to the core. Happy holiday.

39. Having found you as my sister, the whole world became a sweet place to be; I will not get tired of the fact that you are one of the best in my life.

40. The love showered on you by a sister is always cute; despite her quarrel once in a while. She does so for the true love she keeps for you. Happy holiday.

Happy Holiday wishes for my uncle

41. I wish the best of the day; your success will have no bound this year. Happy holiday; may your stay with your family be beneficial to you.

42. May this holiday benefit you abundantly; as you enjoy your leisure time with your family, I pray that you enjoy it to the fullest.

43. Have a wonderful day ahead; you are the best uncle in this world. I pray for a precious moment for you. Happy holiday.

44. I really enjoy my holiday with you; may the Lord guide you to the point your success is located. You will have no reason to regret in life.

45. The last time I saw you, the world was like a treasure; I imagine how the world will look if I met you again. Happy holiday.

46. How has been the school life? Do you know what? I have been so fascinated after I heard that you will be coming back soon. Happy holiday.

47. We are so happy to hear that you will be coming home this season. Less I forget, I want to use this opportunity to say, happy birthday.

48. Good morning uncle, I am lucky to have you. Your support, love, and words of advice have been my strength since this year. Happy holiday.

49. We were so happy at the pack as soon as we arrived. We are on the family behalf thanking you all for the blessed period. Happy holiday.

50. This year is full of love and joy, may the breeze of bliss that flows with it make a way for you through the leave of God. Happy holiday.

51. I am wishing you a fun-filled season of love; may your face shine with a light of passion and grace that will never end. Happy holiday.

52. May the new season brings out your potential and make your life better. You are the most interesting uncle I have seen ever.

53. I am hoping to visit you soon. Your presence in my life has made everything easy for me. I wish you all the best. Happy holiday.

54. My holiday greetings go to the best uncle in the world. I wish you lots of prosperous achievement this season. Happy holiday.

55. May the spirit of this holiday period build lots of love in your personal life; may you find it easy to prosper in anything you are doing.

56. Happy holiday my dear uncle, I pray for your progress always and wish that everything you hope for will be given to you God’s willing.

57. May the Precious Lord bless your home with whatever you need; in the nearest time, your face will shine with the blessing of the Lord.

58. You will smile forever and your eyes will see no evil all through the year. Your coming and going will be a blessing to you. Happy holiday uncle.

59. It is my pleasure to reach out to you today; my sincere gratitude goes to you and the entire family. I will also like to use this chance to say hello to grandma.

60. I am really enjoying my holiday here; it is fun being with your daughters, they are just been as cool as you are. Happy holiday sir.

Happy Holiday wishes for my aunt

61. My wishes for you are many; they are uncountable. What I love most about you is nothing but your simple lifestyle which elevated me when emulated. Happy holiday.

62. We really enjoyed the last holiday we spent with you. We can’t wait to pay another visit as you requested. Happy holiday.

63. Having you in our family is a great gift. Through you, the family has been lifted up. The elders used to say, a comforter might come from the young ones.

64. The most joyful thing in life is to find someone who will always be there for you no matter how busy they are. Aunt, you have always been for us since this year. Thank you. Happy holiday.

65. I wish you the most beautiful moment in this world; your success will spread all over the world. Happy holiday.

66. Have a wonderful holiday season; my regards to all my nieces and nephews. Tell them I love them all.

67. Wishing the best aunt in the world a holiday with awesome happenings. We will be coming around to enjoy the free time with you.

68. Wishing you all good things in this wonderful time of the year; I pray your success continue to grow till eternity.

69. Thank God that it is another year; this holiday has been so awesome all through time. Going out and coming out has been so sweet. Happy holiday.

70. Happiness is found when we are around those who love us; the mutual love we share makes everything sweeter. We love you, dear aunt.

71. You have always told us to be strong no matter the situation we find ourselves. I wish you all the most beautiful moments on this holiday.

72. Thank God for the gift of a caring aunt, your effort in grooming us will not go in vain. How the enjoyment this New Year holiday.

73. I entreat the love of the Lord upon you this season; may your business boom to the highest level of success. I miss you so much, aunty.

74. Happy to be with a lovely aunt last year; your children are gorgeous; lovely and easy to live with. I love them all. Aunty, please expect me soon for this holiday.

75. Happy holiday my special person. I wish to be like aunty one day. A strong woman who think far better than a man.

76. You are the most beautiful aunty with the most beautiful heart in my life. The Lord shall be glorified for making you, my aunt.

77. Thank God for the gift of an aunt like a mother. Since the death of my mom; you never made me feel her absence for no reason.

78. Happy holiday, I want to eat a fried chicken this evening, I will be coming straight to your home to play with your pot ma. I love you so much, aunt.

79. I wish you many good things in this world. May the spirit of this Christmas boom your joy until you are no longer tired of being happy.

80. I wish you a gracious holiday with lots of good fortunes packed in it. May your face receive the light of the mercy of the Lord.

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