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Happy International Women’s Day 2018 – Messages, SMS, Quotes

Happy International women's day

The International Women’s day 2018 is here. Congratulations to all women in the world. Happy International women’s day. From Nigeria, India, USA, Ghana, South Africa, Malaysia, to everywhere else in the world. I celebrate the women as they mark an International women’sday!

I am so particularly delighted because this is time to celebrate all international women for being who they are; strong and powerful! I celebrate you.

Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8?

The International Women’s day is held every year on the 8th of March to reach out to women in terms of celebrating them as regards what they have achieved historically in every country in the world. The International Women’s day is also called the United Nation’s Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

What is the point of International Women’s Day?

Celebrated in a lot of countries worldwide, the international Women’s day is set aside to recognize amazing women for what they have done in making the world a better place. Regardless of their ethnic, cultural, political and economic background, women are brought together worldwide on a single day of March 8 and thus celebrated.

Why Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March?

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated yearly on the 8th of March because it celebrates the women rights movement all over the world.

How is the International Women’s day celebrated?

The day is celebrated through the various workshops, events, rallies and discussions all over the world. All you need to do is find out events wherever you are, sign up and be a part of what is happening around you.

How can I find out where there is an event?

The International women’s day events page will just be a suitable place for you to make your search. I am sure when you input your country and city, details of events around your locality will come up and you are very good to go.

Find out more information and details on the events to be held on the International women’s day here.

International women’s day 2018 theme

#Press for progress

International Women’s Day 2018 – What Google Doodle

Google doodle as expected would be seen internationally and has provided an interactive feature that has 12 females from different backgrounds. Each of the elements avails the women the opportunity to share a story of what affected their lives positively. This will help motivate women on the International Women’s day 2018. These stories would be shared on the Google platform in about 80 languages, based on the information provided by Google.

Happy International Women’s day 2018 Messages

May all the hard work of all women all over the world begin to bring forth dividends now and forever. Happy International women’s day to all women all over the world.

Happy International Women’s day to all deserving women all over the world. You really deserve all the happiness to the fullest. Have a glorious day ahead.

On this amazing and special day, I want you to know that as a woman, you are the one responsible for life on this earth. So take a peek at the world today and be happy for being a part. Happy women’s day to you.

This International women’s day messages goes out to all women who are still dealing with issues relating to domestic and emotional abuse. Today is the day where I admonish you to stand up for what you are. Only you have the perfect reply for all the painful situations you have endured.

Happy International Women’s day SMS to the Woman you love

I love you, you know right? I adore you, you are aware of this. I thank God for making it possible for you to be alive to see another women’s day again. You truly deserve all the accolades you get for being so strong and so supportive. Happy international women’s day to you.

Thank you for being helpful, supportive, empathetic, caring, and inspiring. You are the true definition of a great woman who has weathered the storm and push further in life. Go on with being the greatest. Happy international women’s day to you.

Have you sent your happy international women’s day message or SMS to the women you love yet? You can also drop your messages below. Let us celebrate the international women’s day together.


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