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10 Great Places To Get Engagement Ring In Lagos

Engagement ring in Lagos
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Places to get Engagement ring in Lagos – We all want to love and know that engagement brings that feeling of exhilaration in the definition of love and romance.

We all shouted, “Congratulations!” when we saw the cute picture of Banky W, a renowned actor and musician, propose to his then-girlfriend, Adesua Etomi. It was so adorable! They looked so in love. That is the joy of engagement!

A few months after that proposal, they were married. And they were the talk of the town. Truly… Banky W, as weird as it may sound, would have done a bit of research before shopping for the ring he used to propose. He couldn’t have just picked whatever ring he could lay his hands on.

Every woman at least most women want to get married and being engaged is one step towards getting married or tying the knot. Perhaps you are trying to find the perfect engagement ring for your lady and you don’t want to disappoint her. I that case you need to look out for some of the best places to shop for engagement rings online.

Engagement is a happy thing. I mean, who doesn’t want to be engaged. It’s every lady’s dream. Every single one, we all want marriage.

Okay, maybe not all of us. But the vast majority of people out there want marriage. And to get to the stage of being married, custom demands that you get engaged. Engagement is compulsory in Nigeria.

In Yoruba La, d for example, it is extremely common to get engaged before getting married. They will tell you that that’s the way it is done. So, you don’t have any choice in breaking the rule or custom.

In Lagos, there are quite a number of dating couples out there. And people date of course, to see if the two are capable of living together forever without breaking the other’s head. Once the dating phase has elapsed, they then move on to the engagement phase. The engagement phase is after the dating phase but before the marriage.

Engagement ceremony is usually a semi-owambe here in Lagos. Considering the fact that it is usually the bride’s family that hosts it. There are usually lots of food, drinks, and fun at Nigerian engagement ceremonies. Engagement ceremonies are performed across various societies. The English do, the Igbos here in Nigeria do, the Hausas do, and so do all other tribes in this country. Engagement is really important.

So, you want to propose to her as a man right? Cool!

She should be most probably willing to marry you since you guys never broke up in the dating phase. You need a ring to pop the ultimate question. That question, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ The super ultimate question. Nowadays, interestingly, it is now happening that a lady proposes to a man.

A lot of news was about this woman in Lagos who proposed to her man a few months back and a lot of Nigerians were quite shocked. Like, wait… A lady popping the question? How hilarious! But then, if you look at it, it’s not surprising. Given the kinds of things and situations that have been trending and taking over in this 21st century.

Maybe, the guy is a shy guy. You never can tell. And then, she decided to help him pop the question. Just saying. But for you reading this, don’t worry, your Lady will certainly say ‘Yes’. She won’t be able to help it when she sees the gorgeous ring you got her.  She’ll swoon, don’t worry!

That is why we compiled the top ten best places you can get engagement ring in Lagos online for her. Yes, here in Lagos, and don’t worry, the sites compiled are very reputable. So you will be getting the best.

Engagement rings should be picked carefully though. You need to know that there are different types. There are different types of stones that are placed in the engagement rings. There are also different types of settings used.

Some rings have settings in Gold, some are silvered, and others Palladium. It all depends on you and your choice. Before you propose, do you know her ring size? If you don’t know, then please find out. This is to prevent embarrassment on the day you will propose. If it doesn’t fit her finger, then there is something wrong. The ring is definitely not her size then. You can get her ring size by sketching one of her rings on a paper secretly. Then use that sketch later on, to judge her finger size when shopping.

But please, when you are engaged finally, please make sure to not misbehave. Engagements have been canceled before the final marriage due to misbehavior from one of the participating parties. Engagement ceremony is amazing. It’s the starting of a new phase. A new chapter in life.

When you are engaged, you are betrothed. You are bound to your spouse to-be. This is something to be proud of I tell you. And also, when browsing through the catalogs on the websites, check and order carefully. You don’t want to buy the ring only to discover it’s not what you really want. So, be careful. Engagements are taken very seriously in Nigeria. Everybody will come to rejoice with you on your engagement day. It’s a happy day, indeed.

Buying an engagement ring online in Lagos isn’t an easy task. You have to be very careful when selecting because once you place your order and it is delivered there is no going back. This is different from buying from wedding shops where you can always return for adjustment. So, you have to be super sure once you select a ring to buy.

But before you rush over to checking out the online stores, you need to be careful that you explore your options very well. There are so many engagement rings up for sale on these websites and you might want to make sure that you find the right ring for your fiancée, and you can only do that by exploring your options very well.

Give yourself time to find the perfect ring, and surf the catalogs very well. Don’t buy the first ring you find. You can always come back to a ring after searching around a bit and not finding another that beats the one you’ve seen before. Just choose carefully.

The online stores where you can buy high quality and perfect rings are as follows;

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