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The Most Beautiful Wedding Vows I Have Ever Heard

the most beautiful wedding vows I have ever heard

I recently just started going for weddings. The emotions make me go wild and crazy in love and I will show you the most beautiful wedding vows I have ever heard.

Wedding vows are usually what I want to listen to whenever I head for a wedding. Not just the wedding vows in the church, but the self- professed romantic wedding vows and wedding love poems just before the wedding itself.  All through the years, I have realized that wedding vows are usually born by the principles of love between the love birds. Wedding vows places me on another pedestal whenever I am at a wedding. The most beautiful wedding vows I have ever heard did not only make the wedding more interesting, they also opened my eyes to see the amazing togetherness between the spouse to be.

I usually look forward to that moment when couples exchange their wedding vows either officially or non-officially. I hope to say my wedding vows too someday, and it will come from the depths of my heart!

I am sure you know that already ‘Depths of my heart’.

Here are the most beautiful wedding vows I have ever heard. They are really beautiful.

The most beautiful wedding vows I have ever heard from a man

1 Hey darling, you have supported me over the years. You have stayed with me through my trying times. You have defined what love is in character and true loving. I am in love with your love because I have learned a lot from loving you. You have shown me to lower my expectations and learn to love without grievances. Today I promise to focus more on my shortcomings as a man and less on your shortcomings. I will learn to expect less and give more because in truth, this is what love stands for. I can’t wait to live with you for the rest of my future.

2 I had plans for myself, my future. I have always thought that I could deal with everything on my own until you came into the picture. When you became my woman, everything changed. You helped me put my plans and dreams into perspective. You helped me manage my aspirations and put all thoughts on one plate. You advised and supported me all through. Now I know why there is always a companion for a man. You are my companion true and true and I sincerely love you for this. You are heaven sent to me darling. I love you today, tomorrow and forever!

3 Your selfless attitude surprises me. After learning all the past experiences and how they have shaken you, yet still made the decision to live a selfless life inspires me. I am so drawn to your love and what you truly stand for. You are truly an inspiration to me and to every lady out there. Anyone wants to learn about pure loving and selflessness should take a cue from you. I am marveled at your level of loving to perfection and I promise to never ever break your heart. I love you darling and I am proud to be getting married to an amazing woman!

4 I will continue to call you ‘OLOLUFE’ because you are the love of my life. I will always call you ‘IFEMI’ because you are my love in everything. You have prayed for me, counseled me, chastised me, and shown me the greatest love in this lifetime. If I am to come to this world again. I will come looking for you to marry you again. I love our love because your love is my drug.

5 I remember the first time we met in class. Oh wait, it was our eyes that met first! That fleeting moment. Oh, how I remember, the powerful feeling that swept through me. The emotion was instantaneous and I felt my heart rumble like I was in a boxing bout. A feeling that till today I still did not understand how it came by, but all I knew was that I could not really explain it and that was the beginning of an amazing, joyful ride to love. Here we are today getting married darling! I promise to make our love grow forever, I promise to love you till the end of my days! Congratulations to us today!

6 I promise today to be patient, faithful, respect you in all ramifications. I promise today to be resilient, strong in the face of adversities. I promise today to stand firm and be resolute in my decisions. I promise to keep our love chaste and true in our matrimony. I promise to listen, be attentive and provide physical, mental and emotional support in this marriage. I promise to be more me and to make you a better you. Happy married life to us

7 I promise to be with you in health and when you are fraught with sickness. I promise to stand by you for richer for poorer. I promise to be your man for the rest of your life. I promise to love you in the best ways I can. I promise on my wedding day to love you forever!

8 You know me better now, infact better than anyone else. You love me better now, better than anyone else. You started out as my best friend. How a lady could become my best friend still beats me till today, but we started out like that and then graduated to loving each other. I am so happy today that I get to be the man to marry you. You are special and unique and I am so proud and lucky to be your man. I love you forever.

9 Today I am the happiest man in the world. I feel so happy and indeed blessed to have found a love that grows in an amazing way. I feel truly thankful today for finding you even when I was at my lowest. I am so happy that we are finally getting married and I promise you that as we grow in marriage I will work very hard to make sure our love grows as well. Happy married life to us darling. I love you!

10 I promise to listen to your advice and not discard it. I promise to always ask you about decisions and not take your advice with a pinch of salt. I promise to value and respect your opinions.  I promise to be open-minded and love your perspective to situations. Though I know that it will never be easy, it will be a topsy-turvy ride but I promise to let my guards down and reach a compromise with you all the time. I promise to love you today and everyday.

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