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Happy National Women’s Day

Happy National women's day

Happy National women’s day in Tunisia, holidays in Tunisia, public holiday, national holiday, code of personal status, habib bourgiba, the women of Tunisia’s day, National women’s day in Tunisia. This is wishing all our women in Tunisia a happy National women’s day.

What is the Women’s day in Tunisia

A public holiday set aside to celebrate all Tunisian women. Annually celebrated on the 13th of August, the day reminds women in Tunisia of the power they wield from a socio-political and economic stand point. The National women’s day also reminds the Tunisian women of certain rights and privileges they have as women in Tunisia.

The National women’s day is the anniversary of the promulgation of the Code of Personal Status (CPS) in Tunisia in 1956.

the CPS are laws, that regulates the institution of equality between men and women in Tunisia. One of the best deeds of Prime Minister and President of Tunisia, Habib Bourgiba, the CPS was promulgated on 13 August 1956 and become enforceable on 1 January 1957.

The code changed the lives of all Tunisian women and gave them a place in the society. Little wonder why the anniversary of promulgation of the PCS is observed at National level.

Happy National Women’s day quotes

1 Women are special in our lives and our society. They should be treated well and accorded with respect. Happy National women’s day.

2 The love, caring ways of the mother can never be overemphasized. The women give balance in the society, and that is why we need to wish them all round happiness and joy as we all celebrate the National women’s day in Tunisia. Happy women’s day to all the amazing women in the Country.

3 There is nobody in the world that knows a man better than a woman. Happy National women’s day.

4 All that we are as men, and all that we may hope to be, we all owe that to women. Happy National women’s day.

5 To all the women in the country, I say thank you for the patience and the strength to deal with men and children. You are the greatest. Happy National women’s day.





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