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Happy National Best Friends Day

happy national best friends day

This is the day to wish your best friend, happy national best friends day. What is friendship without friend? Life will never remain the same without friends. There are friends that will always be there for someone. They are always with us in good, bad, trying times. They laugh when we laugh, smile when we smile and cry when we cry. I am sure that every day should be celebrated as National best friends day, but what would be more iconic if a special day was dedicated as friendship day, best friends day, national friendship day.

No one can say exactly how the National best friends day came to be, but it just became a day that was widely celebrated all over the world. The National day can be celebrated in minimal capacities or in the most flamboyant way ever, depending on how much you love your friends and how much you want to celebrate your friendship. Just in case your best friend is far away from you, then you may need to just pick up your phone and use up some of my friendship text messages or the happy national best friends day text that I am about to share!


When is National Best Friends Day?

The National best friends day is usually a day to celebrate the unique human you call your best friend. It is usually celebrated on the 8th June every year. It gives everyone the time to appreciate and honour your best friend. Truth is, everyone has a very close acquaintance, not just acquaintance but a close friend. The one you can rely on, count on and share all your dirty and naughty secrets with.Our best friends occupy a unqiue and special place in our lives and that is why a day was set aside to celebrate the national best friends day.

Won’t you celebrate your best friend by wishing him/ her a happy national best friends day?

The National Best Friends Day 2017

As expected, the national best friends day 2017 will come up on the 8th of June 2017 and it is expected you do well by showing your best friend the love he or she deserves. I will be waiting here for your national best friends day texts to me.

Am I not your best friend?

Happy national best friends day texts

1 Friends are expected to be celebrated everywhere. The best friends are even more unique and should be celebrated in the most unique way possible. If you have a best friend then you are very lucky because they are hard to come by. I am so grateful that you have remained my best friend over the years and I am excited that we have seen this years national best friends day together. happy friendship day to us.

2 Everyday should be our day, but today is just a special day of every day. You are amazing and unique, you are the most precious gift from God. Happy national best friends day to us.

3 I don’t know why I always want to do fun things with you. I don’t know why I always want to share my dirty secrets with you. All I know is that I feel so comfortable whenever I am with you and I truly value your impact in my life. Happy national best friends day to us dear. We will be great friends for ever.

4 You are indeed amazing. That shows the effect you have one me. Your kind of friend is rare, and I truly value the day you came into my life. I would never take our friendship for granted and thank God, this day was created as a kind reminder that your friendship means a lot to me. Happy national best friends day to us. I value you!

5 Friends are unique and special. Friends supports whenever you need their support. You friendship is what I would never give up on. Happy national best friends day to us.



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