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End of the Month Prayer Points for you

end of the month prayer points

What are your prayer points for the end of the month? Are you comfortable with your present situation? You need to check out these end of the month prayer points to ascertain that.

As much as we need new month prayer messages and prayer SMS to share with family, friends, colleagues and loved ones, We also need end of the month prayers to say to ourselves and also share with family as well.

Just as we all have started the month well, it is time to commit the rest of the year into God’s hands and the end of the month prayer points fits into that perfectly. If I were you, I would stay on this page and check out how these end of the month prayer points fits into what you need to pray about in the new month.

Just before we usher in the new month, the last day of the month prayer helps us to talk to God about how the month has gone and to ask him for provision in all spheres of life and situations. I love to go to God in my end of the month prayer points and because I love you as my readers, I’d love if you can check out these end of the month prayer points and use it as the POINTERS for your prayers.

Not only do you need to check out these end of the month prayer points, but you can also add yours as well, so we can pray together!

Remember the word that says, ‘What is enough for you needs prayers to multiply, what is not enough for you need prayers to be enough as well’. This is the time to thank God for the month that is about to go away and thank him for the new month that is about to start!

My End of the month prayer points for you

1 I ask for divine protection everywhere I go

2 I ask for divine provision in all spheres of my life

3 I ask for grace and favour that is encompassing

4 I ask for healing for all parts of my body

5 I ask for divine promotion at my place of work

6 I will always be the head and not the tail

7 I will rise above all principalities and powers in this new month!

8. As I call upon Your name on the last day of September, save me from the gathering of the evil, and make me see well in Your light. Amen.

9. Thank you, Lord, for everything You do for my family and I. I can’t be more grateful for all. I want more of You in the next month. Amen.

10. As God lives and His Spirit lives, I shall never lack anything good. God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory. Amen. March is a good month already.

11. Thank you, Jesus, for every single thing you did, to save me from accidents, last month. I pray you watch over me, even more, this month. Amen.

12. Thank you, Lord, for not allowing me to be a vessel in the hands of the devil. I’m grateful for how far I have come under Your grace. Lord, I want to enjoy more grace in June. Amen.

13. I have always known God’s not dead. God, I thank You for proving to me that You love forever. Thank you for keeping me, family and friends in Your presence. We pray for more in the next month, in Jesus name.

14. Father Lord, I thank You for putting my enemies to shame, over my life. Lord, I ask for an increase in power and strength in the coming months. I know it is done.

15. Lord, I thank You for You are God. Thank you for everything You’ve made available to me. Lord, I want you to hold my right hand and show me the way in life. Amen.

16. Oh Lord, that makes the judges of the earth useless, I pray that You reduce my enemies to nothing. They shall have no say in my life. Amen.

17. This last day of the month as I go forth, the gate that leads to happiness will not be closed against me. I shall have access to Heaven’s abundant blessings and share great testimonies with joy, in Jesus name. Amen.

18. As I go forth into July, may the hands of God move in my life, turning my sorrow into joy and turning my situations around, in Jesus name. Amen.

19. As the month of November ends, so shall the light of God shine upon all my darkness, in Jesus name, Amen. I wish myself a blessed and exciting new month. Amen.

20. This new day and month, men and kings shall not sleep, until I am honoured! Amen.

21.  As I forge ahead to the next month and say bye-bye to the last month, I decree and declare that all my activities will produce greater results in Jesus name, Amen.

22. My movement this month and beyond will be full of gladness, in Jesus name. Amen.

23. As I go into the month of May, may every raging storm in the month of April, never follow me in. Amen.

24. As Solomon found favour in the eyes of God and men, so shall all men arise to favour me this month, in Jesus name. Amen.

25. Grace speaks, elevates, distinguishes, repositions, makes great. Grace never suffers disgrace. It paves way and gives strength. As I enter into the new month, may the grace of God be my companion, in Jesus name. Amen.

26. As long as the covenant of day and night cannot be reversed, all favour, promises, goodness and mercy of God concerning me will not be reversed, in Jesus name. Amen. I wish myself a fantastic month ahead.

27. I come before You today, Lord. I pray that whenever the time comes for me to make it, it shall not be hard for me. This new month is a blessed one already. Amen.

28. As the end of April is ending, and we approach May, I pray that enjoy Your grace and favour anew in my life, in Jesus name. Amen.

29. There’s nothing too hard for You to do, Lord. That’s why I’m speaking into the new month of September. No evil shall befall me and my loved ones. Your grace shall be sufficient for me. Amen.

Do you have more end of the month prayer points to add to the above? Feel free to add it up in the comments section below. Let’s pray together!

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