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Collection of the Best Happy New Year Prayers for 2020

new year prayers

Happy new year prayers for 2020: With joy in our hearts, we wish you a very happy new year. The fact that you made it is enough for you to be thankful to the almighty for making you see a new year. It does not end there, you also have to start the new year with prayers of faith and joy that God’s with you and he will make things work for you.

Check out these collections of happy new year prayers and let’s see if you can pray along as well. You can also share these happy new year prayers if you want to. Would be great to do that, won’t it?

It can be so daunting when it comes to composing your wishes, messages, and very time-consuming too, but You no longer have to fret because that is why are here!

We have created a wide range of best wishes for the new year 2020.

 Awesomely written new year wishes In the best creative and heart-warming way so that you can wish people you love very happy new year with lots of joy, prosperity, love.

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Happy New Year Prayers for Family

New Year Prayer Points for a New Beginning

1. Let this year be a great year in our lives. Let the love that flows between me and my family be a lasting one. Let our stay together be a great experience forever.

2. We stand right here before you this year, hoping that you organize our ways for us to reach success. We adore your name because it is above all names. Bless our living and death and give us a righteous place in the last Day.

3. We worship your holy presence, for you alone deserve to be worshiped with all attention. We are sinners, please cleanse our heart this year and let us stay pure forever.

4. Make this year a great success for us, and let us find it easy to achieve our dreams. Whatever it is that we need, let it be achievable for us.

5. You are the kindest ever. No one is like you in the heavens and earth. The entire angels worship you and every tongue praise your holy name. We are beseeching your mercy on us this day.

6. Blessed be your grace in our lives, we thank you for the entire love you have been showing to us since this year and praise you for extending our life till this moment.

7. We worship you; acknowledge your work in our life. You are the Mighty One, raise our status to a greater height and make our achievement the best in this world.

8. Without you, not is possible. With your Might, every movement is possible, every power is usable. We pray that our life is covered by your light.

9. Your Light shine all over the worlds let it reach us in abundance. Make it a reason for us to smile once again. We appreciate your sanctity and praise you.

10. Glory be to the most wonderful God. You are the one that woke us up this moment and gave us the privilege to this the light of a new year.

11. You are the marvelous king, the one we want to worship for the rest of our life. We beseech you this year to enable perform many wonders people will be amazed about.

12. Make us an engine of solutions for all humanity; make it possible for us to solve many challenges for humanity in this world. Bless us with your Great Hand.

13. As we celebrate this year in peace and harmony, we appreciate your work in our lives and pray that whatever we need to stay firmly in your religion should not be hard for us to get.

14. No one can stop us as long as you are behind us, no one can say order wise when you intend to do something. All you say is ‘Be’ and it is. Please Lord, speak success into our life.

15. You are to us Guardian of life and property. Same as you are to the entire universe. I praise your Names on behalf of my family. Come and stay with us as a blessing of the beginning of a New Year.

16. Day and Night, we shall worship you forever. We shall in all our capacity praise you, love you and devote our soul unto your way that leads to success.

17. Let good fortunes overflow in our life until we are tired of getting more. Install your divine application of success in our home and make us the best in this world and hereafter.

18. Forgive our sins, the intentional and unintentional. Leverage our living with love and understanding. Protect our interests against our enemies and bless us with all we need.

19. May we worship until death takes us away. May we associate no one to you in your Might and Ability; you are the Master and Cherisher of life and destiny—bless our life and death.

20. Give us this day our heart desires, make this year a year of conquest and make us smile for the victory over our problems and challenges.

Happy New Year Prayers for Him or Her

Blessings For The New Year 2019

21. You fill my heart with true love. Your Lord shall not forsake you at any time. Happiness will always reign in your heart. You will be filled with endless love.

22. I ask the Lord to protect you against all evils and make your way as clear as glass. You will not leave to regret and success will arrive in your home like the three wise men.

23. You will not in any way get tired of this life; the Lord shall bless you abundantly and make your faith firm and unshakable. You shall have no reason to shed tears.

24. No one can bring your blessing down. You will always be seen above the world. Your greatness will forever flow and your success will continue to grow.

25. You are the woman of my life. The only woman that can put a smile on my face, I beseech the power of the Greatest Name upon your life to navigate your destiny to a good abode.

26. You shall be celebrated this year. You shall not in any way be taken for granted by humans. As you witness this year, so shall your door of success continue to refresh forever.

27. If this life can be fair enough, I will tell him to come and dwell in your home. I will direct him to be kind to you and show you endless comfort.

28. The most interesting thing that has ever occurred in my life is your presence. You are my divine love and it is the grace I found in life that makes me smile. I beseech the success of the Lord upon your endeavors.

29. May you find this year as simple as you wish. You will not in any way regret your stay in this world. You shall be blessed with abundant prosperity.

30. God shall specifically design your achievement this year and smile will overshadow your face to the extent that light shall be seen all over your face.

31. May the Lord’s glory reflect in your life and make you excel in everything you lay your hands. Blessed be the highest Name in the entire worlds.

32. The Mighty Hands of the Lord shall rub you with the dust of prosperity. He shall bless your hustles and efforts in this year as you celebrate your living.

33. Thank you Lord for the life of the one I cherish so much, I bless your holy Name and then praise you with all the strength in my body.

34. How will I pay you back upon the entire love you have shown in my life? You are the best husband in the world. May your Lord purify your heart to be devoted to Him.

35. You shall always experience the best in this world, and the Lord shall continue to bless you until there is no need for you to beg again. Happy New Year.

36. Have been fine since this year because God sent a treasure of calmness into my life. You are a great impact on me. I ask the Lord to favor you in this world.

37. You will never regret why you are created in this life. Don’t be scared because the Lord is behind you like a solid rock. You shall be blessed forever.

38. Blessed is the Name of the Lord, the most praised by all tongue, may He bring the endless breakthrough that will change your life forever for you.

39. You are like a pillar of love to me, no wonder your presence in my life is blissful to me. It makes me feel special wherever I am. This reason, I pray that the Lord Almighty bless your daily life.

40. Good morning my love. The pearl that I adore. You are a great man, an uncommon prince that will always be number one in my life. May the power of the Lord make ways for you.

Happy New Year Prayers for Mother

2019 Happy New Year Texts You Should Share Now!

41. Bless the entire life activities of my mother; grant her health and sense of joy. Forgive her sins and overlook her shortcomings. She is your servant, the daughter of your servant.

42. Make my mother a great figure to the nation and protect her against any situation that will put her life in danger. Be pleased with her and put a smile on her face always.

43. No matter how great a person could be, if the support of the Lord is not with him, he is nothing. Lord, be with my mother forever.

44. Bring your presence into her life and make her excel in her daily life. Make your Face available for her to see in her daily life.

45. You are the Master planner, as this year begins, plan my mother’s life to meet with the success that will not end easily. Happy New Year mom.

46. Mom, I just want you to know that you are an example of true love. You share good love with us your children, care for us. I ask the Lord to love and care for you too.

47. Lord, we praise your sacred Name with everything about our life; we send glory unto your inspiration so that you will inspire our mother to do more of righteousness.

48. You are marvelous, wonderful, lovely and the most precious ever. The King of kings, the one worthy of worship alone. Come to the rescue of our mother from this illness.

49. Mom, as we celebrate this year with you, it gives us joy, may we celebrate more of it with you. May we find peace and harmony that will last forever.

50. In the entire hopeless situations that you may encounter in your life, God shall replace it with hope this year. He shall win back for you, all that you lost.

Happy New Year Prayers for Father

Happy New Year Quotes to Share

51. I am solemnly happy to welcome you to the year 2019, may the year serve you as the year of good turn and splendor. There shall descend upon you angels of success and prosperity.

52. Last year is gone and gone for good forever, Lord above the Throne of Treasure; let this year favor my dad with lots of achievement that will bring peace to the heart.

53. As you logout of the last season and enters your new season—a New Year worth celebrating. May your joy be forever.

54. May your heart be filled with lots of yummy, yummy. May face shine with the light of God; your home shall glow with last long happiness.

55. Happy hearty head of the family, how have you been since this while, sir? I am so happy for you. I ask the Lord in heaven to promote you unexpectedly.

56. May the New Year bring to you great things that are ordinarily impossible; Blessing shall never cease to reach your home. This year will be a great big win for you.

57. The door of new hope shall be opened for you this year. You shall not fail in anything you embarked. Door of success, fortune, love and happiness shall open for you this year 2019.

58. I still want to use this opportunity to thank you for the entire love you have shown to me. There is no father that can play your role in my life. May you be granted health to live longer.

59. As the New Year begins, we pray that it will open the door of new things in our life. We beseech the Lord to make it a memorable experience in our life.

60. May this New Year be fulfilled with endless joy for you; may your wishes be granted now and no more delay. As the first sun rises today, I pray that your life will be affected by new achievements.

61. God has been so faithful to our family. We thank Him for this great privilege. We appreciate His mercy in our life and thank Him for the blessing.

62. Thank God for sparing my father’s life. Thank you Lord for the gift of a New Year that anyone cannot easily find. I appreciate you forever.

63. You are the best in this world, the most amazing father in existence-I commit your life to the care of the Lord. I pray that your happiness will continue to remain with you.

64. With you, I believe my father’s life is safe. Lord shall bless your home and you shall benefit your children. Bless be your Name forever.

65. The joy you deserve shall be granted to you. The love you need will be available for you and success will follow you till eternity.

66. The success you desire shall be yours forever. You will not be blamed for any silly mistake in your life. Your enemies will return home with shame as the eye fades away from the morning sky.

67. Your blessing shall be guaranteed for you this year. I beseech the Lord for a moment of success that will end your problems in this world.

68. You will shine like the sun. You shall find blessing in your life and no one shall overshadow your progress in this world forever.

69. Thank God for making this world a good abode for my dad. I also request that you make heaven a better abode for him whenever he returns to you.

70. May the Lord whose eyes see everything see the problems in your life and solve them for you; may He touch your soul with his hands full of blessings.

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