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What’s Your Take on Will You Marry Me SMS

will you marry me sms

I have been wanting to ask this question for quite sometime. What if your lover sends you a will you marry me SMS? How will that make you feel?

Oftentimes times and situations do not make us seem close to the one we love and we usually look for the perfect time to propose to our woman. Sometimes we are with them to pop the important marriage question, and sometimes we are far away from them. What if we decide to send a will you marry me sms to the woman in our lives.

Will this be fine or not?

Look at these Will you marry me SMS and let me see what you think.

1. Life will be amazing darling if you decide to go the extra mile with me. I can take a trip to anywhere and everywhere in the world for you. I am sure I can face an problems that may come my way. I am sure now that I need you more than ever in  my life. Will you marry me?

2. I am sure I can take charge of the world with one hand if you hold tight on the other hand forever. I am sure that when you hold on to me, we would have the best love story ever. Our parents would be happy that they’ve got the most amazing parents ever. We will document our love story every step of the way. Share your forever with me darling, Will you marry me?

3. There is a reason God brought us together. Not only to be lovers but to be eternal companions. I want to tie the knot of holy matrimony with you darling and I’m sure you want the same thing too. Nothing will ever come between us to break the knot we have so tied! Marry me darling and let’s live together forever as one. Will you marry me?

What do you think about sending these Will you marry me SMS to propose to your girlfriend. Does it make sense to do that? Drop your comments below.


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