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Happy Weekend Messages And Happy Weekend Wishes

happy weekend messages

Happy weekend to you. The weekend is here, let us be thankful. The time is here to send the happy weekend messages and happy weekend wishes to family and friends. Whether you want to send funny weekend wishes, funny weekend messages or your best wishes for weekend. What is important is that you send your happy weekend messages to family and friends.

Weekends are usually the best part of the week because it signifies the end of the week’s stress and gives one a little bit of breathing space. Weekends make room for life to be less suffocating. Due to the week’s stress, there are many who are down and need some inspiration to take on the weekend. Sometimes, all they need is a good message to lift up their spirits. A good message from you will go a long way in someone’s life.

Imagine the smile on that special someone’s face when they get that amazing cute surprise weekend message from you!

Little things count you know? When you show that you really and truly care, then it is certain that you will be cared for in return.

See what I do, no matter how busy I get, I try as much as possible to send happy weekend messages and SMS to the people I care about and I wish you do same from now henceforth. Below are 100 Happy Weekend Messages that can be sent to family, friends, lovers, etc. these messages can inspire someone who is down, show someone that you care, put a smile on someone’s face, etc.

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Sweet happy weekend messages

1. When you are focused in your ways and look beyond your present predicament, then you will become the best version of yourself. Happy weekend to you.

2. Before you overlook the past, you have to pick lessons from it and learn, then you can decide to discard the past and think into the future. Your lessons will help you surmount all coming challenges, and you will surely be a better person.

3. How do you want your future to be. How do you see your past as. The weekend is here for you to ponder on this and take charge of your tomorrow. God be with you. Happy weekend.

4. The work week has gone. The weekend is here. Ensure that you take a lot of rest and relax as much as you want before the new week presents itself again. Happy weekend to you.

5. If you want to wait for the special and delightful moments of your life to come, then you will wait till eternity. Your happiness is within and around you, take charge of it. Happy weekend to you.

6. Stay stocked or go broke!? Either way, be sure your weekend is no less fun than your daydreams.

7. It’s time to hibernate from all stress encountered during weekdays. Welcome to the weekend! Have a fulfilled one.

8.  Thank you for being my sunshine and the ray of light in my life. Cheers to another weekend together my love.

9. My wish for you this weekend involves work free, entertaining, enchanting, keenly awaited, nice day(s).

10. A smile and a grateful heart are part of one’s greatest assets. Be sure to never lose these two this weekend.

11. Guess what you deserve after a long week of hard work…if you guessed a fabulous weekend then you are absolutely correct! That’s my wish for you.

12.  A wasted weekend would be one you can’t look back at or reflect upon and be happy about. Don’t let this weekend be a wasted one.

13. A lost weekend cannot be revived! Do well to treasure this weekend as it cannot be gotten back again.

14. Relax and have fun with those around you this weekend! Weekends are precious moments that need to be treasured.

15. Goodness and mercies shall follow you around in all your dealings this weekend and beyond.

16. You can achieve if you plan to. The key to your success lies deep within you. Go and conquer! – Happy Weekend!

17. I pray this weekend teaches you more skills of life to conquer the coming week. Happy weekend.

18. We may not talk every day, but I want you to know that you are always in my every thought and this weekend is no exception.

19. Despite the stress encountered during the course of the week, this is me saying cheers to a freaky weekend.

20. Have a lovely weekend with renewed energy to take on Monday.

Great Happy Weekend Messages

21. Do not let the stress of the week put you down! Use the weekend to reflect on how brave and wonderful you’ve been to have survived the week! Enjoy your weekend!

22. It’s finally the opportunity to be lazy!!! Remember to still do something productive while enjoying your lazy day(s). Happy weekend my friend.

23. This is a reminder to let you know that my place is your place, and you can come over whenever you wish.

24. Forget the long faces and take on the weekend with abundant joy. I wish you an incredible weekend.

25. Remain full of happy and positive vibes! Happy weekend.

26. Smell that!? You only smell that on Fridays!!! That’s the lovely smell signifying the start of a lovely weekend! Have a wonderful one.

27. May smiles never cease from your face this weekend. Joy and blessings shall continually be your portion my darling.

28. You shall have happiness beyond the limitations this weekend!

29. Staying without talking to you makes me feel incomplete. Talking to you always brightens my day. Have a memorable weekend.

30. I wish you a peaceful weekend filled with Gods graciousness.

31. Do not be disheartened for the Lord your God is with you; your better days are coming.

32. Down for a road trip this weekend? I’m dedicating my weekend specifically to you.

33. Make your weekend worth the wait! Hugs and kisses.

34. Don’t have a dull moment this weekend! Memories created shall help you through the coming week.

35. Blessings upon blessings shall rain down upon you today and further. Happy weekend.

36. Want to unleash? Want to do something you might regret? Go on! The weekend is a perfect time! Don’t think I will stop you.

37. Do not get so carried away with work that you forget yourself! Spoil yourself this weekend, you deserve it.

38. There’s no need to sulk about the past week during the weekend! Get up and parrrrtttyyy!!!

39. Ease yourself of all that happened during the week. Make sure you use the weekend to create a fresh start.

40. Only a super person makes it to the weekend! Continue being a super person! I love you.

41. Family might be neglected throughout the week, but never forget them during the weekends! Bond with them because bonding time builds stronger relationships.

42. I want to be the source of your smile every day, and the reason for your happiness. Enlighten me on ways to enhance this cause this weekend.

43. Enjoy the best of the weekend.

44. Wishing you an amazing weekend and a fruitful week ahead!

45. I won’t mind an outing with you this weekend! No worries bills on me!!!

45. It will continually be a mystery why I was opportune to meet such a wonderful person as you. Thank you for being in my life. Happy weekend.

46. If I’m to have a superpower right now, I would want the power to make the weekend long for you because you deserve it. You are the best.

47. You shall radiate more than stars and your fire shall never quench. Happy weekend my star.

48. This weekend shall refreshen you and give you a gleaming look in preparation for the new week.

49. Don’t let the stress of the week leave a frown on your face this weekend! Weekends do not accept non-happy faces.

50. You know the best part about weekends? It gives you hope for a better week ahead!

51. You don’t have to wait for happy moments else you will wait forever. Use your weekend to create happy moments.

52. Spending the weekend together is always a better option don’t you agree? See you soon sweetheart.

53. Wasted time can never be recycled. Be sure to waste your weekend meaningfully.

54. May nice things flood your way this weekend.

55. Zero worries this weekend! You deserve all the rest you can get within these two days.

56. Create wonderful memories this weekend and make sure to share them with me when next we see.

57. Don’t forget to wear your smile this weekend. A weekend can never be complete without your amazing smile.

58. Live life to the fullest this weekend, and forget about anything that seems to be troubling you. Have a nice weekend.

59. Doors shall be opened in your name during the course of the weekend, and you shall experience in full Gods plan for you. God bless you.

60. No matter what God throws your way to bring you down, remember that you are a conqueror! Have a wonderful weekend.

Amazing Happy Weekend Messages

61. This weekend shall serve as a lead way unto greater things of life for you. You shall have no regrets as you take on this weekend.

62. May you never have a cause for you to wear a sour expression this weekend. God bless you.

63. Best way to spend your weekend is to plan an amazing outing with those around you! Be sure to include me in your plans.

64. Weekends shouldn’t have any worries at all! Leave all worries and problems till Monday!!!

65. You know those things you always love to do but can’t do because of time restraint? You’ve got the perfect opportunity to do them now.

66. You will forever have multiple reasons to be happy. Have a vibrant and jubilant weekend.

67. Though weekdays might be stormy and grey, make sure you pop colors during the weekend and turn your weekend into the rainbow.

68. There’s no price tag in giving out smiles so why not smile your way through the weekend?

69. Weekends become pointless if you do not spend them doing something you’ve been longing to do.

70. Let people be inspired by your acts and good deeds this weekend. Remain blessed.

71. Have a happy weekend my love.

72. You shall have a lovely weekend.

73. Have a nice weekend with the fullest topping of love and entertainment.

74. Rust is always there to mar your being. Don’t let these rust bring you down, instead use the weekend to clear away your rust.

75. Push any stress that tries to come your way this weekend into the weekday! Have fun to the fullest this weekend.

76. Loads of love and affection I’m sending your way this weekend. Happy weekend.

77. May you never run out of celebrations during your weekends. These are the essentials of weekends.

78. Can I be corny but truthful enough to tell you that the weekend is the second most beautiful thing with the first being you?

79. May God open the window of heaven to shower you with lots of blessings. Happy weekend.

80. Stay motivated now and always. Happy weekend.

Cool Happy Weekend Messages

81. I wish you a beautiful and blessed weekend.

82. Who wouldn’t want two-three days they can spend as they like? That’s the exciting part about weekends. Happy weekends.

83. There’s no greater joy than the end of work on a Friday! I wish you a complete weekend package of joy, peace and abundance.

84. Live life to the fullest and stay safe! Enjoy your weekend.

85. Let no side talk lead you astray this weekend. Happy weekend.

86. Have an incredible time this weekend.

87. Wishing you a weekend full of love and laughter.

88. There’s always room for improvement in everyone, and weekends serve as the best time to recuperate and improve oneself.

89. You have the ability to create your own happiness. Don’t pass up the moment. Happy weekend.

90. There’s no one I’d rather spend my weekend with than you.

91. May your light shine so bright that others may see their way out of the dark. Have a very happy weekend.

92. Everyone wishes for endless weekends yeah? Make your every weekend worthy of remembrance.

93. Prepare your plan down. Let’s make the best of the weekend!

94. Forget all the bad things you have encountered during the week and have a great weekend.

95. Gone are the days of insufficient sleep and eye bags! Welcome to the days of adequate sleep. Happy weekend.

96. Have fun this weekend, but act responsibly.

97. May your weekend be filled with new innovative ideas.

98. Choose joy not stress this weekend. Have an enjoyable weekend.

99. Time to recharge ourselves in preparation for another week ahead. Have fun and rest because all work and no rest makes one dull.

100. Let go of all negativity and enjoy your weekend.

101. Never relent on your prayers and God shall favor you immensely. Have a lovely weekend.

102. Be your best this weekend. Happy weekend.

103. Never give up because the best things never come easily. Have an amazing weekend.

104. Never let go of your God factor. He shall always see you through.

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