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June 12 In Nigeria: Is Today A Public Holiday In Nigeria

june 12 in nigeria

Is today a public holiday in Nigeria is the question everyone asks when June 12 in Nigeria comes on us. When you look at all the public holidays in Nigeria, we will just find June 12 in Nigeria sitting amidst the dates, and who says there should not be a public holiday in Nigeria at that date.

Whether we like it or ‘YES’, June 12 in Nigeria remains an historic day in the history of the country.

What happened on June 12 1993?

Regarded as the authentic Democracy Day in Nigeria as against the May 29 celebrations, the June 12 1993 was the day when Nigeria had the freest and fairest elections ever. In what was alleged by the then sitting President, Ibrahim Babangida as an election fraught with corruption and unfairness, the election was canceled. This development brought about huge amounts of political crisis which Nigeria is still battling with till date.

Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale (M.K.O) Abiola was the presumable winner of the election as at then, and since no official results of the election was released till date, and the consequent annulment of the election, we are still in the dark as to what really happened.

Many years after, on the 8 June 2013, in the Vanguard’s newspaper, Ibrahim Babangida attempted to justify the reason behind the annulment of the election, but what solution will that proffer since Nigeria has already battled crisis from then till date. It never assuaged any grudges and ill-feeling of dissatisfaction at the annulled June 12 in Nigeria elections.

The pain and trauma of the June 12 in Nigeria elections till lives with us and we will never forget forever, and this is the reason why June 12 in Nigeria is dedicated as a special holiday in the history of the country.

Is June 12 in Nigeria a public holiday?

Well? Not a Federal public holiday since May 29 is observed nationwide as the officially recognized public holiday, however in line with established policies and procedures in certain states in the country. June 12 in Nigeria is observed as a ‘Public Holiday’.

In Osun State for example, the incumbent governor declared June 12 as a public holiday in accordance to established policy of observing June 12 in Nigeria as ‘Democracy day’. In what was ( and still is believed as the moment that marks the democratic evolution and heralded the consequent growth in our democratic process as a Nation) the June 12 in Nigeria is declared as public holiday in certain States in the country.

Asides Osun State, number of States in South Western Nigeria, Oyo and Ogun also declared June 12 in Nigeria as a work free holiday. This is believed to be a day set aside to celebrate the martyrdom of Chief M.K.O Abiola who later died in prison based on his arrest on the aftermath of the June 12 1993 elections.

It is believed in large quarters that the death of M.K.O Abiola led to the dividends of Democracy that Nigerians enjoy today.

We also believe that June 12 in Nigeria gave rise to the fact that May 29 became a democracy day. A lot of people still clamour till date for June 12 in Nigeria to be made a public holiday.

What do you think about June 12 in Nigeria?

From myself and all of us on Deedeesblog, we celebrate the June 12 in Nigeria like every other memorable day in the country and we wish that we all continue to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

My June 12 in Nigeria messages, wishes and quotes to you!

I pray for a better Nigeria. A Nigeria where we all get to witness the ‘true’ dividends of democracy. I pray for a Nigeria where there will be peace and tranquility in all facets of the democratic system. Let us come together and unite as one. The June 12 in Nigeria presents another day for us to remember how far we have come. I love you!

Let us learn to love one another, for love is life’s greatest gift. Let’s remember that we need love to survive. If we treat our neighbours as ourselves, then it will be easy to forget all the political and economic crises we face as a Nation and live together as one. As for me, I will show love wherever I go, what about you?

I love June 12 in Nigeria, and you know why?

It is because I keep remembering how far we have come as a country and the extent of what we still need to do to be better, as a nation. We need to love ourselves more, forgive, and pray for one another. We also need to drop the political sentiments and allow love and peace to reign. We need to show more compassion as people living in a nation going through a transformation period. What do we need but love!

We once had a time where we lived peacefully, in love with one another, even in the midst of the problems we faced as a country. Now, what? I dunno what to say about the political situation of the country. All I know is that we should allow June 12 in Nigeria remind us of the need to love one another, regardless of what we have gone through and sill going through. We need love to survive. let us show love to one another.

Whenever I read of all that is happening from the East, West to the North, my heart bleeds for the country. Only if we know that what we need to live peacefully is love, we need love to live among ourselves. We need love to see beyond our imperfections, We need love to have peace that we so much crave for. We are created to show love, what has gone wrong with us? Where did we all get it all wrong? Is it our political process, ethnic, or religious affiliations? Everything still preach love. I guess the problem is ourselves and our innate ideologies that we have allowed to becloud our sense of reasoning. The religion and political uprising isn’t worth it, I tell you today. Let us come together as one and show LOVE. That is all we need!

I hope this post on June 12 in Nigeria ministers to someone today! Have the best of it!



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