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Sunday Morning Prayer Points to Use

sunday morning prayer points

Sunday morning prayer points – What are your prayer points for a Sunday, I’ve got a couple of Sunday morning prayers and I want us to share together. Get in here and check it out, will you?

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1. Sunday morning prayer points of protection

Father I thank for watching over my family and everyone around me. I thank you for your protection through the night, you are a great God. I thank you for waking me up today for giving me the energy and life to see this beautiful morning. May your name be praised.

2. Sunday morning prayer points of worship

I give you all the glory and worship you because you have shown me what great God you are. Please God forgive me all my sins and hear my voice. I am your son/ daughter and I may have one way or the other walked away from you, please forgive me dear lord and be with me all through today. Let all your plans for me come to manifestation today king of glory. Let me fulfil all your life purposes for me today, so that I can give you all the glory.

3. Sunday morning prayer points commanding the heavens

This morning I command the gates of heaven to open and send down torrents of blessings, I command the angels to come down and guide my footsteps. I pray for rain of glory and amazing blessings from the gate of heaven. Oh, Lord please come down and manifest your powers. Amen.

4. Sunday morning prayer points of strength

Some trust in the things of the earth, but I trust in you oh Lord. Some believe in gold and physical things but my belief and hope is on you king of glory. You are the source of my life. The heavenly father who gives strength and spiritual energy to combat principalities and powers. I am trusting you for renewed energy today oh God, please bless and be with me. Thank you, king of glory.

5. Sunday morning prayer points destroying all evil machinations

You are the God of the beginnings and you will always be with us till the end of time. You will always be with us in every situation and therefore I am putting my ways into your hands this morning. Take control oh God. Please go before me and clear all evil traps on the road. Destroy all evil machinations against me today and be with me as I move on my way.

6. Sunday morning prayer points for wisdom

I ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, please give to me today oh God. Keep a watch over my head so that I will never go wrong in my thoughts and convictions. Let your light shone bright over my way so that I would never miss the road oh God.

7. Sunday morning prayer points for grace

Help me to be satisfied in you today oh God. Give me the grace to always say No, have self control and be convenient within what you have given me. Let me be a story of your glory to be told by others today. Let your glory radiate in my life so I can be a living testimony to others.

8. Sunday morning prayer points for power

I bind every evil people in your name today oh Lord.  Let whatever I bind on earth be bound in heaven. Whatever I release on earth oh Lord, let it be released in heaven. You have given me the power to bind and loose and this is what I am doing in your grace. Give me more grace dear God to do things in your name today and forever.

9. Sunday morning prayer points of blessings

Today is the day I will receive your blessings in Jesus name. Today is the day I will harvest from everywhere on earth, that which God has provided for me. Today is the day I will bless every man and woman that comes my way with profound word of God and the inclination of the holy spirit. Today is the speak I will speak the grace of God into someone’s life. So shall it be in Jesus name.

10. Sunday morning prayer points for the gift of prophesy

I speak to the gates of heaven this morning, lift your heads high up and let me come in, as I intend to receive from the fruits that God kept for me. The gift of prophesy and healing. O shall it be today, in Jesus name. Amen.

11. Sunday morning prayer points for the country

I pray for all the leaders of Nigeria today oh Lord, that you will give them the grace to govern our country the right way. That you will minister to them so that they can learn with your special touch and help to spread the word of God through their leadership in positivity and transparency. So shall it be in the name of Jesus. Amen.

12. Sunday morning prayer points for opportunities

I pray today for those that are looking for work oh God. I pray that opportunities will begin to open for them today. In every sphere of their lives, they will advance positively in the name of Jesus. I pray that you will give them the grace to see you more, even in their iniquities and that you forgive them all their sins.

13. Sunday morning prayer points for upliftment

I pray for members of my family, that I won’t lose any of them before their time. I pray that you will give me the grace to say it is well with them. You will support me physically and spiritually oh Lord, and you will make me shine so bright such that people will see your glory in my life.

14. Sunday morning prayer points for guidance

Please God give us the opportunity to come together as one body today under your guidance so we can for pray for the good of our family and for the good of the nation. Make us wholly acceptable to you and give us the grace to see more of you. Let us be a witness of your kingdom when the times comes.

15. Sunday morning prayer points for protection

Another bright and beautiful morning is here. Another awesome and special day is upon us. Thank you for the bless of the night and the great day ahead. Let the sky open to us today and bath us within the bright sunlight. Let the winds cover today and send us fresh and beautiful air. Let every living soul shout hallelujah today, in thanks for your gift of life, king of glory.


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