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The Best Wedding Anniversary Messages For Husband

wedding anniversary message

You should not allow the anniversary go without sending the best wedding anniversary message that your husband deserves and here is where you will get the best collection. Sending wedding anniversary message for husband should be the most ideal thing to do when you realize the day for celebration is here. The best wedding anniversary wishes should not be so hard to find and that is why you are here. Whether you are sending wedding anniversary message, wedding anniversary quotes, wedding anniversary wishes, wedding anniversary greetings, marriage anniversary wishes, all that is important is you trying to wish your husband happy wedding anniversary.

This post is not limited to wives alone, family, friends and loved ones can as well use the collection of wedding anniversary message to pass their felicitations to the husband and maybe the couple as well. This is an important part of celebration as it demonstrates your happiness as their marriage progresses.

From celebrating their relationship anniversary to wishing them congratulations on their engagement, and also sent your happy wedding day messages and wedding wishes to them, in as much as you still remain a part of the family as they grow in their union, sending a wedding anniversary message or two won’t be a bad idea.

I am sure you agree with me!

Just in case you are on the look out for the best wedding anniversary message to send or share with the beautiful couple, here is the place for you to be.

The Best collection of wedding anniversary message(s) for husband

Cute wedding anniversary messages from family

1 I am wishing you the very best anniversary  today. getting married is never easy, not to talk of staying in marriage for this long. may God continue to guide and protect you forever. Happy wedding anniversary.

2 I am using this opportunity to wish you and your family, the best of love unconditional and many more years of happiness together. happy wedding anniversary.

3 It is a long journey, but a long journey starts with the amazing step you took years ago. On behalf of me and my family, I wish you the most amazing day ever. Happy wedding anniversary to you and your wife. may God’s arm of protection continue on you!

4 I am sending you all the happiness you deserve today and the love that is everlasting as you continue your life journey together. Happy wedding anniversary.

5 I am sending all my lovely wishes today and I hope that it makes you happy and smile. I pray that the love you have will continue to grow deep ad the affection between you and your wife will never go dim. Here is to many years of profound happiness and joy in marriage. Happy marriage anniversary to you and your family.

6 I am sending my warmest regard to you both on your anniversary. May God be with your home.

7 Wishing you lots of happiness, joy and every avenue to laugh together today and forever. Happy wedding anniversary.

8 Today I pray for you, that you will continue to be the sweetest, coolest and the most affectionate husband ever. I am sending my best wishes and I also pray that joy, happiness, and content will serenade you in everything that you do. happy marriage anniversary.

9 I pray from this moment henceforth, that both of you will grow closer each and every passing day. That you will have every reason to be thankful to God for bringing you both together. That your love for each other will never diminish and that grace will cover everything you lay your hands on. happy marriage anniversary to you both.

10 Two is better than one. As the bible had already said it, the wife will leave her parents house and be joined t0gether im holy matrimony with her husband. You have done that together and happiness will never be far from you and your household. You will bring forth beautiful kids that will glorify God in everything. I am excited it is your wedding anniversary. Happy marriage anniversary to your family. Cheers!

11 I am wishing you the very best of this month. I am sending my warm wishes that you will never encounter failure for the rest of the year. Happy anniversary to you. may God’s blessings never depart from your home.

Wedding anniversary messages for brother

12. Dear brother, you have always been my best and closest friend. I am already used to you however that very day of your wedding; you left me and went for your wife. Happy anniversary.

13. For so long, I have been waiting for you to witness the first anniversary of your wedding and truly it finally came. Have a wonderful anniversary.

14. As the Lord has been blessing your marriage with love and peace; may the trend continue until eternity. Happy married life.

15. Thank you brother forever been there for me when I need you most; you have always been an amazing brother. Happy married life.

16. The day you told me you are getting married I was so happy and then scared because I used to have wrong impression about marriage. Your success has changed my motive. Happy anniversary.

17. Wishing you the most blessed marriage in the world. I love you and wish you more success in your marriage. Happy married life dear brother.

18. I just want to wish the most handsome brother in the world a precious wedding anniversary. I beseech the Lord’s blessing on your family.

19. I wish you long life and prosperity to run the business of your marriage in peace and harmony. I beseech the strength for you to take care of your children. Happy married life.

20. Have one of the best marriage anniversaries in the world. I pray for the best for you. May the Lord protect you and your family.

21. I remember when we used to play together as boys, however today some months back you became a man and now it is your first year in the school of successful marriage. Happy married life.

22. As you celebrate a second year of your marriage in peace and harmony; I pray that the Lord be pleased with you, your children and wife. Happy marriage anniversary.

23. I wish you a blessed marriage, an interesting joy and pray that the Lord gives you the strength and ability to manage your family. Happy married life.

24. Wishing you all the best today and forever. I beseech the mercy of the Lord on your wedding day anniversary. Thank God for your life.

25. I love you and also wish I could buy the entire world for you as you celebrate the fifth year of a glorious wedding. Happy married life sweet brother.

26. Thank you for the entire your love and caring you rendered to me when we were together. I just want to wish you a blessed married life.

27. Marriage is a blessed institution; may you reap the fruit of your labour in the course you take in the field of managing a family affair. Happy married life.

28. I couldn’t wait to send you this message, until now I am finally relieved that you are now reading it in love and delight. Happy married life.

29. I just want to wish you one of the loveliest things I have been nurturing in my heart for; happy marriage anniversary may you both grow old in love with each other.

30. As sunshine arrived on your roof today; I pray that its light continue to shine in your household now and forever. Happy married life to my dear brother.

31. Today is the seventh year of a peaceful and lovely marriage; may the Lord in heaven continue to bless you till the end of time. Happy married life.

Happy wedding anniversary messages for sister

32. I want to thank the Lord for sparing your life till this moment. I pray that your life is blessed with whatever you aspire for; happy married life.

33. Though I cried the very day my beloved sister was married out because I knew I was losing a very good friend to a stranger. Happy married life sister.

34. I have really missed your smile, giggles, jokes and anger. I have always loved you for the coolness and kindness of your attitude. Happy married life my dear sister. Have a wonderful anniversary.

35. This day, your success will always grow and never shall it drop again. I just want to make sure that I am the first to wish you happy wedding anniversary. I hope I made it?

36. I am wishing the most beautiful sister in the world a good home, long life and prosperity in a blessed marriage. Happy married life.

37. You are indeed the best of queens in the world and your husband is really a lucky man. I just want to say happy married life.

38. Have one of the most blissful moments in your life; as a younger sister, I love you and wish every good thing of life for you. Happy marriage anniversary.

39. I prayed for your success in marriage and the Lord accepted my prayers. Thank God for your life, may He continue to bless you for the rest of your life; happy married life sweet sister.

40. I just want to thank God for the blessed gift He gave me as sister; thank you for ever been there for me. Be patient with your husband no matter what, it builds love in any relationship. Happy marriage anniversary.

41. Congratulations to a lovely sister on her wedding anniversary. I really miss you and wish we can see anytime soon. I love you like never before. Happy married life.

42. This is the fifth year of your wedding, no much pain, no lost. No big fight, no separation. We thank God for a successful marriage. Congratulations.

43. Congratulations to you my beloved sister. Your beautiful face is still shining and this is a sign that your husband takes good care of you. Happy married life second year of success.

44. I am pleased to send you this wonderful message on your wedding anniversary. I pray for your continued success in this special day of your life.

45. Your success from this moment in time will continue to grow like a tree of fortune, flow like an ocean of progress. Happy anniversary.

46. I just want to wish you a belated married life anniversary. I love you so much and I pray that the Lord continue to bless your marriage. Happy married life sweet sister.

47. The other day you were sweet sixteen, and now you are a mother and a married woman. We thank God for three years of love, peace and harmony.

48. I beseech the love of God on your marriage. You are such an intelligent sister and the Lord really loves you for choosing a wonderful husband for you. Happy anniversary.

49. Wishing you a glorious love, peaceful home and blessed children. Your children have been growing with you, may you live to reap the fruit of your labour. Happy married life.

50. Success shall always be your portion in this marriage; the Lord shall always give you the right elixir to conquer the challenges in your marriage.

51. Wishing the most beautiful sister in the realm of beauty a belated marriage anniversary. Happy married life my beloved sister.

Happy wedding anniversary messages for mother

52. Dear mother, today is your fiftieth year in a successful marriage, may the Lord protect you and guide you to the right path. Happy married life.

53. You are a success in this world and I have never seen a legend like you in my life. This skill of managing a marriage is rare in reality. Happy anniversary.

54. Dear mother, your love for children is amazing and this we have found in the good examples you show as a great mother. Happy marriage anniversary.

55. Indeed you are a legendary mother, a superwoman and the most loved woman by my cute dad. Happy marriage anniversary ma.

56. You are special to us the children and this is more reason why we pray that the Lord should protect you against all evils. Happy marriage anniversary.

57. My wishes for you on your wedding anniversary is to see your progress in life; have a great deal of a blessed marriage. I love you, mom.

58. I wish you all the best on this special day of your life and also pray that whatever it could take to make you the best should be achievable. Happy married marriage anniversary.

59. I am wishing you all the best now and forever. May you find rest of mind better than it used to be as you celebrate the twentieth year anniversary of a belated marriage.

60. I just want to thank the Lord for giving you a righteous husband and also making you a patient woman to our patient father. Happy anniversary.

61. It is not easy to come this far in marriage, as you become one of the most interesting legendaries of a successful marriage today, I wish you a blessed love.

Happy wedding anniversary messages to father

62. Wishing you all the best on this special occasion in your life; may your new age be filled with lots of blessings and your marriage continue to be blessed. Happy marriage anniversary.

63. I have never seen an amazing father like you before in my entire world and that’s the reason why I will always love you till everlasting. I just want to say happy anniversary.

64. You are indeed a great example in this world, it baffles me how the old ones could hold their marriages with love and passion for each other. Happy married life daddy.

65. I am so happy today because my old man is celebrating his wedding anniversary today; may you find happiness in your heart; happy married life.

66. Wishing you the most interesting things in life; you are a darling father and it will be rare to find someone as special as you are in this world. Happy married life.

67. You are indeed a great father and meeting you in this world is a great blessing. Thank God for making you my father.

68. You are my dear father, my beloved and the one that my heart is pleased with. Thank you for bringing me up in the most beautiful manner I have ever known. Happy anniversary.

69. It is only a genius that can come this far in marriage; though everything is possible only with the will of God. Thank God you are celebrating you tenth year anniversary.

70. I love my dad so much because it is not easy to find a great man like him; I love you beyond imagination. Happy married life.

71. Wishing the greatest father in the world a belated anniversary as he made it to the fortieth year of his marriage with a great wife.

72. Your success will always flow in the light of love and passion with my dear mother. I love you so much my great father. Happy wedding anniversary.

73. Wishing you what money cannot buy on this special day of your life; may you continue to find rest of mind until eternity; happy married life sweet dad.

74. I am just here to boast that my dad is the most handsome man in the world. I love him so much that I can’t stop praying for a long life and prosperity for him.

75. You have always been the reason why I am happy since the day I recognized you as my dad. I just want to say, happy married life.

76. Wishing my great father an endless lovely joy on this special occasion of his life; we celebrate a life of honour and dignity.

77. Dad, you are a blessing to our community and this is the reason why we the children will always celebrate you. Happy 60th anniversary.

78. I love the way you trained us because today we are all happy. You are indeed a wonderful father. Happy married life.

79. I wish you a lovely time with love and good moments with mom. Both of you have always been the reason why I am happy. Have a valued anniversary.

80. Thank you for being a good father. I love you and wish you progress and sound health on this special occasion.

81. May your entire life sorrow be trashed away this day as you celebrate your 50th year marriage anniversary; we love so much.

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