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How A Man Became A Lady For 24 Hours

became a lady

A Nigerian Facebook User named Engineer Joseph shared this funny story of how he became a lady for twenty hours on RANTHQ, a lifestyle group on Facebook. It is all shades of hilarious. You should read and laugh:

Back then in the university, I went to visit someone in the female hostel and we both slept off. I woke up by 9:32pm and guys were not allowed in the hostel after 9:00pm.The girl went outside and told me girls wey already naked that if I come out I’m finished.

She suggested I wore her clothes and pretend to be a lady and cover my face with a long hair tie and walk out of the hostel but I was scared because I was going to see so many girls naked before getting to the gate. Her roommates were already on their way back. I was confused.

I asked her how understanding her roommates could be and she said one of them was a campus fellowship mama that she was going to report if she knew. She said she would go outside and tell them snake had entered the room but I said NO that they were going to go call security or so.

I told her to bring her wig and a wrapper, she brought it and I wore it and covered myself with the wrapper and asked her to tell her roommates when they come in that I was her friend and was sick and I couldn’t go back to my hostel in annex.

So, I slept on the bed and turned my face to the wall. She slept on the bed with me. Her roommates came in, started gisting and asked who I was, she told them what I told her earlier. One of them came close and touched my neck and was like her body is not really hot though, my friend then said I just took drugs.

Next thing I heard was “can I pray for her?” That was the fellowship mama talking. She said I should just turn my face and have faith that it’s gonna be well. This girl, Vanessa, was very smart. She told her I was a Jehovah’s witness member and that I won’t like it.

I was scared.

Two of them changed up, they were talking of going to have their bath. I was still scared. They went out to have their baths. My friend tapped me and said “babe I’m scared, what do we do?” I told her I was gonna stay in the hostel till 6:00pm the next day when boys are allowed in so I can leave.

We agreed.

We slept and I didn’t know when I started snoring. She tapped me and whispered you are snoring like a man. I could not sleep again and I stayed up till the next morning.

The girls left for lectures the next day Both of us were in the room. We were laughing and scared the same time. Around 4:00p.m, she opened the door cause we had locked it. I climbed the bed again and she joined me.

One of then came back, your friend is still sick? She answered yes. The girl said we should go to the school clinic and she said NO. She said someone’s child should not die here oh.

She went out and had her bath. The fellowship mama came back and didn’t say a word. Now it was 6:00pm, the chance I had to leave the hostel freely as a guy but the roommates were still inside.

When it was 7:00pm, she sent me a text and said she was gonna ask her roommates to join her that she was gonna buy food for them. That as soon as I hear them leave, I should wait for 7 minutes and leave the room immediately. My dear she asked them to join her go eat, but the mama said she was OK and didn’t want to eat.

I felt like dying. So, the other girl said let’s go together, so they left. Next thing I felt was a touch. The mama touched me and said “Mr Man, you can leave our hostel now. Don’t think I’m stupid. I saw your shoe under the bed. I heard when you were snoring and all. It’s either you come down now and leave or I call the security for you”.

Brothers and sisters, I came down; thanked her very well and she invited me to their fellowship. That was how I started playing drums for NIFES in school.

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