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The dice has been rolled

The oracle of love has doled

Your choice was whole

But I became flat as a shoe sole




I met you as Okiro in your pant

The other day I wanted to rant

You were so queenly and sacrosanct

Yet you were not a part of the plan


You know why?


You were the last on my mind

I never knew you could be the spine

I have always sent you on a ride

Anytime I wanted to spite




Having the feeling you could be the one

That Oduware I could ever want

A goddess beyond the shores and all the rot

Basking away in the Benin Sun


I hope it is not too late to pull you close

I pray to never have a reason to dose

Since Olokun has brought you home

Confirming you are Ófure to my soul


I know love could be a force

Driving me beyond the shores

Lighting up like a torch

And bringing me to you in a rush

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