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National Proposal Day 2019: Are You Ready To Propose?

National Proposal Day 2019

National Proposal Day 2019: What should we wish you? A Happy proposal Day? Oops, it’s not that time yet, but we’ve got some interesting need to know for you on here. Just read on:

National proposal day is for those people who have waited patiently and lovingly for that special someone in their life to say what have been kept hidden in their treasured heart. March 20th is National Proposal Day and most people (majorities) around the world make nice use of it and even observe a day holiday. Observed on both the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes,

National Proposal Day is an opportunity to let the loved one in your life knows you are open to a marriage proposal.
Proposing to that very person you love can be incredibly scary and makes you nervous. Even though you have 99.999% assurance that they’re in love with you, but it’s still somehow difficult to take the next step in your relationship. Do you elaborately propose in public? Do you keep it simple and cook your partner his or her favorite dinner? Proposal Day was created as a way and act for many people to come together and ask for their partners hand in marriage.

Many times in the past, many people have wanted to propose in a very romantic, adorable and quirky way but had problems with self-confidence, braveness and lack of courage. With  Proposal Day, these people have their unique way of proposing by being in a large group of people and everyone along their partners doing it together.

I know that asking the love of your life to marry you is probably one of the most nerve-wracking things you’ll ever do (no matter how sure you are of her answer).


There are many ways in which you can propose to your girlfriend. Most often it’s per the individual choice but there are many common ways by which you can propose to your girlfriend; you can actually do it on the national proposal day when everyone does it, the valentine day or any normal day as you wish. Though proposing to your girlfriend is something that usually got men anxious and nervous.

No one can tell you how you feel. If you truly feel that you love this someone and are dying to express it; then go ahead. What’s the worst that could happen?
Let look at some of the tips by which you can propose to your girlfriend.

1. Get a proposal or Engagement ring

Actually, you cannot get the best ring in the world, but at least look for a ring that pleases you and you sure know what your partner likes, the design.

You can do this by yourself; if you don’t want her to know and keep it secret just to surprise her or you can go with your partner, so that she can help you out with the best one. If she’s fussy, choosy or you don’t know what she would like or best suit her, it’s best to do this as a couple.

Make sure you buy the right ring. Your fiancée will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life; you sure know that fact, so ensure that you pick the best and right one. You can actually ask from her during a conversation that doesn’t look so serious, just like play or talk generally about the styles she would prefer, you can do some window shopping at jewelers, or talk to her family and friends to get an idea of what she would like, I think they could know better.

2. Her parents’ permission

Depending on your culture or how well you’ve gotten along with your partner and her family, you can ask her parent’s permission. Although this has become less of an obligation in recent times, it can be important in certain cultures and families, and her parents will definitely appreciate your consideration and some? Don’t even mention it at all.

Decide a location for the proposal. Go for somewhere that has personal meaning for the two of you, such as a beach, park, or nice restaurant, where you met or somewhere she loves to go;

A memorable place for both of you.

3. Be an Einstein with your proposal speech

Think of what to say that will trigger her feelings the more, the speech that will spark her heart. Get your proposal speech ready. Get clues to how you can propose to your woman and rehearse it at the mirror where you can actually see yourself proposing. Use props if they add to the occasion.

4. Getting there with your girlfriend

Get your girlfriend to the location. In other way, you could arrange a game; that will eventually lead you guys up to meeting at the ring stage.

Finally, Propose!

Get a comfortable posture for yourself, you can Kneel down, sit, stand or anyhow but make it romantic, recite your proposal, and wait for the answer. Stay kneeling down for a while; it’s just a romantic way of proposing to your girlfriend.


If you want your proposal to be in public, well you’ve gotten some ideas on that.

Think of somewhere special for the two of you, whether it is a monument, park, fountain, or rooftop, restaurant, studio etc. Next time you’re there with your girlfriend, get a passer-by or someone you know to take a picture of you both. She’ll have no doubt about what you’re up to then (This is the western style of proposing). You can also check out our simple proposal ideas. It may help you out on your choice.


Sincerely, proposing on your birthday is not really that special compared to her birthday. It is just like a normal way of proposing.

If you want to propose on your birthday, you’ve got to include activities that you know your girlfriend have interest in, if you’re the type of couple who likes grand, romantic gestures, go big for your birthday proposal. Think about your girlfriend’s favorite activities (it is much important), then plan a day that culminates in a grand gesture at the end.

Decide a location for your birthday which also means it is the location for the proposal.

You can pick her up as if you’re on a normal date; that looks simple, or get her friends to take her out somewhere, where she ends up meeting you. Alternatively, you could arrange a treasure hunt of clues, games like truth or dare, all of which lead up to meeting you with the ring.

Be sure and ready with your proposal speech and with this you need to put on the garment of courage and braveness in a manly manner, you know you won’t be the only one there with her. Think about how to propose to your girlfriend and rehearse it as many times before the day, so that you will be fluent in speech. Can give a simple speech you think that is adorable and loving like; “I loved the gift you got me, but the best gift you could ever be would be if you agreed to be my wife.”

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Of course yes!!!

Why not? Trust me; your girlfriend’s birthday is the best day you can propose her. But remember, Do it in your own way to make it special and unique, don’t just buy a flower and propose because that’s really an old fashioned idea. Make something by yourself and then propose her. It should be memorable for her and even for you. You have to make her feel special and unique.

But before it; be very sure she loves you back, so that the scene will not be a tragedy. It is really sweet to propose but make sure that she is not already taken and she is not aiming on anyone (that is important) other than you. If you guys are good friends, it makes the job easier. Trust me, it is going to surprise her and make her happy and even more special. Gift something sweet, memorable and catching. Make it open, deep, sweet and romantics and unique .It is going to be a memorable moment for both of you.

“It is a No to propose her on her birthday if you’re not sure of her feelings towards you. Don’t spoil her birthday. But, yes, if you are sure that she will love you in return and she will be happy by your proposal.”

Because there are girls who only like to be friends and by doing so, you will lose your friendship and for sure she too. It may change the girl’s mood and her day, even her entire life.

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Actually, it depends.

No rules, but commonly, the longer you date, the better the chances of your marriage will make it since there will be much time to see yourselves in all different situations and to know each other as well. But later on in time, it will be revealed if he’s someone you can marry.

Of course, an infinite number of states in between exist. Some things will surely happen where the challenge is random and unknown, but expected.

Without talking about the situation and expectations, she may read his delay as a sign he doesn’t love her or want to eventually marry.


To me, the word “I love you” is a word you can say at anytime but be sure careful when you use it, how you say it and the kind of people you say it to, because sometimes it can be misinterpreted.

To say “I love you”; I think that really depends on the relationship and the people involved and what the word “love” means to each of them.

In my opinion, yes it’s too soon to say I love you at first sight. Life isn’t a Disney movie or a frictional novel or poem. Was this love at first sight you think? Or maybe do you love the idea of just being with someone. Sometimes people can just be infatuated, being in love at first sight doesn’t being you genuinely love that person, you are just attracted with the outward look, and I call that the cover.

“I love you” are just words. No one can tell you how you feel. If you truly feel that you love this someone and are dying to express it; then go ahead. What’s the worst that could happen? I guess it really depends on the circumstances. You could tell them, based off of every romantic movies, acts, scenes and comedy I’ve ever seen; it usually works.

To me, “love” is a deep and bonding emotion that takes months or even years to fully grow into “true love.” (Would you step in and take a bullet for that person?”)


Trust that includes a background check by each other to be sure there is nothing that will pop up later on in your marriage, it will pop up in time! Everything dies.

The real deal stage is where you realize exactly what your relationship is. These days, the average lengths often shows out at about two years, but keep in mind that every relationship is different.


Everyone knows that all relationship is different depending on the individuals involved. It really depends on what you and your partner are looking for though. If you’re both looking for something that’s not long-term; you will get a short term relationship, or you’re really not sure, and you’re not being open with each other about things or thinking it is not yet time, then you can probably file your relationship away in the two years or less compartment.

You can’t determine the end or how your relationship with your partner will go with someone else’s relationship, If you know what you want, then discuss it with your lover, and glance through if you guys are on the same page of affairs.

If you’re both just looking to enjoy the sexual haze for a while or just to satisfy your sexual urge or just to go out together and enjoy life as usual, then enjoy it. If you’re both looking for something that’s going to be more long-term, then keep on the track and go for that.

What’s the average length of a relationship? It is personal and depending on yourself and your partner with your agreement (understanding), It is whatever you make it and as long as you and your partner know what you’re looking for, you’ll end up where you need to be and I wish you all the best with that.

Now that we have helped with some things you need to know for your proposal day and the National Proposal Day 2019. What do you think about this post? Any comment?

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