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How to Take Care of Your Penis (Penile Hygiene)

how to take care of your penis

It is true that a great number of girls avoid giving guys head during sex and some even avoid deep kisses.
They don’t want your tongue or saliva in their mouth. The mere thought of it makes them cringe.

I’ll tell you why.
I’ll show you how you can overcome all these and become irresistible. The secret is hygiene.
It’s not that girls don’t want to please their men. Infact, many girls want to do very nasty things to you but…

Many of us no sabi proper hygiene.
…and girls can smell an unhygienic body from quite a distance. She’ll fuck you still but she won’t tell you.

Guys, if you expect head or deep kisses, be a man.

A real man is not dirty.
A real man does not smell.
A real man shaves.
Make it easy for girls, please.

So the top 5 penile care tips which I use and I encourage every Messi and Ronaldo out there on the field to use also are:

1. Wash Your Scrotum with Warm Water on Cold Mornings

I know you just use your sponge to take a swipe or two under your legs and pour water, finish. This time around, be deliberate please. Buy a soft sponge. Use to wash every inch of your scrotal sac and beyond. Then rinse with warm water. Make sure the temperature of the water is at or slightly above your body’s temperature.

2. Shave

I am not really hairy personally. But I still do this regularly. As a real man, buy premium blades or even if it’s Dorco you can buy. Then use it to shave 3 places.

i. Your pubic area
ii. Your armpits
iii. Your scrotum + anal region

When shaving, please DO NOT shave everything off, you’ll get bumps. Shave ¾th of your pubic hair off and do shave in the direction of hair growth. Do not shave against hair growth. The hair directly above your penis grows downward for most of us, so shave downward. Then for anal hair, shave upwards an outwards. You get? Armpits, shave outwards, not inwards.

Questions? Ask on the comment section.

3. Buy more Boxers (and wash them regularly)

Guys, we know sometimes, we have too much on our heads to focus on changing boxers. Sometimes we wear boxers into the bathroom and as a result, we wear the same boxers out of the bathroom and voom, we wear trousers and shirt, off we go.


If girls can be changing pants daily, you should too. Buy more boxers, every time you take your bath in the morning, wear another CLEAN one. Don’t repeat it even if it looks ‘clean’ enough. Learn the habit of one day, one boxer or cotton pants if you’re like me.

4. Sweat and Odour

Some people don’t sweat too much and even when they do, they have a very mild and undetectable smell. But some others, when they sweat, there is a problem. The odour can kill a madman. Learn your body type and adjust accordingly. Use deodorants, bodysprays and ouds even.

Mask your scent enough. Then bath often. Before you fuck, abeg baff. Even when she come, you fit baff again. Immediately after fuck, try baff. No, let sweat stay for your body if your sebaceous glands go fall your hand.

Body odour should not be around you at all.

Girls do one funny thing. They hug you and inhale your scent. Any girl that tries that with you should be mesmerized.

5. Brush Your mouth Sir

Brush your mouth and stop carrying spit. As a kid, mum forced me to brush most times. But now that I know the value of a clean mouth in a kiss, I dey carry 2 toothbrushes anywhere I go. That’s why you can never kiss me and smell stale mouth. Forever fresh. I brush and drink water throughout the day. If I suspect I will be kissed during the day, my mouth game will be on A++.

Guys, brush and brush again. Let her see you brushing sef. It might help her make the decision to allow your tongue into her mouth.

Because seriously, what is a kiss if it is not french?

ARM YOURSELF with this information.

Together with your charming smile and warm disposition and also with the help of God, this December will not pass you by. You’ll be given head and you’ll be kissed very well you hear?

About the Writer - Harrison Emu

Harrison Emu is a graduate of Medical School from Delta State University, Nigeria. He currently works as a Project Lead for Youth Network for Community & Sustainable Development, Nigeria (YNCSD). Harrison is passionate about young people and innovation. He is a serial entrepreneur with 3 different startups under him around the country. He has won several awards both personally and representing Nigeria - most recently at the AAIN awards in Dakar, Senegal where he was shortlisted as one of the top 15 young agro-allied youths in Africa. He currently lives in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria. emuharrison16@gmail.com 09031232625 Harrison writes primarily to entertain. He feels good seeing different people laugh on a piece. So his work serves 3 main purposes; Education. Diversity. Entertainment.

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