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How To Ask A Lady To Be Your Girlfriend

How To Ask A Lady To Be Your Girlfriend

How To Ask A Lady To Be Your Girlfriend – You meet a lady who attracts you and you want to own her!


You find yourself acquainted with a lady that fits in your preference, then you are like wow! She is the one! But there is a hitch! 🤔🤔🤔

You are lost of ideas the best way to make your intentions known, how and when to approach and all that. We understand your dilemma. Yes, we do!

One sure thing is this, If you truly like her, get to know her better, and make her fall in love with you. A well-planned wooing effort goes a long way in making a great impression.

This piece helps to give guides on how to let your intentions known to a lady you wanted for a romantic relationship. There are three different methods and either one may work for you depending on you and the kind of person she is. That’s why it is advisable to take your time to study her to know which method is suitable.


(a) Take your time (Do not rush it)

Loving someone ain’t a joke! Yes! Definitely not one. And professing love to someone should not be spontaneous but a carefully hatched plan. Take your time to be friends with her. Try to create a bond. Love takes time to build in the heart and you have to make her get fond of you. You need to try seeing her regularly to create the first stage of innocent chemistry.

So try to build that friendship bond by being her platonic yet caring friend from the start.

Another strategy is making friends with the people around her, her folks and acquittances. Try to communicate with them but make her the focus of attention.

(b) Have a plan

To succeed, you need strategies and this deals with planning your approach and methods of making your intentions known. Your composure and tact in making your intention known are important. You need to make it look simple and casual when approaching her. You have a date in mind, like meeting in a pub, relaxation center or better still watch a movie together. But make sure in a date plan, you have time to talk to her and all that.

(c) Take the right time to strike

In a date, you can not talk to her where there is a crowd of people are around, the best time would hence be when you are alone with her and that would be for example a perfect time in a date. She would feel embarrassed if you decide to pop the word when you aren’t alone, do not succumb to this temptation.

You can start with other talks and issues but make sure they are a means to lead you to the talk. The idea is to have a conversation that would catch her attention and get her in tune with what you are saying. Make sure your being alone do not mean you are standing or walking, it ain’t comfortable saying your mind when you ain’t in a sitting position. it is a special moment for you and your words need to sink in and thus you both have to be in a relaxed, comfortable position to aid better composure on your part and good assimilation on hers. If the opportunity of a date does not present itself, you can create one by improvising other casual events to meet up for one. You can meet her in a park instead or beside your school or work premises but make sure it is a comfortable place to talk.

(d) Start a light conversation

You know you wouldn’t just go straight to the point when you are meeting on a date. You start by casual talks, asking how her day went and all that. The essence of this is to relieve pressure and make it easy for her to relate with you easily in that conversation before anything else.

Talk about things that interest you both, things you both like and all. She has to be in a comfortable state of mind with you for her to take in your later “woo”.

(e) Talk about how much you both understand each other and get along well

You are trying to bring to her consciousness the chemistry already established between you both, thus preparing the way for her to see reasons to date you when you letter pop up the talk. For example, when you both agree on same ideology on a political argument, you can say “You see, I and you share same values and thinking, we have similar mindsets on many issues” But we wary of being too dramatic about this lest it appears fake and she begins to suspect you.


Tell her how you feel to her and ask her to be your girlfriend. After all the preamble and talks, you finally let out what is on your mind! Composure is important when popping those words, we understand you may get nervous at some point but you need to relax your mind and focused on any eventuality.

But you should not presume to express undying affection to the lady you like and expect everything to work out just fine.  Asking a lady out should be done as if you are climbing up a shaky ladder. Gentle and easy but confidently

(g) Be composed and calm regardless of her reply

Do not get overly excited when she accepts or show your disappointment when she says No.  You have to show a high level of composure when taking in her response.

If she agrees to be your girlfriend, it is normal to show happiness and excitement but do not overreact, do not make too much fuss about it. it is understandable to show how valuable her catch is to you how much her Yes means to you but do not show too much drama so as not to piss her off quickly.  A lady agreeing to date a man does not mean she has finally made up her mind about him. Most cases she is giving him a chance and can change her mind anytime. Think of this and do not try to piss her off with your over excitement.

Also, if she says No, don’t express too much grief or sadness over it as a man. accept the verdict graciously with your head help up high and appreciate her sincerity and openness. Do not make the mistake of accusing her of wasting your time or putting you in the friend zone.

Another angle to her saying No is that she might not really mean it or need more convincing you want her. This is not really by your choking her too but persistence in your intentions. Even if she may not get convinced at that moment, your attitude towards her rejecting you make be impressive enough to have a change of heart.  REMEMBER, A NO MAY NOT MEAN NO!


This can be also called the devout, heartfelt method. The whole idea is about using sweet and simple words and gestures to warm her up, letting her know your intentions, and waiting for her to reciprocate. Woo in a lady is an act. You don’t need to read books or cram lines. Her answers to a certain question you asked according to the book may mess everything up and get you stranded. Just take it slow and let it flow.

Let’s look at the different steps and ways in this method

(a) Build a friendship with her

It is important to get to know her well and be friends with her before advancing to something deeper. There is this fear of being knocked in the friend zone and all that but you won’t stay long in this friendship zone since you have a plan to execute. You need to make her feel safe and secure around you and can easily relate and bare her mind with you. It is easier for a lady to accept a relationship invite from a guy she knows well than someone she barely knows.

(b) Ask to be with her alone

After you might have established a friendship chemistry between you both and she listens to your talks, you can request to have her in a place alone. When you are with her alone, you build chemistry and she begins to get fond of you. She begins to get comfortable around you.

You can choose a location where you both are conversant with to ensure she feels safe and comfy there. You can take her for lunch, to a game center or watch a movie together.

Insist on paying for all the expenses…remember it is you who is trying to impress and build an impression but do not overdo it

(c) Buy her a casual gift

It doesn’t have to be expensive or major but a gift of expression like flowers, cards and in some cases chocolate. Do not try to overly impress with expensive gifts so it won’t be suspicious that you need something in return. make the gifts look like a gesture of innocence with no hidden intentions.

(d) Express your feelings for her

After taking her again to a place you can both talk, intimate her of your intention to say something to her. Make sure you have her unalloyed attention, then begin to talk about you enjoyed every bit of your time with her, how you can’t get along well and so on. Then calmly and subtly pop the word; Telling her you would like to take your friendship further than this. Make it simple, do not make it like a big deal. Avoid long essays and words, she would get bored. Be tactically direct but not pushy.

(e) Be ready for the worst and have an eye on the best response

At times, developing bonds with a her or her being free with you may tempt you to anticipate a positive answer to your request. Especially when you think her previous disposition to you may be indicative of a green light but do not be too sure she is gonna say yes that moment or anytime soon, you have to thus prepare for the likelihood of her saying No.

If she says Yes, cool and nice but if the other way round, make her know you value her friendship despite the rejection.

Do not keep a distance from her after her turning down your offer, maintain a cordial relationship with her and do not stop being nice. She might end up changing her stance later on.


With the two methods highlighted and discussed, here are the summary tips for asking a lady to be your romantic lover.

~One sure thing is this, If you truly like her, get to know her better, and make her fall in love with you. A well planned wooing effort goes a long way in making a great impression.

~Ask Her questions, about her, her family and siblings, where she grew up, her dreams, hobbies, beliefs, and ideology…etc. never ask about her exes at the early stage.

~Be a listener and keep very good eye contact

~Be a gentleman, take her on a casual date. Call to check up on her sometimes

~Let her come begging to like you natural on her own, don’t ask for it

~Spend some quality time, be very charming during conversations with her, compliment her dress, makeup and sometimes even sexually. The key is, each time you make a lady blush, that’s one step closer to wooing her.

~Make sure to keep communications often. Phone calls and text messages

~Be a good listener, let her see you as a dependable person

~Open up by telling her some of your weakness, this makes her know that you also need to be cared for. And you need someone to be there for you too, Afterall everyone can be vulnerable

~Create a boundary between becoming a potential lover or a best friend

~Always try to flirt with her and let her know you are thinking a lot about her lately

~Ask her out

Say it in words. Own your lady!

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