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How to Be Happily Married on a N50,000 Salary

how to be happily married
About the Contributor - Orifunke Lawal

Orifunke Lawal is a blogger, a content creator, and a professional writer. An SEO Associate with Jumia, she loves writing about provocative topics and insightful subjects. At the moment, she's working on a project called The Lagos Series which shares an enlightening, entertaining and inspiring narrative of Lagos.

If Funke is not working, she's doing one of browsing, sleeping or looking for trouble. You can check out her blog at orifunkelawal.com.

Orifunke has dropped this interesting piece of advice for men on how to be happily married on a N50,000 salary. Check it out:

Sometime ago on Twitter, someone started an argument of whether men should get married on a N50,000 salary and whether women can marry a woman who earns N50,000 per month. My default response was “No, Nah, Neh, Nay, Nope!”

I later thought about it and decided that N50,000 per month is actually not a death sentence and can work under the following conditions:

1. Do NOT live in Lagos or any other major city like PH and Abuja. 50k in an area where things are cheap could make sense. But in Lagos? I might be wrong though.

2. If you must live in Lagos, ensure you’re not paying rent. Perhaps get someone who can dash you and your spouse an apartment so you do not have to bother about paying rent.

3. If you must pay rent out of your N50,000 for an apartment in Lagos, ensure you’re not living in crazily-expensive areas like Surulere, Yaba, Ikeja and most importantly, anywhere on the Island. A good self-contain apartment in Yaba alone is about N450,000.

4. As much as you can, ensure that where you work is not far from your home. If you’re living in Ikorodu and you’re working at Yaba, I don’t know how that is supposed to work. Of course, it is a wise decision to follow your colleagues who have cars, pass your route and can afford to transport you.

5. This is perhaps the most important but please, marry someone who has a job or a business and also earns as much as you do or even more than you do. If you are the kind of person who thinks that because allowing your spouse to take up bills means she’ll no longer respect you or that your manliness has become tampered with, all the very best.

Also, if you support her taking up the bills since she also earns (and perhaps earns more), open your eyes and ensure you marry a woman who shares the same views on financial responsibilities as you. If you marry a woman who thinks “My money is my money, his money is our money”, all the what? All the very very best.

6. Pause on having kids. It is not by force to get pregnant immediately after marriage. It is unfortunate we are programmed to see children as a must, rather than something to have when you can afford. Don’t bring children into the world when you know they will suffer and you will also suffer as well.

7. Focus on eating home-made food. I rarely cook and I know that food accounts for most of the money I spend per month. If you are the kind that likes to club and splurge, well, the Lord is your strength.

What are your thoughts on this advice from Orifunke? Please share with us in the comments.

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