How to Get Ahead in Life, Love, or Business with a Better Smile

how to get ahead in life

How to get ahead in life: A smile is a person’s best weapon against negativity. When someone smiles, it lightens the mood instantly. Smiling is the best way to generate positivity. You know when you smile, everyone will remember you vividly.

Many people couldn’t smile, not because they are sad, but because they aren’t confident in theirs. They become conscious because, in their mind, people will mock them for having crooked beam. Sometimes, people couldn’t go on with their daily lives because it affects their work, studies or simply other activities that need socializing like talking or speaking in public. They can develop a fear or even anxiety. The good thing nowadays is that there are people who are willing to help restore one’s smile. All we need is the willingness and full cooperation to reach the goal—to have that picture-perfect smile.

Establishing a good smile starts when a person is still a baby. Parents are encouraged to bring their child to a dentist when the first tooth comes out, usually on the child’s sixth to the eighth month of age. A procedure called Fluoride Varnish application will be done. It is a procedure where a child’s primary teeth will be coated with fluoride varnish to protect the teeth from the early onset of dental caries. Having dental caries at a very early age could be very uncomfortable for both the child and the parent. Early childhood caries can also affect the eruption of the teeth and sometimes, including bone growth around the jaws. The application could be repeated 2-4 times per year and is highly recommended not to miss any procedure. You don’t have to worry about anything because fluoride varnish is ADA approved and 100% safe.

As the child grows, it is also important that he/she is introduced to the dental environment. Most of the children are scared of the dentist and gets even more scared upon hearing the drilling sound of the handpiece. Creating a good relationship between the child and the dentist could also help build the perfect smile one is trying to achieve. If you want to get ahead in life, start young! Take care of your oral hygiene and in no time, your smile will be contagious.

Getting a lifetime partner is definitely one bullet to tick off in our bucket list. When you meet someone and immediately know whether he/she’s the one, you’d never want to miss a moment with them. You would want to spend the rest of your life with that person and they will be the reason for your bright smile. Smiling on your first date will surely make your date’s heart flutter. It will set the mood, and absolutely, you’ll get complimented for it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear someone say “Hey, I like your smile…”?

How to get ahead in life

Crazy date ideas are the trend nowadays. Some people would spend their time doing extreme activities like paragliding, sky diving or bungee jumping for a date. Some would still go for the traditional fancy dinner or movie dates. But, wouldn’t you want to be unique? Let’s say, doing couple’s dental treatment! Health is wealth and your oral hygiene is part of keeping your body healthy. There are more bacteria in your mouth then you can ever imagine. It would be a good practice to take your other half into a dental appointment. A good start would be by setting up an appointment for oral prophylaxis. Oral prophylaxis is a procedure where a patient gets his/her mouth cleaned with a scaler then followed by a prophy angle with a prophy paste. It isn’t a long procedure and it could be done in 15-30 minutes.

This is just like brushing your teeth, but the difference is that this is thorough and is done by a dentist. This procedure should be repeated every six months to help maintain the cleanliness of the mouth and reduce plaque build-up. Oral Prophylaxis may also cause micro-abrasions that damage the enamel which is why it is highly advisable that the patients undergo TFA or Topical Fluoride Application procedure to help further protect the teeth. TFA is a procedure wherein a dentist applies a small amount of acidulated phosphate fluoride gel to the teeth to replace the fluoride removed by saliva, eating, brushing and prophylaxis. The prophy paste used doesn’t contain any fluoride unlike the commercial toothpastes so it doesn’t really help protect or fluoridate the teeth; it just helps it to be cleaned.

Dealing with people especially when it comes to business, you need to give off an impression that will make your fellow businessman interested in you. How will you do that? It’s very simple! Give them a nice, warm smile that will generate positivity. Show them that you can close the deal just by smiling at them. But kidding aside, smiling gives off that confidence that will help you build up your personality. It will be your own trademark; thus, it can help with your business and you will attract not only customers but dealers and suppliers as well. Managing a business deal is not easy.

It could be very stressful that your body would probably just give up. Neglect would start kicking in due to the busy schedule. It will start with less brushing and less flossing leading to infrequent dental visits until you forget about it completely. Before you know it, it’s already too late. It has already affected your business and your oral cavity is not healthy anymore. Dental appointments are very costly and knowing this would just add reasons not to smile anymore. So, let’s make it a habit to visit a dentist at least once or twice a month. Doing so would make your teeth very happy, and with that, smile established!

In life, there are many things that could keep us from smiling. Problems, stress, and whatnots are most likely the reason. If we let all these things affect us, we would not fully function, and it would affect our work and daily lives. People would notice that too and they will keep a distance from you. No one likes to have someone with “bad vibes” near them. Negativity is like an endemic disease. It spreads rapidly and before we realize it, it already affected a lot of people. There would be frowns and a gloomy atmosphere. Being negative is also bad for health. It is the cause of unwanted conditions in our body.

We shouldn’t let negativity engulf us; we should always smile so that we could spread positivity!

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