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How To Get A Guy To Like You Again

How to get a guy to like you again

How to get a guy to like you again: It is often very difficult to get your guy to like you back after an argument that separated you.  It is normal but there is nothing that is impossible if you strive hard appropriately to achieve it.

This article is going to talk more about how you can get your guy to like you again. Sometimes, you may have tried all your best to convince him in many ways to like you again but all is not even working. You can try other sure ways to handle the matter.

  • Give Him Time to Miss you: Through life experience, I have come to understand that once in a while, after a breakup, partners think of the previous romantic moments they shared. They once wish they are still together to make things up. A man and a woman are two different creatures; men like to get through their problems before they listen so give them that natural chance.
  • Try and Understand the Issue: During that period you gave him space, it will become an opportunity for you to sit back and think about the problem that occurred between you. You may figure out the source and how to tackle it after reconciliation so that such a mistake will not repeat itself.
  • Be Patient while you Hope: Sometimes, it may seem like things will not work well between you and your guy again, don’t think of giving up. It is possible that your guy is fighting over himself to accept you back. If you are patient enough, things may work well once again.
  • Observe and Admit your Mistake: we know a human with the ego of I am always right. At this point in time, your ego will not be useful for you. You need to be humble and admit your mistake so that at the process of trying to get him back, you will be able to be patient no matter how he reacts. Remember, now you have admitted that you are at fault, so prepare to tolerate whatever he has to say, even though he says trashes about what happen the other day, just admit that he is not himself. When he is calm, you can now come in and settle things amicably.
  • Be his Reflection: The issue that occurred between you and your guy may not be a big deal to you but what about him? This is the reason why it is good for partners to go for relationship therapy test to understand each other very well so that when a problem arises, they will know the next step to carry. Try and view the situation the way he sees it. you can get to know that true the way his mood switches, and then from this point, you will be able to figure out the step to carry to calm him down. Apologize and promise that such thing will not happen again. but don’t do that when he is still angry, the ego of a man will make him want to delay a bit while you suffer emotion and he doesn’t care about that at this moment.
  • Sit down and talk: Now that you have given him the space to think and get through the fight, and you are sure that he is ready to listen and talk to you; you can now call for a sit to resolve the issue between you. If possible, try and set long conversation sessions to talk effectively about your emotion, expectations, future plans, and needs. This will help you understand each other better and you will figure out strategies to avoid future conflicts.
  • Stay Cool and Relax: Don’t look miserable because your guy is not attached to you, as usual, it is a moment that normally occurs in any relationship. You have to be confident that with time if he truly loves you, he will get over the problem. This is when your coolness will work. Don’t try to force yourself on him. Let him want you back naturally. Surely, if you are a good girl, there are other virtues that will make him wish there is no misunderstanding between you and him.
  • Genuinely Apologize to him: What’s the big deal when you are at fault and apologize? Be sorry for what you did wrong so that the person will have some sympathy for you. However, the apology should be just once. He must not see you as being too cheap or that you can’t do without him that’s why you apologize endlessly. This will, in fact, make him take you for granted the more and will not be willing to forgive you. Some guys can go to the extent of having you been snapped while you beg and then make fun with it online.
  • Let him Know why you both must not separate: An effective explanation of the reason why both of you should not separate will go a long way to save your relationship. If you can convince him of many reasons why you are compatible and should not separate, he will consider you.
  • Be happy and free after reconciliation: You have to learn how to be yourself after reconciliation otherwise you will no longer be free with each other and the fire of passion that exists between you will no longer burn. Ensure you are as free as before or better than ever. This will energize your affection for him and then your relationship will be healthy once again.

Things to do after Reconciliation to get his love for you stronger

There is a need for the relationship between you and your partner to grow stronger so that it will lead to marriage since you are not married, depending on how you defined it.

  • Be lively and Romantic: Men also like women that are romantic and jovial. This is because you make them laugh and happy. You hardly see a man leaving such a woman for no reason. Unlike a woman that is not romantic and at the same difficult to understand. They become puzzles for men to solve every day and if a man is too stressed trying to understand you, especially your silly change of mood will make him get tired of you quickly. In no time, if your love in his heart is not that strong, he will go along with another woman that is lively and jovial, easy to understand.
  • Buy him Gift: Men also appreciate gifts a lot. There are many stores online now, especially stores like,, or Amazon, you can search for what men like and buy a gift for him once in a while. You can even buy things like handkerchief, perfume or gadget for him. So doing, he will love and appreciate you. Especially, when he talks about it to his friends, there is one of them that will comment that this girl really likes you. This comment may sound ordinary, but it has to do with human emotions.
  • Text him Romantic Love Messages: Men are also interested in text messages; he wants you to make him smile in the morning or at night before he sleeps. This routine will keep him at a fix at you.
  • Call him as he calls you: some ladies make the mistake of believing that only men should call. This should be avoided. You can call your guy and remind him of how much you love him, or how you care about him. This will give him the confidence that you really respect and care for him.
  • Go out with him to special places: You may suggest that you both should go out for fun in the popular fun centers in your environment or state. This will make both of you get used to each other and through the outings, you will get to know each other better.
  • Have some Puzzle Game Together: When we have common ground with people we get to be free with them. This is when we know what they are capable of doing if they chose to reveal. There are many puzzle games such as sudoku, hide and seek, ludos, graph, etc. these kinds of games will bring you closer and happier with each other.
  • Sing for your man: Once in a while, if you are together in a moment passion probably in the evening or so if you are good at singing and you have a good voice, you can compose some love songs and entertain him with them. This action of yours will make him miss you anytime you are not around. And remember, when the adage that says “Absence makes the heart fonder”. It is true when you have a legacy kept in people’s hearts that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Respect your man and show him Love: In every relationship, there should be respect and love. The lack of these two virtues will not make a relationship work. It will bring setback to the way you flow with each other in love and romance, therefore, it is very important for both partners to show some level of respect and love for each other.
  • Take Good care of you and him: Men are attracted to beautiful things. This should give you the signal that part of what makes your man love you is that you always appear beautiful all the time. Always make sure you are neat, cool, fresh and smell nice to him. Another way to keep your guy to you is to care for him as necessary. Take good care of him whenever you have such an opportunity. However, when I say take good care of him, I don’t mean the sexual part, I leave that decision for you to make on your own. I believe there are many decent ways of taking good care of a man you have not married. Things like gifts, flowers, food, and wristwatches are not bad to show you man that you really care for him. This will be one of the best ways to keep your man with you for long or forever.
  • Advise him once in a While: We are aware that quite a number of men respect and love women who are intelligent and understanding. Men tend to stay longer with women that are always reasonable and have good words of advice compare to their passion for women that are always nagging and troublesome.
  • Smile at him whenever you meet him: The love that exists between you both will make your partner expect that you should be happy always even when he knows very well that life is full of ups and downs. However, if you are always seen by him in a good m00d, he will be happy to be with you unlike when your face is always hard—this attitude will get him confused. He may not be that free with you. It is now left for you to either appear with smart smiles before him or chase him away with a hard look.
  • Stay with him in times of need: We get to know the real person when we are in hard times. The real ones stay with us until we find peace in our hearts once more, while the fake ones run away. But be careful, some real people may not have the time to stay with you at the time of pain and need, probably due to an inevitable situation. It doesn’t mean they don’t care or love you. stay with your guy in times of sickness or need. This will give him the confidence that at least he has someone that is willing to sacrifice everything for him. The shocking fact will keep him wondering if there is still human like you on earth.

With these tips above, you should be able to maintain your relationship with your guy, by so doing, you will last long with each other and then possibly the relationship may lead to marriage.

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