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How to know when to end a relationship

how to know when to end a relationship

To avoid emotional and physical abuse in your relationship, it is important that you read this post to confirm how to know when to end a relationship.

how to know when to end a relationship

I know you love your partner so much and are beating yourself up as to when your relationship has deteriorated so much that you both can’t stand each other.

I understand what you might be going through right now because you have tried so hard to make it work. You have channeled all your resources; time, emotions and even money in making your relationship work. But you have gotten to this point where you think it is time to end it once and for all.

how to know when to end a relationship

I am here to teach you how to know when to end a relationship. You really need to, if you suddenly realize that your partner isn’t who you think he/ she is. You cannot bear the tears, the emotions associated with your relationship going down the drain. You cannot deal with the heartache and all pains that comes with it.

Hey! Hey!!

Take a deep breath. Now is the time for you to confirm how to know when to end a relationship.

No matter how hard you try to make it work, the signs are there for you to see. You keep hoping and praying that these signs will go away.1 month, 2 months, 6 months, several years and you are still on the same page; No improvement.

Isn’t time you put all these signs together and decide that you want out?

I am not here to tell you to bail out when conflicts arise? Infact it has shown that the more conflicts there are in relationships, the healthier it is. However, you need to understand, see and brood over certain signs that you see in your partner everyday before you can conclusively conclude that the relationship is over!

Here is how to know when to end a relationship

You begin to feel rejected and frustrated 

Rejection and frustration are two major triggers on confirming how to know when to end a relationship. A relationship that has been bound by total acceptance will begin to have elements of rejections. The reasons for this is not far-fetched. it is either oneof the partners is begin to lose interest in the relationship or both parties are already tired of dealing with each other or making compromises.

At this level, the more emotional partner in the relationship begin to feel rejected, unwanted and frustrated.

Hey Love, you better leave before I tell you to!

You both can’t stand each other

You are always sad and moody whenever you are with your partner, then it is just the right time to move on. Everything your partner says or does pisses you off. You can not even sit close to him. You are just really angry and begin to ask yourself, why you are in the relationship in the first place.

When you can not really place a finger on why you are suddenly irritated and pissed whenever you are with your partner, then it is better to head out to avoid ‘stories that touch’

What do you say?

You both don’t enjoy each other’s company anymore

A lot of people get into relationships to have little fun and togetherness. When this seem lost in your relationship, then I would advise that you hit the road. Everything you do becomes so dull and boring. All the stuffs that excites you do not seem to anymore, you have tried everything within your means to make it work. Put in some extra shift and let love take over. But the fun and excitement isn’t there anymore.

That moment you seem that everything that excites you now seems so repetitive and tiring then it might just be the time to get out of the relationship.

Who would want to stay in an unexciting relationship. Not me obviously! If you are looking for ways on how to know when to end a relationship. Think this through.

When there is a controlling party

Who is controlling who? Who is imposing what?

Relationship are meant to thrive on dialogue. Both parties are supposed to jointly agree on things and make it work out well. When it suddenly feels like your partner is imposing decisions on you, chances are that when you are married he would impose almost everything on you against your wish.

When you realize situations like this in your relationship and have tried countless times to make your partner see reason. Why are you still in that relationship for crying out loud!

Continuing with your partner in a controlling relationship releases all the available avenue for your relationship to end up having a disastrous effect on you.

You are still reading yea? End it straight away!

When your partner lies and cheats

Can you trust your partner? Do you see signs that there is no longer trust in the relationship based on serial cases of deception and cheating?

Your partner lies all the time right? And the most disappointing thing is you get him/her in that act of lieing. Truth is if your partner can’t be honest with you right from when both of you are still in a relationship, then, that partner will lie till you are married and even after marriage. Who wants to live with a lieing partner forever? That is death sentence on its own!

What is the basis for your relationship? What terms and conditions have you laid down with your partner?

Or is it just a casual or open relationship where it is allowed to engage in casual ex and all. If that isn’t the case, then cheating is totally uncalled for and unacceptable. Then you need to end it as soon as possible, because you will end up getting hurt in so many ways.

There is no future in your relationship is a sign of how to know when to end a relationship

A lot of people have casual relationships heading nowhere, so I am not totally putting that out of the obvious. Let me explain!

Having relationships for the fun of it isn’t stupid or unnecessary, they can be totally fun and enjoyable depending on set parameters and the essence of the togetherness. However if you are taking a full dive in; body, spirit and soul, on that long term journey, yet cannot see a reasonable future together. If you have have dreamed about a future together with your partner and as the relationship goes on, thoughts and ideals are not just jiving and you are losing yourself rather than finding yourself. You just do not see the vision of a future together, then don’t you think that this is a sign of how to know when to end a relationship?

Don’t you just think this is the time to move on?

You begin to make plans on your own

I believe that when you get into a relationship with another. It is solely with the intention to further complement yourselves. Share plans, ideals, things both of you want for now and the future, goals, strategy and all that comes with complementing each other.

The moment you realize that you do not feel ‘excited’ about sharing your plans with your partner and deciding to share your plans within you, then it is just suffice to say that there is no reason for that relationship in the first place, and this is a huge sign that enable you see how to know when to end a relationship.

If you cannot share your plans with him/ her, then you can not be in a relationship with him/ her.

When your values are differing could be signs of how to know when to end a relationship

We all have different values. For me I would love freedom of will, a liberal institution, two kids in my marriage, freedom of choice; all of these comes in the package of my total value. But then, it would be selfish of me to impose these values on my partner. I would need to find a way to reach a compromise and see where we can align our value system.

It reaches that point of emotional togetherness that you realize that you seemingly need to align values to a point of compromise and sincere negotiation. But when you see a different and distinctive get-away from normalcy in your value systems. Differing values that cause a complete shift from your personality that it makes you turn into a different person in its totality, then you need to get out of that relationship.

While you try to reach compromises in love, what could leave a damaging effect on one’s emotion is to reach a point of reconciliation that would your one’s personality in its entirety. That relationship is just not for you.

Get out of it!

When your partner has totally become a stranger to you

This is the final hit on the boxer’s jaw!

Your partner is already lost. You don’t feel him/ her anymore. Your partner is unreasonably cold and you just could not get to act like normal lovebirds the way you used to.

You tell your partner your usual, ritual ‘I LOVE YOU’ and then you don’t get the response that you crave for. All the subtle love plays that you used to engage in has suddenly stopped. He/ she has become a total stranger to you.

The emotional bond between you has been cut-off, the same thoughts, convictions and ideals that you both share has gone with the winds. the personality you fundamentally love has changed drastically and become a shadow of his/ her former self. Then you would be doing a great injustice to yourself by sticking with that partner of yours.

believe me when i say things can still be worked out between you two, but as a passionate lover you need to understand that certain ‘strangeness’ can/must not stay for too long. if it does, then…….

This is a huge sign that it is time to end your ‘strange’ relationship finally!

You are ready to call it off?? Wait a minute!!!  Making that decision could be really huge for your relationship, but rather than you just cutting it off straight away. You need to read the following before embarking on that journey of how to know when to end a relationship.

Have you tried counselling?

Ever looked at the prospect of talking to marriage counselors when you suddenly realize the traits I have mentioned above. Calling a relationship of 3,4, 5 years is not ‘beans’. I know that psychological trauma one goes through especially if the traits mentioned has signs of leading to emotional or physical abuse and all the other abnormalities that come with a vain relationship.

Before you make that big step! Yes it is huge, talk to some counselors along the way. I know your decisions remain truly yours, coupled with the symptoms I have mentioned above, you can’t just wait to get out of the draining love life. You need to take a chill pill and talk to people who are more experienced in relationships and marriages, and see what they think about your decision.

I bet this will make you feel better and analyse situation with a third party! Reasonable enough?

Can the relationship still be saved?

Why not try to put some efforts in saving your love life. Instead of making the decision on your own. Do you see traits that some of the reasons for the attitude and present situation of your relationship could be due to your negligence?

Why not deal with your relationship woes your own way first and see if there is a final chance of it working out. Find time to be apart for a while and try to envision why you got into the relationship in the first place. Can you save it? If not, can both of you save the relationship? What do you need to do to bring the excitement back. What seem lacking from the future you both planned. Check these traits out and try to wallow in them to tarry for a little while.

See if you can sort it out, and if you can’t then just let go and move on!

I know there are more signs of how to know when to end a relationship that you may have noticed and see around you. Just do me the favour and add them in the comments section below. Let us reason together (if there is any)

Now that you have read on how to know when to end a relationship. Pass this across to your friends and family. You might just be saving a relationship right now!









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