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How to make a man fall in love with you

how to make a man fall in love with you

Getting him to fall madly in love with you forever should be the reason you are starting your new relationship. You will need to understand how to make a man fall in love with you before he can ultimately becomes yours for keeps.

You also need to be able to be sure that he is in love with you and I will tell you why!

You like him right? **Smiles** Yes I know, but you need to be sure he likes you as well because this is critical in the sustainability of the relationship. The feeling has to be mutual; he is the special guy for you, you love and respect him but truth be told you still do not have him to yourself, because he is not in love with you or that you are not even sure if he loves you.

how to make a man fall in love with you

You need to get up and own your man; you need to take ownership of what belongs to you. Gone are the days where we wait for the guys to do all the confirmation of love before we take responsibility. It is time to take ownership of that one person you love. If he seems not to be forthcoming in your desires, then you need to learn how to make a man fall in love with you.

It is usually very easy to attract a guy on a date. It is so much easy to flirt with a guy and get him to ask you out. What is really difficult is getting the same guy to fall in love with you.


One important thing is you do not need to live a life of pretense for you to get the man of your dreams. The most basic thing you need to do after you have realized that you love him is to understand what ticks for him!


How to make a man fall in love with you

How to make a man fall in love with you: Don’t you ever fake it

This is the first rule for me. You should not assume the behavior or character of another person. The moment you decide to be another and your man discovers, then, it is voila to making him fall in love with you.

Do not keep up appearances, you don’t just need it. Many guys will notice this very quickly and will become disinterested in you.

I have realized over the years that girls are very good at keeping up appearances; throwing up charade of other personality. Trust me, you will never get away with it. No matter how long you have been doing this, he will realize one day that you are not who you seem you are and then away with all the affection because you have not been real with him from the beginning of the relationship.

You are a talkative; don’t try to be introverted

You work in an oil company, don’t make it seem like you are jobless or an hustling entrepreneur

You love to eat a lot; don’t make it seem like you are trying to shed weight

See, it is one thing for him to fall madly in love with you. But do you want it to be time bound? Won’t you want you love to last for a long time? Stop with the charade, get yourself together and just be who you are right from the onset!

A girl who does that will win her man over a million and one times… A reasonable man!

It is important that you are real from the beginning!

How to make your man fall in love with you: Be Confident

You need to be pretty confident of yourself in and out. There a lot of ladies out there who are beautiful on the outside but lack enough confidence on the inside to see themselves as beautiful enough to match a decent guy!

What do you like?

Where do you get your energy and strengths from?

What do you look out for in your man?

A man definitely appreciates strong women. Women who displays strength in getting what they want and go all the way out for it. Not the type of egoistic confidence anyway but the type that truly reflects your romantic life and seemingly supports the guy’s disposition.
You want to make your man love you, you need to do away with your shy and introvert nature and walk more into being confident and easy going! We all crave for women who can stand up to situations when the men are not there.

That is the type of woman you should be to win him over!

How to make your man fall in love with you: Do not Act too desperate

Hey there, you need to be careful here!

Acting too needy and desperate for love is a big turn off for most guys. There are some callous guys of late that will even take advantage of that and exploit your vulnerability.

You need to be sure you are not too desperate and clingy when it comes to finding love and dating so that your man will not take you for granted.

Create a personality for yourself, not the kind of personality family and friends want for you. This will help you to define your wants from your needs and position you to look at relationships in new light; your light.

Get to discover and know yourself and when you discover what ticks for you as a single woman then it will serve as guide to relationship fulfillment. Once you are able to think without being seen as desperate and clingy, then there is the possibility of your man falling in love with you over and over again!

Who doesn’t want a relationship where the man will fall heads over heels in love with you.

How to make your man fall in love with you: Work on your personality and appearance

Not just your personality but your appearance as well. Men are usually attracted by sight, Trust me I know.

The extra smart ones also appreciate a mix of beauty with brains, so you need to work on your personality as well as your appearance in order to draw him in. Let him see that in as much as you are a natural and confident woman, you also value your appearance as much as you value your innate values.

You need to work on your appearance.  Your physical appearance may get you attracted to the man of your dreams or may become such a huge turnoff when it comes to falling in love. You need to be well turned-out to attract a man’s attention.

Work on your hair, you may need to keep it sexy and stylish but not exactly extravagant as this may be a huge turn off to your dream man.

Personal fitness is similar to personal hygiene. Keep your body fit by doing regular exercises. You can invite the man of your dreams to join in once in a while. You can also set out dates after regular exercises to show him that you are interested in keeping fit and staying very agile for the man of your dreams.

A lot of ladies like to wear makeup and look good for the man of their dreams. While some are good at wearing subtle make up, some ladies overdo it and they tend to chase their men away. You d not need to be like such ladies and overdo your make up. While you may need to look physically attractive. You need to be careful to not over do things. A lot of men value ladies that can be attractive without being loud about it.

Wear very nice perfume whenever you are heading out, you never can tell where and when you may bump into your man. It has to be a regular perfume, the type you know can draw your man in, so that immediately he is around where you are, he smells your scent and knows immediately that you are around.

Learn how to mix colours anytime you have a date or you are heading out. A lot of men appreciate ladies that are self conscious and know how to match clothing with its accessories. Most men are so into women and their style of dressing. Irrespective of where you are heading out to, you need to be conscious of how you dress and make sure your dress matches your bags, your slips and even the colour of your makeup.

How to make your man fall in love with you: Be a resource person

Who wants to fall in love with a figure head?

Every smart guy will appreciate a lady that not only knows how to dress well but also would complement his level of intellect.

To make a man fall in love with you, you need to able to show that you have a certain degree of wealth of intellectual knowledge; enough for him to appreciate the value you are adding to his life.

This way, it is easy for him to not only fall in love with you but also respect what advice and solution you proffer in situations.

You need to also ensure that whenever you are with him, you put on your best smile in order to draw him in. A guy will not just want to be associated with a lady who just have this ordinary face without evening having the best smile that life can offer.

You need to take this into cognizance when flowing with the man of your dreams. Wear your best smile and make him drown in it. There you are on your way to getting him to fall in love with you.

How to make your man fall in love with you: You need to provide a listening ear

Don’t just blab away! Listen!

I met a lady at a first date some weeks ago and all she could do was just blab away as if her life depended on it! I was immediately turned off.

See! Talking away does not make you exactly lively and bubbly, no matter how much you want to talk, you need to be careful to string up meaningful conversations as you intend to get close to the man you want to love you. No matter how hard you try, when you talk too much, you begin to say irrelevancies and that is a huge turn off for your man.

Learn to listen more than talk, this can go a long way in displaying your listening skills to the man of your dreams. Men love ladies that pay attention, Learn to hang on to his words while making reasonable contributions and airing your views so there has to be a balance between what you say and how you listen.

Talk sensibly, which is achievable by limiting what you talk about and listen more.

How to make your man fall in love with you: Understand what he does

You need to try to understand what he does and see how you can add values in his life.

How do you achieve this?

What does he do? His work, his likes and dislikes, understand where you guys share similarities and try to play directly into this.

If you like the same type of movies, you are as analytical as he is or there are other features that both of you possess. Then endeavour to lay emphasis on these attributes and features and see where that takes you.

How to make your man fall in love with you: Be kind and selfless

When you demonstrate that you are, kind considerate and affectionate. You will make your man’s heart grown fonder than usual.

You don’t have to exhibit these tendencies to him, you can also exhibit these tendencies to those around him as well. When you pass of as being arrogant and rude, so many questions will arise in his mind.

Why are you being kind to him when you are rude to others? Do you exhibit multiple personalities? Are you pretending to be who you are not?

All these questions might make him change his mind and start having second thoughts about you. Which is enough warning signs for him to stop giving you the attention that may make him fall him love with you.

You need to work on being a natural. Men love kind and sensitive women and trust me, when you possess these traits, then you are closer to nicking the man that will fall heads over heel in love with you than you ever imagined.

How to make your man fall in love with you: You don’t need to be always available

You may want your man to love you so bad that you are everywhere to do his bidding. When you really love someone, you may want to be as close to him as possible to ensure you guys spend more time together.

But Hey!

The moment you realize he is beginning to have a soft spot for you, then you limit the time spent together for the meantime. While it is important to spend quality time with the man you really love, it is also important that you allow for space once in a while. This will make him like you more, and put more pointers to the fact that he may need you more than you think!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder y’know?

How to make your man fall in love with you: You can be a thorn in his flesh too

This is funny right? See what I mean!

While you can agree with what he says or thinks, you can disagree with his thoughts and convictions at times. You can disagree with him sometime, this will at least allow him appreciate your diverse opinion more and respect that fact that you have a divergent premise to what he is concluding on!

You get?

A man respects a woman who proffers a differing opinion to his conclusions not just an ordinary figure head who seems to agree with virtually everything he does or says.

Remember, a reasonable way to make flirting more fun is when you have logical and rational inputs in flirting conversations with the man you are in love with. A smart guy will appreciate the best of both world; A lady who appreciates all what he stands for yet proffers varying opinions in his thoughts and tell me why he would not fall in love with you!

How to make your man fall in love with you: Ask him for help once in a while

Not financial help though!

Making him feel like you need him.

It may increase his affection towards you. While a man may appreciate an independent and self-made woman, asking him for little help or requesting for his advise on delicate issues can actually make him feel significant and considered necessary in your life. Okay?

For example, you may ask him to help you out with some physical stuffs like helping you move into a new apartment or asking him some critical business or financial decisions.

This way he gets to be more interested in you, and knowing well enough to know that you are independent but crave some useful advice as well, he may fall in love with you.

How to make your man fall in love with you: Be different

Ask questions stylishly about his last relationship, what were the highlights, high points and low moments?

What were the turn offs. Why did the relationship not work out?

This will allow you know him better, understand yourself in relation to his personality and try to align with his mentality.

Trust me if I say you aren’t the only woman he has his eyes on! But you can differentiate yourself when you try to look at going further than the norm!

You love him right?

Do not be possessive, don’t try to be too clingy and done act desperately to get his attention. Show him something specific and special about you and try to bring a lot of difference to your friendship. This way, he will value your friendship more and will want to be with you all the time.

Add the spice and source for the difference in your friendship to make your fall in love with you.

How to make your man fall in love with you: Don’t show it that you love him

Believe it or not, guys tend to take advantage when they know you are totally into them even before they get the thing for you!

You need to make him chase you. He will value you more for being the chaser. Yes!

While you may make him aware that you like him, you should not show it to him that you are crazy in love with him. You can put him on the edge of uncertainty so that he begins to ask himself the question:

Do you just like him, or you are totally into him!

Allow him to make the first move, while you pass the all the flirty signs. Trust me, the more he is uncertain, the more he will find you interesting and the further he will want to know more about you.

This is where the chase starts, right?

You do not need to push him away, as he will quickly and easily give up on you. You can play hard and yet draw him close by warming up to him!

He will find you intriguing and interesting, and he will fall into you big time!

Infact, you can actually show him you love him without actually saying it if you feel it is taking him too much time to realize it. You can read all about that in my post here.

You do not really have to change you for a guy to fall in love with you. You need to understand some perception about life, dating and relationships and all that is added and you will just see that man of your dreams drooling over you!

You need to be patient as well. My major issues with a lot of girls is that they lack patience and all they want is quick and fast dating and loving and this is one of the major reasons why it is difficult to get a relationship that will stand the test of time.

Take it easy on him and go through all these processes and you will see how your relationship will pan out.

These tips I have shared on how to make your man fall in love with you can be the magic you need to make the guy you really like fall for you. All you need to is read this post over and over again and try out all the tips listed above.

Now that you have read and understood this process, why not click the share button below and share with your family and friends. Let the love go round!










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