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Have you been to the Atican Beach, Ajah, Lagos? Well, the Financial Control team of Diamond Bank had a fun get together at the beach and it was a wonderful day out.

It was indeed an amazing day last week Saturday, 18 February 2017 when the whole Financial Control team of Diamond Bank PLC all took time off their busy schedule to have a team bonding/ get together at the Atican Beach, Okun Ajah, Lagos State.

You are wondering where/ what Atican Beach is, the name sounds strange right?

I know a lot of you are used to Bar Beach, now turned into Eko Atlantic City,  Takwa Bay and other popular beaches in Lagos. Atican Beach, Ajah, Lagos is however in a league of its own.

For those who crave serenity, solitude and upbeat security when it comes to having fun in a beach way, then ATICAN beach, Ajah, Lagos is the right location for you.

A private beach located off Abraham Adesanya Estate, 10 minutes away from the Second Lekki Ajah Roundabout, and just off the hustle and bustle of Lagos; you can decide to bring your family, friends and loved ones as the beach provides the perfect location to enjoy the quiet of the hustle in Lagos.

To get into the beach for a roller coaster, you would need to pay N1,000 entrance fee which is a fair bargain for such an amazing beach. Let me quickly do a review of the services rendered at Atican Beach, Ajah, Lagos.

Atican Beach, Ajah, Lagos: Beach Bar and Barbeque spot

I was expecting to see variety of things at the beach bar and barbeque spot of the Atican beach but could not. It seem that the whole beach was overwhelmed and occupied by families and friends who had come to the beach to have fun!

Atican Beach, Ajah, Lagos: Lodging and Restaurant

Atican beach also provides lodging and restaurant services, which I was not opportune to check out due to my busy photography duties, but trust me to check it out and update this post whenever I get the chance.

You can also read all about the services provided by ATICAN beach here

Back to the Financial Control gist, it was all fun time as my timelines of pictures will show you.

Mark Oguh: Head FINCON

I even took some time to have a field day of shoots with the love birds among the team. It was F.U.N!

Some more fun shoots:

You want to go have fun at the Atican Beach sometime and take awesome pictures?  Then holla at me…Would be glad to guide you through the beach and also help you with breathtaking pictures of the environment.

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