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How to Manipulate a Man Into Doing What You Want

How to Manipulate a man

How to Manipulate a man to do your bidding

What if I show you how to make a man do your bidding even without breaking a sweat, won’t you give me a huge hug for that? Now, this topic is pretty simple, we are going to look out for the loopholes in a man psychological build-up that allows you to manipulate them and get what you want.

Now you must have heard numerous times that men are logical beings and so on, but that is all crap. It doesn’t count when you have a girl who understands male psychology to drive it nuts. Now most girls think they know men enough to play them. But in most cases, they end up playing themselves.

I want you to drop all the thoughts you’ve ever had about men and how to manipulate them, let me show you the new orange.

It all starts with identifying the right person to be manipulated. Not everyone can be manipulated [bitter pill huh?], so I guess you should live with that right. Now that you know that not everyone can be manipulated, how can you figure out the best person to play your games on?

How to Know a Man Who Can Be Easily Manipulated

While we are focused on this, I just want to quickly remind you that there is no one-size-fits-all rule. Just like I explained in this post of how to get money from a man without stress, you need to treat every man uniquely.

So how do you know a man who can be easily manipulated? Let’s see:

He has Fantasies

A man with fantasies is just the perfect person for manipulations. Someone who can dream can dare; someone who dares can take the risk. It is up to you to put the risk in front of them and let them dare. With a weakness like this, it is easy to manipulate a man into doing what you want.

If they succeed, it is for your benefit. If they fail, you have nothing to lose. Your job as a woman with a man with fantasies is to always use it to your own benefits.

What plans is he making? Can you find a way to include yourself into that plan? Alright, this might sound a little gross but let me show you a typical example.

You know when a guy fantasies about having a 3sum on the bed? Like he talks about it and wishes for it to happen to him naturally, this is a huge opportunity for any sensitive woman to take advantage of.

If you can subtly place yourself as someone you can help him achieve that, you are going to milk him dry till he has nothing left. There are other typical non-gross examples aside from the one I used. It all depends on you finding the angle and using it correctly.

He is Bored and Lonely

Lonely people have vacancies in their lives that you can easily fill with your manipulative words and dreams. Do you know why it is easy manipulating busy people? It is because they have a lot they are thinking about, making them have less chance to listen to your manipulations.

Here are some signs to help you identify a man who is typically bored and lonely;

  • Does he spend so much time on social media?
  • Is he saying so much about his personal life on the internet?
  • Movies, outings, dates, and hangouts, are they his specialities?

You know what I mean right? These are typical signs that a man is lonely and really needs someone. If I were you, I will identify someone like this and play the hell out of him. They are so easy to manipulate if you follow my simple step process.

He likes Attention

These are another set of guys that you can easily play the game of manipulation on because they are so vulnerable to it. They are so closely related to the bored and lonely. It is just this time, they so much crave for attention. If you want to manipulate a man into doing what you want, and you see he loves attention, give it to him.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by doing something stupid, just play along and pretend he owns the universe. When his guard is down, then you strike clean. It isn’t complex, you just have to figure out a way.

Here are some common examples of how to manipulate such men into doing what you want.

  • Compliment his pictures
  • Tell him how much people would love him
  • Inform him how people are admiring his intelligence and how smart he is

Just look for something that makes him tick and hit on it. Make him aware that people are aware of such trait he possesses, then watch him become your slave forever while you still have him under your control.

A Man with Ego

Are you wondering how kings of old were easily manipulated? All their subjects did was to sing their praises and run him to the down. If you want to manipulate a man into doing what you want, then look out for his ego weakness.

If he has one, then you’ve hit a goldmine. All you need is just massage his ego and watch him become your slave of love.

So now you know the best kind of men to manipulate, how do you pull off the manipulation trick on them? Let me show you;

Ways to Manipulate a Man into Doing what You Want

Now, let’s jump into how to manipulate a man into doing your bidding:


We were created with what we have got and assuming that men are so weak and manipulated with ease by the mere insinuation that there may be sex, how is that women’s fault? It is wrong to be found as one-dimensional beings way by the globe but it is a fully different thing making use of our sexuality to our merit when it has been our gender tag for eternity.

Women deserve to make use of it for their needs as well and no one has the right to take away from them. Therefore, let us say you do not feel like doing the dishes. You can slip into something with comfort, revealing, and just strut around the house with those flirty eyes, literally not having to say nothing, he will get the picture.

He will discover those dishes, comprehend your insinuation and he will do them immediately, knowing there is something in for him afterwards. And why would women not use this when it is so easy and innocent?

The guy and lady get what they want, with a little something extra in it for ladies. We are all sexual beings and making use of our sex-appeal to our merit is your God-given right and there is nothing to be ashamed of.


You have possibly seen this in many movies. A lady gets stopped while driving, an officer approaches, reprimands her, and as he is about to demand her driving license, she begins to cry. And before you know it, the officer falls for the sneaky trap and believes whatever the lady says.

Crazy but it gets the job done; oh and gets you out of trouble too. The real-life version of this is attempting to get your man to do something, or go to a place with you, to do something that he definitely has no interest in doing, so you allow a little tear to two falls and say anything that would make him feel bad about it and cave.

Women should know that men have a weakness in seeing a woman crying. They feel very uncomfortable seeing a lady in tears and do not know what the perfect way to react so they just give in and basically do something that would get the lady to stop crying.

Showering him with compliments

We have all attempted to get our man to do those little things around the house that should be a normal thing for them but they just do not care much. I am talking about leaving food particles around the house, consistently leaving his socks on the floor rather than putting them in the laundry basket, not doing the dishes, and many more.

So, when it finally occurs that he does one of those things, even better if it is without your nagging, ensure to compliment him so that it remains in his memory.

It is kind of being not matured, but it is necessary to get it done. When a man hears you raving about him doing the dishes and placing his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, he will definitely do that in the future because he remembers it.

Men cherish being complimented just as much ladies do and assuming that you can manipulate your man into doing anything by making them feel good and able, why don’t you do it? It is really kind of amazing, simple and they would never guess it.

Subtle Nagging

Something is something that has been widely related to women as we are usually seen as people who nag their partners until we get what we want. A few of us may even say that this is not a manipulation tactic but they are wildly mistaken. One thing we should know that if you nag enough times and frustrate the shit out of your men, they will surely do what we want.

It is not the ideal or most appealing quality but screw it, who cares! It gets the task done and we have fully understood it perfectly. We will just go on, and on about something until the man gets so exhausted of listening to it that he will do that thing, just so that we would stop discussing it. And that was exactly the plan all along.

I would say it is a smart way to go about things. And men can be so difficult and set their ways at times, that it is no shock we need to resort to nagging to get them to do something. It is a common tactic in long-term relationships, as at times it is the best way to get him to do what you want. So, nag away and get yours!

Giving him the cold shoulder

We are all aware of how this can be effective. A girl gets furious at her man for doing something crazy and murmurs that she is okay when they both know she is most certainly not okay.  it is among the oldest tricks but it still gets ladies what they want.

Men do not like it when their woman is not happy, because it always reflects on them. They cannot be happy assuming that their girl is clearly up to about something, as it makes them appear like an ass. And it works for women. They pretend to be okay but distant and forget to answer calls or texts, making the man apologize for what they did or do what the lady wants.

It is truly an effective way to manipulate a man and get him right where you want him and it is been used for many years without fail so, do not think of stopping now.

Things You Should Avoid While Trying to Manipulate a Man

Very briefly I will list them out for you. Please don’t make such a mistake – what are they?

Emotional Blackmail

Please don’t subtly compare him to another guy in terms of anything. You might get what you want, and you will lose him forever.

Reverse Psychology

Don’t try to get information from him by playing a fast one. Allow everything to come naturally from him. He might think he is playing you, but you are leading him where you want.

Jealous Trick

Don’t make him jealous by flirting with another guy. Your value will only get downgraded in his eyes. Do you know the best way to get him jealous and mad? Remind him of what he misses between your legs. Just tell him that your finger is doing a good job – then leave it at there. He will come running like a mad dog.

Promise you wouldn’t use this for something bad? Who cares? Go ahead and have a fun-filled adventure with men out there.

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