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Christmas Gifts for New Moms in 2020

Christmas gifts for new mom

If you truly want to make a new mom feel special this Christmas season, do away with those flowers and go for one of these Christmas gifts for new moms that she will actually use.
When we talk of Christmas gifting for new moms, a lot of people quickly conclude that she’ll need these items for the baby, but no, the true bonus is that they are actually for her – not the baby.

You will agree with me that all a new mom really wants is a new routine, a bit of extra sleep, and do not have to think clearly for some weeks. But in all seriousness, you can’t guarantee her all of those things. Nevertheless, there are some presents to give her that will surely stand the test of time.

If by now, you are still thinking of getting her love cards or flowers, you had better change your plan. While all parent appreciates the love card, flowers and that little help you offer around the house when they bring their newborn bundle home, there are presents they really need but never think to ask for.

Instead of an adorable baby-focused present, consider giving your co-worker, sister-in-law, best friend, church member or any new mom you know a Christmas gift that promotes rest, self-care and relaxation. The main objective of your gift to her is to make sure her hectic day-to-day becomes manageable and consolidates the endless errands and tasks.

New moms are just adjusting to a whole new life, and that can actually create a lot of pandemonium especially during the holiday season.

To save you from brainstorming and eventually getting a baby-focused gift (they will be of no use to her), we’ve found meaningful Christmas gifts for new moms that can plant a wide smile on her face, or funnel down a bit of peace into her heart.

Some truly adorable Christmas gifts for new moms


What do you get for someone who’s super emotional, has no free time, and sleep-deprived?. Well, the perfect gift to surprise and support a new mom in your life is all you will find here.

It is entirely up to you to decide what your friend or loved one will appreciate most during the amazing yet stressful journey of the first-experience of motherhood.

So here are our top gift ideas for you.

1. Nopod weighted sleep mask as Christmas gifts for moms


If there is anything a new mom is determined to get, it will be a good night’s sleep. This weighted sleep mask provides subtle pressure on the eyes and face to give a very calm effect – let’s call it a hug for your face. Its weighted and microbead-filled pods help her get a good night’s sleep and help block out lights.


2. A leather (or leather-look) mom bag


Having a nice bag with plenty of space in it means that she will not have to take two or more bags with her whenever she’s going out.
Considering this special leather mom bag from Amazon is a good point to start.

Mums prefer their identity to stay intact and, taking baby apparel everywhere they go bus one inevitable task that should be recognized in the next few years. This can be a bit stressful, but morning a nice leather bag with plenty of compartments like this very one.


3. Ambiance women’s juniors soft jogger pants as Christmas gifts for mom


I agree with you if you think a new mom is being pigeonholed as “new moms” with lounge pants as a gift. But it is a gift item that they will actually use and be happy to have.

She’s going to surely wear them to the doctor’s office, to a grocery store or coffee shop. And to the bed. And to the post office.
But I don’t think it’ll suit jogging.

If you get her this, you both may probably have a lot of giggling like little girls all evening. You see why it’s called a stereotype?

$7.99 – $38.99

4. Motherlove Nipple cream


Of course, she is someone who hasn’t breastfed before – this will just be her first experience, hence a little jar of this all-natural nipple cream will become her buddy. As a new mama, her nipple may end up stretched, torn or even cracked (this is natural).

But this nipple cream can help heal them so that she can continue to breastfeed her cute, chubby baby.

Even if the new mom you know already has a jar, she can always use another!

There’s nothing like an excess when it comes to nipple cream for new moms.

Price varies

5. Car cache handbag holder


Her purses, umbrellas, jackets and… you name it, will no longer have to always clutter the car with the help of this handy and affordable car accessory as they help hold and organize loose items.

While this is the ultimate organization tool and across-the-board package, I can not clearly say how many moms have lived the first few years after their childbirth without a car cache handbag holder.


6. Thermos flask or sports bottle


It usually takes a long time before her baby becomes fully satisfied. Whether breast or bottle feeding, the thermos flask is a lifesaver.

Mom will not be able to move too far after settling into a comfortable position, that is especially why it is great to have a warm drink or some water to hand.

Price varies

7. Women’s Indoor warm fleece slippers


If she puts these slippers somewhere, she’ll notice them as soon as she stumbles around in the middle of the night, then she’ll remember who gave her as a Christmas gift (you will need to see the smile on her face that instance).

These comfy slippers will be used a lot this holiday season as she is up and down so many times at night.

Her bare feet can not seem to keep a happy balance because while walking across the house to the nursery, they are freezing cold. Then when she is in bed, they are hot, so she can’t wear socks.

This warm fleece slippers will be sure to help her with this problem.


8. Dagne Dover Indi Diaper backpack as Christmas gifts for moms


The ultimate disguise for new moms!

This roomy bag is absolutely complete with removable stroller clips and a mini changing mat, maternity underwear, hence, making it the best carry-all for diapers, wipes, etc.

There is a zipper on the front that allows for easy access to wipes. The roomy interior also has a ton of pockets.

Plus, the available two key lease, one for your keys and the other for, of course, pacifiers.

What is more to a super-mom diaper bag?


9. Muslin Squares


This is a Christmas gift for new moms that can still be useful when the baby is a bit older because it can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and even as backdrops for photographing small items.

As a new mama, you can never have too many of them.

So handy to use as burp cloths, bibs, comforters and discretion when breastfeeding your baby.


10. Sciatic nerve pain reliefs knee pillow as Christmas gifts for new moms

Christmas gifts for new mom

Our main concern is that she is still recovering from a pretty traumatic experience, and a pillow to help her with her back, leg and hip pain is desperately needed.

This pillow can ensure that dad will be in the room with the monitor and maybe he can take a midnight feeding once in a while, too!

She may have had a pregnancy pillow that took up almost the entire bed, but there is a likelihood that once her belly shrunk, so did daddy’s patience with sleeping on a silver of bed.


11. Milk  Snob nursing cover

Christmas gifts for new mom

Oh, here goes the gift of freedom: A nursing cover will make it so much easier for her to get out of the house with a newborn. Nursing can be awkward at first, and knowing she won’t have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone with her nipple will make her feel more comfortable leaving the safety of her couch.

It comes in tons of colors and prints, and doubles as a car seat cover, which is a nice way to keep overly friendly strangers from touching her new baby.


12. Ember Temperature-Controlled Ceramic Mug


For those nose-to-the-grindstone mornings, this mug keeps much-needed coffee at a consistent temperature for one less thing a new mom will have to think about.

What else are you thinking of giving her for a Christmas gift than this?


13. Deep breath: The New Mom’s Handbook to Your Baby’s First Year

Christmas gifts for new mom

There really should be an instruction book to being a new parent, you know.

This isn’t exactly an all-encompassing book for that huge adjustment, but it does touch on a lot of those “What do I do know?” questions. And, as the cover says, the wisdom is imparted unto new mom with “a touch of style and class.”


It is Written by Michelle Pearson, of YouTube parenting vlog fame, 213 pages Intended for “Millennial moms”.

You should go for it.


14 Weighted Blanket

Christmas gifts for new moms

Whether she’s napping on the couch or in the nursery next to her little one, let her cuddle up with a weighted blanket that’s instantly soothing.

What’s great about this one is that it’s designed with a weighted filling that stays in place and rests evenly over her body, and the breathable cotton material means it can be used comfortably all year long.

Plus, it’s machine-washable, so she can easily toss it in the washer in the case of any spills or stains or baby spit-up.


15. Women’s Sleepwear Short Sleeve Pajama Set with Pj Shorts

Christmas gifts for mom

Not only is this a comfortable PJ set,  it also buttons on the front which will come in very handy for late-night feedings. And it’s short-sleeved with shorts, which is great for any residual hot flashes that come after birth and with the hormones she still produces while nursing.

If it’s a bit cool while nursing, these pajamas may keep her just awake enough to be able to nurse and put the baby back to bed rather than falling asleep in that nursery glider. Besides, there are few things in life better than crawling under a big fluffy blanket on a cool night, and this shorts set will make sure she gets that pleasure all through the holiday season.


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