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100+ Short Christmas Prayers For Family, Lover, Friends [Updated 2019]

short christmas prayers

Short Christmas Prayers for 2019 – As we move towards the holiday season, there is the need to be thankful and grateful to God for making us see another Christmas. Short Christmas prayers will go a long way in achieving this. Away from the razzmatazz that comes with the Christmas season is an opportunity for you to thank God for another amazing year.

Why not celebrate the birth of Jesus with family and friends through your short Christmas prayers.

Even as we celebrate the reason for the season, We urge you Take some time to reconnect with God and give thanks for our salvation in Christ with these powerful Christmas prayers.

You can also Use these powerful prayers to give thanks for Christ and God and the company of your friends and family during the holiday season!

We have included some prayers for your kids too because we discovered that Kids all too often associate Christmas with presents, Santa Claus, and other symbolic things, and forget what really matters–Jesus Christ.

During the modern Christmas holiday, there are many material distractions from the original meaning and reason for celebration: the birth and gift of Jesus. Hence, Gathered together on this page are a number of inspiring prayers, bible readings, and short quotes on the theme of Christmas.

What do you do in Christmas period?

Christmas is the time of year we celebrate the gift of Jesus, the son of God, born on earth and the salvation He gives to mankind

The bible even clarifies that

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

Having understood this, these set of Short Christmas prayers should be part of your family’s Christmas morning traditions and Christmas festivities.

20 Short Christmas prayers for family

1. Dear God, as Christmas is fast upon us, don’t let us be found missing amongst family and friends. Help us to live within your commandments and make our celebration be in your name. We thank you for another year and we pray that you send the Holy Spirit to be with us and guide us through the season. Thank you for everything.

2. Thank you Lord for sending your only son to save us from our sins. When I look at all that you have done for me and for my family, I open my mouth in praises and adoration of your holy name. You are indeed a great God. The love you have for me is one I can’t truly get elsewhere. I know I am lost to never be found without you. You have done amazing things for me and for this I give you all the praise, honour and adoration. You are a great God. I declare you the King of kings in my home and the almighty God who loves us the way we are. Thank you for another wonderful Christmas. may your name be praised forever. Amen.

3. Thank you oh God for making your son die for our sins. Thank you for giving us the perfect opportunity to live with you and in you again. Thank for making us see that there is an amazing life with you even after death. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to celebrate Jesus Christ. Thank you for everything oh God. You are a great God.

4. You gave us amazing grace through the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. You have given us redemption and happiness and you have made it possible for us to continue to live with you and in you. We believe in you totally oh God. Thank you for everything. We have so many reasons to be thankful, from the beginning of the year till now, you have always supported and protected us. Even when we go astray from you, you loving God always bring us back home. Thank you for redeeming us from our sins. May your name be praised forever.

5. You made it possible for us to see the morning, noon and night. You made a way for us and you allowed us see the shining sun so bright. You gave us water to drink, air to breathe and food to eat. We appreciate you for the greatness of all your creation. Thank you, God for another Christmas. May your name be praised forever. Amen.

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6. Thank you, king of glory, for always supporting me and my family and never giving up on us. Thank you for always making us remember your words and putting us within your protection so that we will not get lost. Thank you for everything.

7. Although we may be filled with so many imperfections. Although we may be imperfect and filled with loads of sins. Please God forgive us and bring us to your safe place this Christmas. Let us all have an everyday reason to be thankful to you for life’s beautiful gift. Amen.

8. We pray for those members of the family who may be dealing with one issue or the other. We pray that the hands of the Lord will touch and never depart from them. We pray for those who are going through immense sadness and depression at this time that God will give them happiness to overcome all form of bad feelings. Amen.

9. We pray today that you give us peace and contentment in our homes and community. We pray oh God that you give us the grace to live in you in this world filled with so many atrocities and spinning already out of control. Help us to keep our focus on you and be with us every day of our lives. Amen.

10. We thank you oh God for the Lord you have shown to us. We give you all the praises for your goodness and mercies in our lives. We pray that you give us the strength to see the end of 2017, the new year and many more years ahead. Thank you, king of glory, for everything. May your name be praised forever. Amen.

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11. Heavenly father, sometimes I lose myself in the frenzy of the Christmas celebration and I tend to forget the whole essence of Christmas. Today I am going to look at you from the spiritual eyes that you have given me and celebrate this wonderful day in spirit and in truth. Grant me good health to celebrate the birth of your son according to your will. Amen.

12. My father and my God, grant us the grace to re-focus our lives on you. Give us the best gift in this Christmas season. Fill our lives with happiness and make us content within what you have given us. Make our heart receive your holy word and help us with gentle reminders of the real essence of the birth of Jesus Christ. Amen.

13. Please God, do not ever leave us this season and in many more seasons to come. Let your presence be available in our lives and in everything we do. Keep our eyes and ears wide open and bless us in ways that we can never imagine. Bring us the peace that comes with living in you and make us as excited as ever for this new Christmas season. You are worthy to be praised Lord. Thank you for everything.

14. Even when we were broken, you were always there to help us through the state to bring us to happiness in you. As we celebrate the birth of your son today. May your protection be upon us everyday of our lives. Amen.

15. We will sing unto you the joyful song. We will praise your name because you are good and your mercies endure forever. Thank you for making us to see another Christmas. May your name be praised forever. Amen.

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16. He has done great and marvelous things for us and we will sing of his name forever. Thank you God for giving us another privilege to see Christmas 2017. Your names will never depart from our mouth. Amen.

17. Today oh Lord, I celebrate the peace that has come into the world through the birth of your son Jesus Christ. Today, I celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord. Today I open my eyes and lift up my voice in praises to your amazing name for giving us life through birth and death. Today, I worship the king of glory for all that you have done. Today I thank you for everything.

18. Thank you dear God for your entrance into the earth for the redemption of my soul. Thank you for lifting me from the shackles of sin and liberating me into new life. Thank you for taking me out of my iniquities and making me a new me yet again. Thank you for your love and kindness. Thank you for everything.

19. All glory must be to you dear God for the gift of life of seeing another Christmas holiday season. May your name be adored forever.

20. You love me in such a way that I can’t still understand. You care me for and I don’t even know what to say. You are such a great God and your mercies endureth forever. Thank you for making me see another Christmas. Thank you Lord for everything!

Short Christmas prayers for friend

21. Thank God we made it to this special occasion in life; I pray for your success this year and every other one to come. Happy Christmas my dear.

22. Happy Christmas to a great friend. I pray that this year favour you more than any other person in life.

23. You are a comrade of kindness; your friendship is a blessing for me. Happy Christmas to you my beloved friend.

24. You are a special friend. I love you so much that I can’t stop thinking about you even in a day; may this Christmas favour.

25. May this Christmas bring you lots of enjoyment and happiness on this special day of our life; may the Lord be pleased with you.

26. Have one of the most belated Christmases this year; I pray that the Lord draw you near to Him. Happy Christmas.

27. This year Christmas will be special for you. I beseech the Lord to protect you and keep on keeping you for me. Happy Christmas.

28. I love you so much as a friend because you are a special person. I pray that this year favour you. Happy Christmas.

29. May the blessing of this day rise to meet you, may the wind of success always be at your reach. May the sunshine shine on you.

30. As the breeze of joy blows around the corner, may it find its way to your doorsteps. Happy Christmas.

31. As the sun shines, I pray that it warms your heart with hope of success and prosperity. May the Lord spread His moonlight to your direction.

32. May the Lord restore you body with new tissues and bones that give long energy to do the right thing in life.

33. Thank you for ever being a good friend, I appreciate your kindness in my life; have one of the most interesting times ever.

34. I am so happy that you are a special bond in my life; have a sweet time with your loved ones on this special occasion.

35. As the Lord is the foundation of our friendship, I pray that He should continue to bless you in a way you can’t imagine.

36. This friendship is a blessing; this is the reason why I pray that the Lord should continue to spare your life for me and to keep our friendship until death does us apart.

37. I am happy that I have you as a good friend; I love you and wish you all the best in this special day, happy Christmas.

38. May the Lord draw you close to Him, and bless you with abundant success. Happy Christmas to my love.

39. May the heart of love come to your rescue this year as you celebrate the Christmas; may you find peace in your heart.

40. You are worthy O Lord, the Lord of lords, heavenly father protect my friend and make his heart desire easy for him.

Short Christmas prayers for brother

41. Dear brother, you are special and the Lord has chosen you to witness this year Christmas, may your heart desires be fulfilled anytime soon.

42. You have planned many great things for your life, may the Lord make it available for you as soon as possible.

43. I praise the Lord from the depth of my heart for sparing my life up till this moment. May your success be reached this year; happy Christmas brother.

44. You are the one that makes the provision for every creature, make our own provision easy for us to get.

45. I am beseeching the heavenly God to protect you against all odd of life and make you a number one man in success.

46. As you are created with ease by the Lord, so shall He make simple your life; happy Christmas to a good person.

47. I am wishing you an awesome moment in this special day of our life; may the air of love and passion blow in your household.

48. Lord, I bless your name forever, and hope that you protect my brother from all evil and bless him with his heart desires.

49. I salute the might of the Lord this morning and praise Him from the depth of my heart; I pray that this little act of worship be a reason for your success.

50. Wishing you a gracious achievement this year as you celebrate the Christmas. I ask the Lord to protect you against all evils.

51. Only you can make the impossible possible because there is nothing that is impracticable by you. Lord, bless my brother and put the peaceful light in him.

52. May you find the rest of mind in you; I wish you a great joy now and forever. May the Lord protect you and admit you into the garden of the righteous ones. Happy Christmas.

53. Wishing you the best of luck, the Lord of mercy shall uplift you beyond your expectation. Happy Christmas.

54. We are so much happy because today is a special day in a lifetime, and for this reason, I pray that you and I witness more of it.

55. Lord, we worship you and pray that your mercy continues to rain on us; I hand over my brother to you; bless him with abundance joy.

56. I am wishing you all the best on this Christmas day. May the Lord be pleased with you and bless you with a new job.

57. I love you and it is true because the blood is denser than water. I just want to say happy Christmas, may the Lord be with you all the time.

58. May the wind of success and prosperity blow itself to the direction you are located. Happy Christmas to everyone.

59. Have one of the most blessed days ever as you celebrate the Christmas in love and passion. Have a wonderful time, may the Lord bless.

60. Have a precious time on this special day; may your life be lived as a great example of a great man.

Short Christmas prayer for sister

61. I wish you all the best in this special month, may your success be deeply rooted that the mountain Everest.

62. You will always find peace in your heart. Your fortune in this life and the hereafter will have no limits. Happy Christmas.

63. As special as this day is, may the Lord make your life up to a standard of independence; happy Christmas my beloved sister.

64. I know you haven’t changed, miss trouble maker. Anyway, it is my pleasure to extend my prayers to you; have a nice Christmas.

65. Wishing you excellence in anything you are doing. May the Lord be pleased with you; I love you beyond expectation.

66. My prayer for you on this special occasion is to see you in height of glory you never can explain. Happy Christmas.

67. May the favour of the Lord continue to shine on you every single moment of your life; may His love overshadow your destiny.

68. May the success of Solomon reach you in life and transform you into a multi-millionaire this year. Happy Christmas.

69. I beseech the mercy of the Lord upon you this morning and pray that your success will have no limit now and forever.

70. Have one of the most wonderful moments in the world. I am happy that you made it to this time; may the Lord purify you heart.

71. I am using this opportunity to create a gracious awareness to those who matter to me and you are part of them. May the Lord protect you against all evils.

72. May the Lord bless you beyond the imagination of any human and then lift you to His grace and wash your heart with water from the paradise. Happy Christmas.

73. Have one of the most blessed Christmases on this special day; your success will have no limit and the Lord shall be pleased with you.

74. I am grateful for each of my friends as they are one of the best in this world. I pray for their fortune and breakthroughs. You are my friend sweet sister.

75. Good to realize that you made it to this moment in time; the Lord’s mercy shall shower you from head to toes. Happy Christmas.

76. Happy to hear from you, you are a lovely sister and my prayer is to see you happy with your life; have a great Christmas.

77. Wishing you the most blessed moment ever, your joy in this year will continue to grow without limit; happy Christmas.

78. I pray for complete success in your life, may you continue to grow with lots of love and sympathy for humans in your heart; happy Christmas.

79. Today we are celebrating a day of love for humanity; I pray that your heart be filled with lots of love and kindness.

Short Christmas Prayers for Parents

80. You gave birth to me and also nurtured me until I become a man, may the Lord reward you in a way I can never do.

81. Your prayer in my life has always been the reason why I am moving up in my daily business; thank you Lord for wonderful parents. May the Lord bless you both for me.

82. The way you protect me since the day you gave birth to me; so shall the Lord be with you until death does us apart.

83. May the grace of the Lord continue to reign in your life; have the best this Christmas season can bring to your life now and forever.

84. The lord shall be there for you any moment in time; have a blessed day ahead. I love you all the way my dear parents.

85. May the breeze of this lovely Christmas be a means for your progress and success in life; you are exceptionally special in my life.

86. This season is a season of love and I am happy to share it with blessed parents like you. May the Lord be with you all the time.

87. Lord, we praise and worship you, give my parents their heart desires and bless them with peace and harmony.

88. I pray that the Lord accept your prayers in this world. May you find endless peace in your life now and forever; happy Christmas.

89. Wishing you the most loving moment on this day of joy; may you be promoted without any limitation this year.

Short Christmas prayers for her

90. You are the love of my life, and I am pleased to send you this belated message; may the Lord uplift you now and forever.

91. As you wake up to see the light of the day, I pray that the heavenly father honours and protect you for the rest of your life. Happy Christmas.

92. There is no other thing that keeps me close to you than the fact that you are special and a distance away from you is risky. Happy Christmas—may you find your dreams fulfilling.

93. May the success that has no limitation find his way to your home, happy Christmas, my beloved angel.

94. Every single moment of my life comes with your thought and that’s the reason why I will always pray for your guidance and safety. Happy Christmas lady.

95. You are a lady with outstanding characters, your love always fills my heart with joy and happiness. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

96. You will find no reason to cry bitterly this year and the Lord shall always be with you forever. Happy Christmas.

97. With the Lord everything is possible, may you find it easier this year to achieve your dream. Happy Christmas.

98. I praise the Lord and beseech Him to elevate you above your expectations. Happy Christmas my lovely angel.

99. With the Lord beside us, everything is possible. From this moment on, I beseech the favour of the Lord upon you. Happy Christmas.

100. My prayer point for this special day of the year is to see you accomplishing your entire heart desires. Happy Christmas.

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