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Merry Christmas In Advance Messages

merry Christmas in advance messages

Merry Christmas in advance messages – I am sharing with you the best collection of Merry Christmas in advance messages for 2018. We have less than months to go in the year and the time to start sendingMerryy Christmas in advance messages is here again. I am here to provide the help you need, by pushing out the best and recent Merry Christmas Wishes in Advance, Merry Christmas Greetings,  Messages .If you are therefore on the look out to send merry Christmas in advance messages, then this is the right place for you.

Merry Christmas in advance messages

1. I can feel Christmas right now. It is not near that I can see it in my breath
You need to be merry and stay happy
Make use of this opportunity and time to reflect on your 2016 new year resolutions
Are you where you want to be right now?
If you are not then, look at how to re-dedicate your life in this new year
May you find goodness and favour in the sight of men and God
Merry Christmas to you
Enjoy the grace of God

2. That period where you feel homesick is almost upon us
Merry Christmas to you
Time to eat the best food and drink the beat juice is almost upon us
Merry Christmas to you
It is time for us welcome another Christmas
Fresh and pure as the last
Celebrate every single day of this Christmas period
And watch as the grace of God support you everywhere you go
Merry Christmas in advance

3. I am sending my Christmas wishes to you
May you enjoy this season in good health and prosperity
May God beam his light upon you
May trouble never look for you
May the angels of God guide you every day
Happy a happy Christmas and an amazing new year

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Great Merry Christmas In Advance Message

As Christmas is approaching, it is a surety that every Christian is preparing towards its arrival. This is the reason that justifies that we can send some messages to our loved ones in advance to the Christmas celebration. To make them understand that they are always on our minds. So feel free to read and text our quotes to those who deserve them.

1.  As the celebration of the Christmas approaches, I wish you many of it to come in advance. Happy Christmas.

2. The day of salvation is around the corner, may you find peace, love, success and happiness along with your family members.

3. Happy Christmas in advance to those that matter most in life; I hope you are preparing for a big celebration ahead.

4. I wish you an awesome Christmas ahead. Feel free with yourself as you approach the celebration of a great day with confidence in the Lord.

5. I am wishing you a strategized happy Christmas in advance, may your entire heart desires be fulfilled on this special day.

6. As you witness the day of happiness last year, I pray that this new chapter of it that is about to be opened meets you in good health. Happy Christmas in advance.

7. An awesome Christmas in advance for the one I cherish with all my heart, may you find a good end to lay your head.

8. Wishing my beloved angel a merry Christmas celebration as we come close to the eve of the year. Happy Christmas celebration in advance.

9. May your celebration of this day be filled with lots of love and advancement in life; wishing you a wonderful Merry Christmas in advance.

10. Wishing those that really matter to us blissful celebration. I ask the Lord to grant you an endless celebration of life and breakthrough.

Merry Christmas in Advance Messages to a Wife

11. You are my dearest wife, may you been seen walking on a diamond valley as the Christmas approaches. I love you.

12. I just want to wish the dearest woman a great and superb Christmas celebration in advance.

13. As you wake up to see the light of the day, my wishes for you this year is to see you smile like a great day of covenant approaches. Merry Christmas in advance.

14. May the Lord bless you in abundance as we kick-off to welcome the celebration of the life of Jesus; Merry Christmas.

15. Wishing you all the best on this special day of your life; celebrating you beyond the sky is my ultimate goal to see you celebrating the Christmas is my major dream.

16. As the day of the celebration of a great life approach, I wish you every good thing that comes along with it. Merry Christmas.

17. My happiness in life is that you are beside me and what I love most is to see us celebrate the coming Christmas together.

18. Since the day I married you, I have never complained of you being a bad wife; thank you for everything. Merry Christmas in advance.

19. Approaching a blessed day on its own is a blessing. Witnessing it is a great achievement in life. Merry Christmas in advance.

20. May your hands be rubbed in honey as you arrange to celebrate tMessiahiah on this special occasion in your life!

Merry Christmas in Advance Messages to a husband

21. I am wishing the father of my children a fantastic Christmas celebration in advance. May you celebrate more of it in advance!

22. Wishing you a life filled with love because you are also a pool of love and passion for me. Merry Christmas my beloved.

23. Willing to reach out to the father of my kids as we arrange to celebrate the messiah on the day he was born.

24. Your happiness is my joy and your sadness is my sorrow. I pray that everything you must have wished to achieve will be fulfilled soon. Merry Christmas in advance.

25. Wishing you a long life and prosperous opportunities. May you smile now and forever! Merry Christmas in advance.

26. As the celebration of the birthday of the messiah approaches, I am willing to say a very big merry Christmas in advance.

27. Wishing my beloved husband an awesome Christmas merriment in advance. I pray that you shall witness and celebrate it with us.

28. You are indeed a special gem created for me alone. I ask the Lord to bless you on this special occasion in advance.

29. Wishing you a golden like approach to a new dawn that is about to descend on us; cheer and dwell in the blossom of the mercy of the Lord.

30. You are my garment as I am yours; it is a good idea to see each other celebrating the birth of the messiah together.

Merry Christmas in Advance Messages to a Good Friend

31. Ever since I came across you in life, I have never seen a friend that can replace you in my life. Have a wonderful Christmas in progress.

32. My prayer is to see us celebrating this special day together. Going out to see our beloved ones. I say, merry Christmas.

33. I am hoping to see smile flooding your face as you set to celebrate a marvelous day called Christmas.

34. Wishing you and your entire family a great day ahead as you are about to see the light of Christmas.

35. On my mind, I have lots of wishes for you and one of wish is to see you swimming in success as you plan to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ.

36. I am wishing you all the best in life, may you find endless peace in your heart this coming Christmas.

37. My dearest friend, it is a great feeling that you are still alive today. You can hear, talk and relate with me. Merry Christmas.

38. May you find endless success around you this year as we set to open a new chapter in the celebration a great Christmas.

39. Wishing you stars and the gallery on this special day in our lifetime. I hope you are well prepared to commemorate Christ’s day?

40. The day of the Messiah is far approaching, may you find it peaceful, lovely, nice and interesting as it comes in peace.

Merry Christmas in Advance Messages to a Brother

41. You are my dear brother, the same friend and blood bond that sacrificed everything for me, merry Christmas in advance.

42. Cheer up bro, it is almost time to celebrate Jesus Christ, I hope you have really prepared to do the same?

43. As the jubilation of a day is approaching, I am pleased to inform my beloved brother to be prepared to welcome it in good health.

44. Whenever I remember how kind you were with me when I was a kid, I feel like I owe a lot that I cannot possibly pay back. Merry Christmas in advance.

45. I am just so excited today, so that I can extend my happiness to you having realized that Christmas is fast approaching.

46. I will be coming to spend some days with you prior to the celebration of the messiah Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

47. Enemies may try their best to bring you down but the Lord shall overcome them. I just want to say merry Christmas in anticipation.

48. My expectation this year is to see you happy as you set to receive the blessing of the Lord on the forth coming Christmas day.

49. Happiness is an awesome gift that can only be acquire by effort and faith. I beseech the Lord to descend His tranquility on your heart. Merry Christmas brother.

50. Wishing my dearest brother an advanced merry Christmas in advance. May your days be blessed with premium bliss.

Merry Christmas in Advance Messages to a Sister

51. Thank God that my beautiful sister is still alive today, I celebrate you in advance as your birthday falls on Christmas day.

52. I will forever love you my dear little sister; may your garment be rubbed with anointed oil as you approach the celebration of the messiah Jesus Christ.

53. Wishing you the most interesting moment in life as my beloved sister. I pray that your success in this year shall have no bound. Merry Christmas.

54. As you stand out among your friends, may you find the ability to witness many Christmas to come. Merry Christmas.

55. Merry Christmas to the most beautiful angel in the world. I love the way you fly around with your blue jeans.

56. If there is no other wish I can wish for you, at least I will never fail to wish you a fantastic Christ in advance.

57. You are a gifted child, may your stay in life be filled with endless love. I just want to say a big merry Christmas.

58. Every single day of my life, I feel happy having you as my sister. I hope that you will be happy forever. Merry Christmas.

59. Loving you is my number one priority; I am pleased and happy that you are alive today to celebrate Christmas along with us.

60. My sweet sister, I hope you find rest of mind on this coming Christmas, I am wishing you the best in life.

Merry Christmas in Advance Messages to my Girlfriend

61. Wishing you an endless joy as you also rejoice to celebrate Jesus Christ. May your days be filled with lots of success!

62. I love you beyond imagination, and it is my wish to see you celebrating a great day together. I just want to say, merry Christmas.

63. My beloved angel, how was your night? I hope you had a sweet dream? My very joy today is that I am wishing you a merry Christmas in advance.

64. May you find peace in your heart, passion to achieve whatever you need and the ability to actualize your dreams. Merry Christmas.

65. Celebrating a wonderful day is a great privilege in the life of everyone. I hope you will celebrate this coming Christmas along with us.

66. I wish you all the best in life. I ask the Lord to be pleased with you in everything you lay your hands. Merry Christmas.

67. Since the day I met you, everything I have ever searched for in a woman’s character I found in you. I love you. Merry Christmas.

68. May you celebrate more of great days in life—I beseech the Lord to spare your life and put peace on your mind.

69. Many have died not because we are better than them or because they are bad—the Grace of the Lord upon us shall lead us beyond the next Christmas.

70. I pray that our success in life shall have no bound and the Lord shall come to our rescue when we need Him most. Wishing you an incredible Christmas in advance.

Merry Christmas in Advance Messages to my Boyfriend

71. I don’t have much to pay you back upon the entire sacrifice you have taken just to see me smile. In this case, I pray for your success every day. Merry Christmas.

72. Wishing you a blessed moment that will last until eternity. Praying for your success every second is my number one priority. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration in advance.

73. The most important thing today is that we are alive and our prayer is that we should witness the celebration of Christmas together.

74. May you find this blessed day fun filled and your happiness will never cease to flood in your heart; merry Christmas.

75. I am so lucky to have met an uncommon gem like you in life; I pray that everything you ever have wanted will come to pass. Merry Christmas.

76. Christmas is fast approaching, celebrating it in the biggest form is my mission, having you around me is my vision.

77. I hope I can celebrate the Christmas along with you as my greatest gratitude to you in this year. Merry Christmas dearest.

78. I want to wish my sweetheart a wonderful merry Christmas. You are such a wonderful guy and as such, my mission is to spend time with you on this coming Christmas.

79. My happiness was found once again since the first day I set my eyes on you; I pray that your life be spared for us to celebrate the coming Christmas.

80. May you find peace in your heart this special moment; may your love for humanity be rewarded in abundance. I just want to say, Merry Christmas.

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