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200+ Inspirational Christmas Messages To My Love

inspirational christmas messages

Inspirational Christmas messages – The Christmas is here! Merry Christmas to your family and friends. Are you on the lookout for the most amazing collection of Inspirational Christmas messages, Christmas wishes, Xmas messages, short Christmas messages, Christmas love messages, best Christmas messages, Christmas messages to loved ones, Merry Christmas wishes, merry Xmas messages, Christmas card messages, Merry Christmas message, Xmas greetings, happy Christmas message, Christmas wishes for friends, Christmas message for friends, best Christmas wishes, Merry Christmas wishes text, Xmas text messages, Christmas text messages, Xmas wishes, Christmas messages greetings, religious Christmas messages, short Christmas messages, inspirational Christmas messages sayings, Christmas wishes sayings, Merry Christmas wishes text, funny Christmas wishes, sample Christmas messages to the ones you love? You are just in the right place.

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In here you will all the special kinds of Christmas messages you are sending to family, friends, colleagues, husband, wife, lover, and all well-wishers. You can’t exhaust the collection I have here before you find the perfect Christmas greetings messages you need.

Whether you are sending out Christmas hampers to your family or on the lookout to write special Christmas messages for your loved ones. Here is the just the perfect place to find a lot of inspiration and maybe do a little copy and send. *winks*

It does not matter whether you are sending the Christmas messages from Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany of from anywhere in the world. What is important is that you are alive to be reading this page for Christmas messages. Be thankful!

I can only just imagine the feeling of excitement on your face having landed on this page. You can thank me for that in the comment section below. It is an amazing feeling really when you feel so inspired to drop a message or two for people you love. It also comes with a happier feeling to have adorned their lives with inspirational Christmas messages, Christmas greetings, Christmas blessings and Christmas words to make them happy and pray for you. You should check out this collection one after the other and the choose the best inspiration Christmas message that suits you perfectly.

Inspirational Christmas Messages

Here are the best of Inspirational Christmas messages and greetings you can come across. You should go through them and share with your loved ones this Christmas and many more Christmas to come

1. I celebrate this amazing and joyous moment with you. The New year is almost here, happy Christmas to you

2. At this special time of happiness and bliss, I pray that the meaning of Christmas remain open to you and your heart is filled with so much happiness. Wishing you a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

3. In the middle of all the Christmas glitz, merriness, food, and meat. I pray that you witness the most amazing Christmas this year, May you never get tired of being happy, and may God bring more happiness into your family. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration.

4. My special prayers for you and for those that are acquainted with you one way or the other is to have a merry Christmas and may this season bring all the special and warm feelings to you and your family. You will never lack anything good and may all your prayers be answered. Have an amazing time with the family.

5. The season of joy is here. The time where we will remember the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ who came into this world to take away all our sins. I pray that this season will remind your family of the need to draw closer to Christ and may peace and love envelope you and your family in this beautiful season. Compliments of the season to you. Merry Christmas

6. Festivities, happiness, and fun are all that surround us at this time of the year. Christmas brings us the feeling of remembering our pasts and focusing on the good of the future. I wish that you remember amazing memories of grace at this Christmas season. Rejoice and be glad for this is the day God has made. Compliments of the season to you.

7. I am lighting my Christmas candles to you in prayer to God, that Joy will always be part of your life. You will be remembered for good this season, and all your sadness will be turned to joy. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

8. As we enter this joyous season with all happiness and enthusiasm, I pray that your home will reverberate peace, happiness, and love. The blessings of God will be with you and follow you into the new year. You will never lack anything good in your life. Merry Christmas to you and family.

9. There is nothing as amazing as having all the family gather together in happiness of the new year, and the Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the holiday season together. Merry Christmas to you. May you find peace and joy in all you do in this period.

10. To a joyful past and a happy beginning, I wish you the very best that Christmas has to offer. Have an amazing holiday and a happy new year in advance. Stay safe.

11 I know you will be so super fired and excited to open your Christmas presents right now. Just before you do that I want to quickly pop in to say Merry Christmas to you. Have a happy and amazing Christmas and a prosperous new year.

12. I pray with you in this joyful season that this Christmas will mark the end of a successful year for you. You will increase in all ramifications in the new year, and may you find joy in all you lay your hands on. Merry Christmas to you.

13. As we come together to celebrate this Christmas season together. I wish you the most wonderful, special and beautiful Christmas season ever. Remember to be grateful to God for a great year and pray in hope and anticipation that a great year will come again. Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends.

Inspirational Christmas messages to family

In the spirit of sharing love, a simple “have a merry Christmas” gets the merry juices flowing. Everybody wants to say something nice to someone and expect to hear it said back to them. There’s so much love in the air you could taste and even cut it with a scissor. It is indeed the season of infectious happiness even communicable by a mere intake of air. For those who can’t send a Christmas card to their loved ones, here are a few inspiring Christmas messages you could send through texts or emails to your loved ones. Yes, you’re welcome;

14. Here’s wishing that you have a Christmas bursting happiness. Merry Christmas.

15. We wish you a season filled with happy days and joyous memories. Merry Christmas.

16. May this yuletide sparkle with unending laughter for you and yours. Merry Christmas.

17. We wish that this Christmas fills your home with love and peace. Have a Merry Christmas.

18. May every day this Christmas open new doors for you. Have a very merry Christmas.

19. Merry Christmas to you, may all the joy of the season never elude you.

20. Have a very joyful, happy and beautiful Christmas and may your days be forever merry.

21. From the moments you wake up till the second you close your eyes to sleep, may the beauty of Christmas engulf you this season. Merry Christmas.

22. May your days reflect the true glory of Christ’s birth this Christmas season. Merry Christmas.

23. From the rising of the sun to its setting, may you count immeasurable blessings. Merry Christmas.

24. Have a merry Christmas this year and may happiness fill your heart all season long.

25. May you don beauty this year end and may its side effects (joy and happiness) look good on you. Merry Christmas.

26. Be rejuvenated and refreshed with the renewal of your heart this Christmas. Have a very merry Christmas.

27. As you celebrate Christmas this year, may the love you spread ricochet back to you a hundred folds. Merry Christmas.

28. May the joy of Christmas bring hope to you and yours this season. Have a very merry Christmas.

29. May hope fill your heart this year end and may it never end even after the Christmas season. God bless you and Merry Christmas.

30. May happiness detain you and never set you free as you celebrate the birth of Christ this year. Merry Christmas to you.

31. Merry Christmas to you my dear, wishing you all the goodness that the season brings and so much more.

32. May the joy of the Lord forever be your unfailing strength this Christmas season. Have a very merry Christmas.

33. As you celebrate the birth of the Highest, may your labor throughout the year also be celebrated. Merry Christmas.

34. May joyful shouts never cease from your house and those of your well-wishers this season. Have a very merry Christmas.

35. Season’s greetings to you and yours, may abundant happiness trail you all through this season. Have a Merry Christmas.

Inspirational Christmas messages to colleagues

36. In this season of love, may you and your household be celebrated at every turn and people announce your rise all through the season. Merry Christmas to you.

37. As you celebrate, my testimonies are your unending reward this season and may it forever bring you lasting joy. Have a Merry Christmas.

38. As you sing and rejoice in the celebration of the Savior’s birth, may kings forever come to your rising and may God’s grace never fail you each day. Merry Christmas.

39. May the things you wish for this season come through for you as you celebrate. Have a Merry Christmas love.

40. May the glorious sting of joy infect your heart with so much beauty that it would overwhelm you this season and spill into the new year. Merry Christmas to you love.

41. May you experience joy and so much happiness than your pretty can take this holiday. Have a very merry Christmas.

42. May the goodness of God and the blessings of his birth fill your heart and those of the people you love this season. Merry Christmas.

43. As you read this, may goodness and mercies follow you and may happiness and joy kidnap you. Merry Christmas to you.

44. When you kneel down to pray, may the thoughts and meditations of your heart come to fruition this holiday. God bless you and have a merry Christmas.

45. Merry Christmas to you and the people around you, happy returns to you all this season and God’s abundant blessings forever.

46. May your minutes tick grace, beauty, and joy as you join in the season’s celebration of the birth of the one true King. Merry Christmas.

47. Whatever your heart desires this Christmas season, may it become a pleasant reality. Merry Christmas.

Inspirational Christmas messages and seasons greetings

48. As the whole world spreads the love this Christmas season, may you contact a heavy dose from the people around and may it fulfill your every desire. Have a very merry Christmas.

49. Season’s greetings to you my dear, may the songs you sing forever depict joy and hope all through the season. Merry Christmas.

50. Merry Christmas to you this season, I wish you so many beautiful returns as you celebrate. May the grace of God see you through the rest of the year.

51. Merry Christmas to you, may all things work out for you and your household this season as you spread the love of Christ. Have a great holiday.

52. This Christmas season, may you experience so much joy and happiness. Have a very merry Christmas.

53. May the outstretched arm of the good Lord take you from where you are to greater heights this season as you celebrate. Have a beautiful Christmas.

54. Testimonies in quantum, shouts of joy and merrymaking shall forever be heart in your abode this Christmas. Have a very Merry Christmas my dear.

55. May the grace of God that surpasses all human understanding rest upon your home and give you much deserved rest this celebratory season. Merry Christmas my love.

56. As far as your eyes can see and your heart can dream may it be given you by the power of the almighty God this Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas dear.

57. May the unconditional love that comes from above change your life this Christmas season and may it give you so many reasons to rejoice. Merry Christmas to you.

58. May all the love you have shown to the people around you work wonders in your favour and may it raise you above all limitations. Have a Merry Christmas.

59. This year-end, may your best words be joy, happiness, and hope. And may the things you speak about be triumphant testimonies. Have a great Christmas season.

Inspirational Christmas messages and lovely Christmas SMS

60. In the mornings of this holiday may you smile into beautiful days and at night may the peace of the Lord give you solace. Have a Merry Christmas.

61. This Christmas season, you shall not want for anything, and all the things you will seek for shall forever be yours. Merry Christmas to you.

62. May the dreams you felt would never come true become an enviable reality for you this Christmas and may blessings follow you into the New Year. Have a very merry Christmas.

63. Season’s greetings to you this holiday. May God preserve you and may glory make a way for you as you celebrate the birth of the Messiah. Merry Christmas.

64. I just to tell you I wish you well, everyday this holiday. I pray you see a better day with every wake this Christmas. Have a very merry Christmas.

65. This Christmas, may the only thought God has for you be that of Good and upliftment. And may He keep you from all evil. Have a very merry Christmas.

66. This Christmas, may you find undying and unadulterated love at your every turn and may it refresh your heart each day. Merry Christmas my dear.

67. In this season of happiness, sorrow shall never embrace you, rather you’d have more joy than the people around you and it shall be infectious. Merry Christmas.

68. Merry Christmas to you my dear, I pray your days are laced with light and peace. And may nations sing in your name.

69. As lions roar and protect their territory, may the glory of God roar all around you and keep you from all evil. Have a Merry Christmas.

70. Merry Christmas to you my love, may all you’ve worked for birth gracious returns this holiday season and may you reap the fruit of every labour. God bless you.

71. I hope you know that the unconditional love of the almighty is forever available to you my dear cause His grace is yours to enjoy. Merry Christmas.

72. May you be fully dressed in smiles and may tattoos of joy be etched on your skin this Christmas. Have a very merry Christmas.

73. Season’s greetings to you, may your passing leave footprints of grace and happiness, and may the sight of you bring joy to your household. I wish you a very merry Christmas.

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