5 Tips not to Compare Your Relationship with Others: Comparison is a thing with which you are faced every day. You try to compare your hair and clothing styles, Instagram followers and likes, etc. And you may not even realize how you cross the line and begin to compare relationships. Once it happens and you compare your relationship with someone else’s or your previous one, you need to know about the true consequences of such comparison. Well, here are 5 main reasons why you should stop comparing your relationship with others and how to do that.

You don’t see everything

When you compare your relationship with the people who share their cute photos on Instagram or your friend’s relationship, you should understand that you don’t really know what goes on between people and what their relationship is like. You don’t actually know how they treat each other behind the closed door. It is normal that people show happy emotions in the photos on social networks and in public, but you never know what they hide from you! That’s why don’t let social media relationships, as well as your friends’ ones, interfere in yours.

We are all different

Each person has a different capacity to love and expresses love differently. Some people are more romantic and expressive, the other ones are less affectionate. Be ready for this when jumping into another relationship. Don’t compare your loved one to your ex all the time! It would be better if you help your current boyfriend understand what you want and what you need from your relationship. So don’t forget about communication. Try to talk to your loved one about things openly instead of comparing his actions to someone else’s.

You don’t feel satisfied in your relationship

Why do you start comparing? Of course, because you don’t understand how to know if you are in the right relationship! Unfortunately, while you’re looking for a formula to the perfect relationship, you can stop taking satisfaction in yours. When you go on measuring the love in your life with your friends’, you lose the ability to cherish the most wonderful moments in your life and enjoy happiness in your relationship.

You hurt yourself

 Your desire to compare is your biggest mistake that can lead to a breakup. When you compare your beloved person with someone, you realize that he seldom gives you gifts and flowers, he doesn’t pay enough attention to you and so on. You see a lot of shortcomings in your relationship and awareness of this hurts you too much. Thus, you just get upset, ruin your relationship and break your heart!

You lose track of your goal

Matching your life as well as your relationship to someone else’s, you forget about your dreams, hopes, and needs. You stop living your life, you start living someone’s life. In this case, you risk losing not only your goal but everything you have. And most importantly, you can lose someone you really love and who actually loves you!

Now you see that comparison of the relationship isn’t so good and harmless.

Appreciate, communicate, respect and just love your partner and everything will be great in your life!

Have you ever compared your relationship with someone else’s? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.







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