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How to Buy Things for Cheap at Idumota Market this Christmas Season

idumota market

Idumota market is one of the most seasoned and obviously the biggest markets in West Africa as it is situated in the core of Lagos island commonly known as Eko.

Idumota is the main place where all goods produced in commercial cities in Nigeria; Lagos, Onitsha, Aba, etc, are sold in wholesale and retail quantities to final consumers who come from far and wide and other African countries.

To go to the market and shop for everything you want, You need to be as early as possible because it is always amazingly crowded, especially during special seasons like Christmas.

It’s one of the biggest markets in Nigeria and holds the biggest collection of varieties in terms of textile, interior decor, jewellery, shoes, bags, you name it.

While people insist that the only goods affected by the Nigerian Border closure are rice, the majority understands that prices of stuff are meant to rise since it’s Christmas season.

Perhaps, you are keen on Nollywood motion pictures. You will discover an assortment of most recent motion pictures in Idumota. If you are interested in Nollywood movies, you will find a variety of latest movies in Idumota.

Located along Iganmu axis of Lagos island, It’s a market known for all kinds of frozen foods, from chicken, turkey, Fish, Shrimps, lobsters etc.

whether you’re buying in large purchase or piecemeal, everything seems to be sold at a discounted price already. And that’s the beauty of this market

However, as friendly as the price of commodities may appear in this market, there are some people who go in there and come out with an empty purse. Maybe you were smart but not smart enough. Luckily, it will be the last time that will ever happen because after reading this article, you’ll enjoy your experience there.

It is for this reason that I am going to be showing you many tips, secrets and important buying and selling tricks in this article. And you can still apply this in any market you step on in Lagos, Nigeria.

How do I get to Idumota?

Well, it’s simple. Generally, all Lagos roads are actually interlinked. From anywhere to Tinubu, CMS, or even Eko Idumota bus stop itself, just ask for Eyin-Eyo, when you get there, you will see the Eyo ( Masquerade) then you know you are already at Idumota.

Major areas where you can get buses going to Idumota is Ikorodu, Oshodi, Ojuelegba, Costain, Mile2, Orile, Aguda, Surulere, Yaba, and of course,  Ebute-Meta.

Using the LAGBUS is another smart way to easily get to the Idumota market. Simply find your way to these bus stops where rides to the Lagos Island can be very smooth.

There is a new app that helps you Navigate Idumota and Lagos better, check out Lara.NG.

How to get to Idumota

Now, let’s talk about buying things for cheap at Idumota.

For you that have been to Idumota before, I’m pretty sure you loved to buy there because you thought that all the items you bought were cheap. Great!

That stuff you think you think you bought for cheap on the street or shops along Nnamdi Azikiwe street and other outer parts of Idumota market, you think you got it for cheap!? How sure are you about that?
Well, I’m going to show you here that you could still buy them at a more cheaper rate this Christmas season.

So, This is the secret of buying relatively cheap at Idumota market. And if this is going to be your first time in the market, this is just the right place for you.

When going to Idumota market, You should…

  •  Make sure you wear open to strolling shoes to trek round the market slows down. That’s the way you get a real, genuine deal.
  • Be an early bird to go to the market and shop for all that you need since it is always crowded
  • Balogun advertise is actually where you will discover an assortment of all that is specified above sold at marked down costs.

I’ll start with the common stuff that we all go to Idumota to buy.

Female dresses, native materials, blankets, etc.

The Balogun area deals with Ankara, George, Lace (Idumota sells too) wrapper, female dresses, shoes and lots more. The other side deals with weavons, cosmetics, human hair, etc.

Now if you are going there to get clothes,  when you get to Tinubu square, don’t bother going to Mandillas because their wears are expensive. Just ask for Oluwole Plaza and follow that path inside.   You will come across spiffy office Shirts that is sold for as low as N900.

Or Better still,  you can go to Gbode Plaza at Nnamdi Azikiwe street, it has an underground, just go through and enter the underground, and you are good to go. You can even get cheap Polo shirts too (but mostly very early in the morning).

Foodstuff Items like spaghetti, vegetable oil, rice, etc.

For all the tin tomatoes, spaghetti, vegetable oil and the rest, Ebute Ero is the best place for you. 

You can also get them at Oke Arin which you can reach when coming from Apongbon. You will definitely see provisions at Oke Arin easily.

Household Items and Kitchen items like pots, plates, spoons, etc.

At Holloway, you can get all the kitchen items and utensils like pots, spoons, plates, and all the equipment you will need for the kitchen.

Also ensure you check them well, even before negotiating the price (compulsory). We have a lot of sellers. But you’ll definitely find good ones in this area. Trust me.

 Earrings, wristwatches and other jewellery.

In respect to those who want to buy wristwatches, chains, earrings, pendants and other items in a large purchase, you can get them at Dosunmu, Idumagbo.

The Dosunmu part of Idumota mostly deals on baby items, jewellery, chains, earrings, pendants, watches, electronics, female items like bra, pants, nighties etc (there’s a corner called “whoro Pedro) then boxers, singlets, hankies and a whole lot of items to buy.

 you can also get them at Oluwole, Mandillas and Tinubu square where you can get suits and the rest.

Two big secrets about shopping at Idumota that you should take note of!

idumota market

1. Head straight to the main market

If you’ve bought Any stuff along the road on the outskirt of the main Idumota market, we can say it’s cheap! But if you go a little further inside the market, that same stuff you bought on the outer market is relatively cheaper with about N300  difference!

when you decide to go a little further into the market you’ll get that stuff that’s relatively cheaper by N300 for N400!!

Going a little further will make you get the same for about N400 or N500 cheapie!!

“Before, I usually bought packs of singlets, body cream, cologne/perfume always on the outside till someone who have mastered the market told me to go inner shops, oh man! They  are almost half the prices I bought on the outside street shops of the market!”

Take that from someone who has really had a market experience in Lagos.

Just like the Katangwa market, The deeper you go into the market, the cheaper the things you are buying. Get it?

However, The secret about it is that when you negotiate your price well, you can beat the price down and get whatever you want. We are all Nigerian. Don’t dull yourself.

2. Buy things in wholesales when possible

If you’re buying anything, particularly at Mandillas Complex, please don’t just pick any stuff and ask for the price or else they’ll quote you in Retail price just indicate that you’re buying at wholesale prices then you’re good to go.

Let’s now directly point to places where you can get specific goods at Idumota.

You can get it cheap jewellery ( all kind of jewellery) at Obanikoro, Docemo Lagos island.

How to get there? Simple. When you get to Idumota, just ask for Obanikoro. Then you are good to go.

If you want to find Akube shirt and trouser (they are often called ‘Okrika’ ‘second-hand clothes’ or the general ‘bend-down-select) for a very discounted price (and original ) head straight to CMS garage! It is flooded with a lot of Akube for lovers of Akube.

To get Consumables such as provisions you can go to Oke-Arin. Just ask for Oke-Arin once you get to Idumota

For all types of fresh wine and drinks simply head to Apongbon. Don’t compromise this place for anywhere else in the Idumota market. Apongbon is the best place to get wine.

It’s Christmas season, everyone wants to prepare the best-fried rice and chicken to give friends and neighbours. But if you choose to make the best Semo, Poundo-yam or any food that will need flour, there’s a good place to get your ingredient – Apongbon!

Head straight to Apongbon for Semo, Poundo-yam and flour from different products like Honeywell, Goldenpenny and so on.

You want to buy loads of flavouring cubes like Maggie, know and the rest?. Go to Idita/Offin.

You can also get other kitchen items around there too.

And when you want to replace all your kitchen equipment and utensils for a fresh new year, and you don’t want to spend too much in the process. Just head to Gorodom or holloway.

Now, for fish – fried fish particularly – you want the best ones. Ones that are appealing not just to the eyes but to the mouth, too. Isale-Eko is the best place to find them. I’ve been there so, I can testify.

If you feel we’ve been talking so much about foodstuff and you are getting married. Of course, you want a place to get good bridal wears. At Idumota, there is no better place for bridal wears then Tom Jones. That’s where to get the real thing.

For various colours of Ankara, just walk to Balogun. (They are very cheap). Don’t act like a newbie there, okay?

Koseh is the ideal place at Idumota to get different kinds of perfumes and Wigs.

Tips for buying things cheap at Idumota market (or any other market in Lagos)

idumota market

From various conversations, observations, research, and even personal experience in the market place in Lagos including Idumota, here are seven amazing things to do If you want to enjoy going to the market to buy things.

1. Have an idea of prices

Before you leave your house for Idumota market, ensure you have made a list of every stuff you’ll be buying along with their relative prices. They will for sure help you anytime you find yourself haggling and also keep you well within your budget.

2. Draw less attention with your dressing

Have you ever noticed that sellers in markets like Idumota increases price based on the appearance of the shopper? If you draw a lot of attention or look like you have a lot of money to spend, they will sense this and increase the price of their goods because they are looking to get the best profit from the all gorgeous-looking you.

3. Put on your ‘not-interested’ look

Act like you are not even interested in the item you want to buy. Even when the price given to you or even the item itself is what you want,  don’t let the excitement show on your face because that will challenge your ‘pricing skill’

4. Never accept the first price

No matter how affordable the price of the item may seem, don’t accept the first price given to you.  Try to see if you can get a better deal.

5. Use local slang or language

Yes, you’re being sweet-talked by shopkeepers. And so,  you need to do your own sweet talking by engaging the local slang or speaking the language of the seller (If you understand it)

This makes them see you as a brother or sister, and make them relate even better.

6. Use pricing tricks

Some people even tell the white lie that they’ve bought the item before, or know of the price. You can do this too. Don’t fall for sweet talking from the vendors, telling you about their cost and selling prices because that can be a scam too. 

Shopkeepers and vendors are trying to get the best profits for themselves by employing tricks, so you should also be thinking of your own pockets by employing your pricing tricks. 

7. Try other shops

You can do this particularly when the item is very common in the market and you are sure to see it in many other stores

If you don’t have the African mother charm and the previous trick doesn’t work for you, you could just visit another store. 

Idumota Market is the best place to find virtually everything you will be needing for Christmas celebration. For all kinds of Plastics, go to Idumota. For lace, go to Idumota.

You want to head to Idumota to buy Christmas items? This is the best time to go, so as to avoid the Christmas rush.

Do you have any tips to share with us on your recent visit to Idumota? Please share in the comments.

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