Nigerian Pidgin English Sayings

Nigerian pidgin English sayings:

Nigerian pidgin English sayings: This one na like shakantuga, ogbonge idea wey dey make mind dey do bula bula. We get plenty of pidgin messages for you on top of our website. Feel free make you learn from our adage wey dey make mind dey blow like balloon.

Cool Nigerian Pidgin English Sayings

1. No matter how hot your tempa be, e no fit boil beans Read more:

Approaching a problem with anger and force cannot solve it. You will need to put wisdom in solving all problem; patience is also part of it.

2. Jollof Rice wey dey for bottom of pot today go dey for top of cooler tomorrow:

No matter how hard a situation of your life is today; there is still hope that tomorrow will be better. So always be motivated in any condition you find yourself.

3. Fly wey no dey hear word na im dey follow dead body enter grave

If you ignore advice from the elders or any advisor, soon or late if you miscalculated, you will regret in the nearest future.

4. Wetin you dey find for sokoto dey for shokoto

Sometimes, you don’t need to go to the other side of the world before you get a solution to your problems.

5. The difference between kpekere and plantain chips na packaging

How you carry yourself will really determine how people will address you.

6. Na from clap them take dey enter dance

No matter how small something is today, there is a great possibility that it will become big tomorrow.

7. Better soup na money kill am

Any good thing must be built out of luxury. You can’t get good thing cheap.

8. No matter how tall Okra grow e no go tall pass em owner

You cannot be better than your master while you learn under him.

9. One day, breeze go blow and fowl yansh go open

No matter how skillful you are in hiding a bad deed, one day the truth will be revealed about your action.

10. E don tey wey nyash dey for back

You may think that something is new but it has been seen several times before you come to know about it.

11. No matter how lizard dey do press up, e no go get chest like alligator

Pride can take you to nowhere; if you want to go far in life, kindly humble yourself before those you truly know are better than you are.

12. Monkey no dey born fowl

A human cannot give birth to a chicken ordinarily. If you have no money, you can’t spend.

13. Cunny man die, cunny man bury am

It takes only a thief the skill to catch another thief, therefore you need to act like thief to catch him.

14. I get am before no be property

Don’t live on the past glory, it does not add to your progress at all.

15. Everybody answer your papa surname

You don’t need to allow someone else speaks for you on a matter you have a better idea.

16. Na condition make crayfish bend

If you have the capability to do something, you will have done it without any hesitations.

17. Man wey naked no dey put hand for pocket

You do things only when there are some certain conditions attached to it.

18. Chicken wey run way from borno go Ibadan go still end up inside pot of soup

You cannot run away from something that is destined to happen to you.

19. Today’s newspaper na tomorrow Suya wrap

Nothing last forever, whether you like it or not, you will still die.

20. Cow wey dey in a hurry to go America go come back as corn beef

It is better to be patient in anything we are doing. In the end we will surely benefit.

21. Akara and moin moin get the same parent na wetin dey pass tru make dem different

If you try harder you will discover greater success in life.

22. To piss no hard but fowl no fit.

It is easy does not mean that it can be done by everyone. What is easy for you is hard for another person.

23. NO matterhow dark room wan be, man go still locate woman breast.

When you are used to something it will no longer be hard to operate it.

24. Custard na just pap wey jand

It is not all that glitters that is gold.

25. Wetin concern agbero with twitter handle or malu with face cap?

It is better you mind your own business rather than joining a discussion that does not concern you.

26. If life dey show you pepper my guy make pepper soup

Make good things out of nothing. No matter how frustrated the life made you; never give up at all.

27. If person too tey for party e go follow dem wash plate

It will be better for someone not to abuse the chance given to him to do something.

28. Rolling stone, of course na person push am now!

You must begin from somewhere, when you are patient everything will be fine once again.

29. Craze no hard to form, na the trekking be wahala

Something may not be hard to achieve, but the process of achieving them may be the hardest thing to do.

30. Every mallam with em own kettle, every aboki with em own radio.

You all need to face your business squarely.

31. You no need cutlery to chop slap

When someone provoked you too much and you decided to turn it into play.

32. Opolo eye no be open eye

Having a big eye does not mean that you are civilized.

33. Leave matter for Mathias and Sabi for Sabinus.

Let a person have a rest of mind rather than disturbing them.

34. Bring suya, bring suya….na cow body dey suffer am.

Whatever you are doing, there will surely be a consequence.

35. E go better na e go better, na im make ibo man still dey Kano

If there is life, there will always be hope.

36. Escort me, Escort me, na im slave trade take start.

Be careful of the friends you keep, some of them may be having a hidden agenda that may harm you.

37. Na from play play dem dey form PLAYER

What you take for granted may end up becoming serious.

38. Pikin wen use agbada take stat guy go talk wetin e go wear wen e old.

You don’t need to rush into doing things in life; take it slowly and one day you will make it.

39. The water wey dem use take make eba can never be recovered back.

Take heart on whatever happened to you. There is possibility that you will recover it with time.

40. Nearly no dey kill bird.

There two ways to achieving success in life; it is either you have it or don’t have it.

41. Fly wey no get special adviser na im dey folow dead bodi enta grave

Always be updated about matters, it is highly dangerous to be ignorant about something that others know.

42. No matter how lizard dey do press up e no go get chest like aligator

Don’t allow inferiority complex to weigh you down, always be proud of who you are; this will give you more confidence to achieve more in life.

43. The cassava today fit be gari tomorrow

There is no permanent condition in life; it will get to a point whereby, you will be surprised that some fortunate things are beginning to occur in your life.

44. If mad man don beat ur mama before,if she see mechanic she go run…

Don’t allow yourself repeat a mistake twice, this will make you look foolish in the eyes of the people.

45. Jollof Rice wey dey for d bottom of pot 2day go dey for top of cooler 2moro

There is always posibilty that the condition you are today can be changed for or against you tomorrow, so always be prepared for the worst.

46. Fowl wey dey carry for head no dey know say to waka na work.

A person that depends on you will never know how hard you work to achieve what you feed him with. All he wants is just caring.

47. Cockroach wey dey form swagger… if e summersault reach fowl place na for lindaikeji dey go read im tori

It is advisable that a person should know his or her boundaries. The consequence of crossing your border will not be taken lightly.

48. Monkey no fine but him mama like am

No matter how people hate you; a heart that truly loves you will always be with you in all condition.

49. Monkey wey no sabi eat banana which kind animal him be?

As a member of a group or family, you must learn all the rules and regulations that are involved.

50. Isabella no be my pikin but I go treat am well

It is not until you know someone before you can render help to them. Some people may be saved of hunger for a if you helped them.

52. Akara and Bolly no be mate, bread and sugar no be here.

You cannot compare an ignorant person with a learned person.

53. If Florence no sabi talk give am ginger eat.

If somebody refused to comply easily after he or she has been proven guilty, they should be handle as supposed in the law.

54. The body wey kangaroo take use born him pikin na’im igo use carry am:

There are no other two ways to solve a problem which does not have any other means of solution.

55. Water done pass garri.

When you can no longer handle a problem or when your secret is licked and there is no way you can cover it again.

56. Kasala done burst.

There is trouble because the secret has been opened.

57. Weather hot no mean say fowl go lay boiled egg.

It means that a condition will always remain in its natural feature, No matter what you do; sun cannot be turned into a moon.

58. Rat wey follow lizard enter rain, Na later e go hear am

You should not pass your boundary. It is better you know your limit about something.

59. Na for afternoon dem dey find black goat.

Birds of the same feather flock together. You can’t easily know the intention of the people until you find a way to know it.

60. Pikin wey him mama back cross water, wey say him march fish, wetin him mama go march?

It is not good to tell lies. Telling lies does not give someone the needed respect.

61. Small pikin wey dem carry for back no know say the journey far.

You won’t understand the pain a person goes through because you are not feeling part of the stress.

62. Person wey don faint before no be stranger to death.

An experienced person can give you better information about a subject matter.

64. Person wey chop belle full, no know wetin hungry man dey see.

A person that is enjoying in wealth and riches does not feel what the poor people are facing.

65. No be as woman dey close eye enjoy sex she dey enjoy labour pains.

For the fact that a situation was okay in the first place does not mean that it will not be worst later. So we need to be prepared to face any challenge or disappointment at anytime.

66. Lizard wey fall from tall iroko tree, if nobody hail am!! é go hail hims.

Always be proud of yourself, no matter how people look down on you on an achievement, never give up.

67. If girl take husband do boyfriend, she go take boyfriend do husband.

This means, as you lay your bed, so you will lie on it. It is certain.

68. Cockroach wey jam fowl, jam bad luck.

When you are in a bad situation and there is no way you can easily get out of it. There is no help from anywhere.

69. Pikin wey say him mama no fine they use style call him papa blind man.

Always appreciate what you have. There are some people who don’t even have that which you take for granted.

70. No be eye wey dem take chop eba dem take dey share meat.

Some situations needed you to be more careful. You don’t need to handle everything the same way.

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