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Id El Maulud in Nigeria 2020 – Wishes, Messages

Id El Maulud in Nigeria

Id El Maulud in Nigeria – All you need to know about Eid El Maulud, Id El Maulud in Nigeria, and Id El Maulud 2017 messages, Id El Maulud 2020 wishes, Eid El Maulud 2020 messages, Id El Maulud in Nigeria wishes, Id El Maulud in Nigeria greetings, Id El Maulud in Nigeria SMS and all that you need to share with family and friends on this special occasion. Happy Eid El Maulud to you all.

What is Id El Maulud?

If you are looking for the Eid El Maulud meaning, then here it is.

Id el Maulud in Nigeria. The birthday of Prophet Mohammed is always celebrated by the Sunni Muslims on the 12th day of the islamic calendar of Rabi’al-awwal.

Shi’a Muslims celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammed on the 17th of this month. Eid is Maulud is the occasion when the birthday of Prophet Mohammed is commemorated and celebrated.

When is Id El Maulud?

Looking for the date the Eid El Maulud 2017 will be celebrated?

There is all possibility that the Id El Maulud 2017 will be on the 1st December 2017. The Nigerian Federal Government will therefore declare a public holiday to make the celebration of Prophet Mohammed’s birthday.

Goodwill messages will be sent by the President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari to all Nigerians and also messages will be sent by the governors of the various states to the people of the state.

The Id El Maulud 2016 in Lagos

The governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode made a call to all Muslims to offer prayers for progress, peace and unity of the Country. He admonished all Muslims to follow in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammed. While we await his speech to celebrate Id El Maulud in Nigeria 2017, you can read all about the Eid El Maulud 2016 speech here.

Eid El Maulud Celebrations

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While I would want to wish Nigerians a happy Eid El Maulud in Nigeria celebrations, I implore all of us to ignore our social, political and cultural affiliations to work together as one. Let us try to come together to make Nigeria a safe haven for everyone. We should use the celebration of the birthday of Prophet Mohammed to foster and tranquility in the country.

Let us reflect on islamic teachings to preach unity and love for one another. We should also learn to inculcate the virtues of honesty, charity and selflessness. Let us learn to tolerate one another as was commanded in the Holy Book.

My Collection of Id El Maulud Wishes & Messages

Looking for the perfect Id El Maulud wishes or Eid El Maulud in Nigeria messages to share with family and friends? Then check out the messages and wishes I have below!

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1. I am using this day to wish you happy eid el maulud celebrations. May the joy, peace and unity of today envelope you through everything you do, and may you find success in all that you lay your hands on. Happy celebrations.

2. On behalf of myself and my family. I am sending my best Eid greetings to you today. Please accept our compliments on this special and amazing day. My prayer is that Allah will grant you all your wishes on this special day and that the glory that has been in your house will never diminish. You will be the cynosure of all eyes as God himself will depend on your household in this day. Happy celebrations.

3. To God be the glory, another moment of celebration is here again. I pray today that God will bless you, your family, friends and everyone attached to you one way or the other. I pray that we will be alive next year to witness another celebration. None of us will be found wanting or missing. God will shine his glory on all of us. Happy celebrations.

4. As we mark this year’s Eid El Maulud celebration, I pray that the spirit of giving will push us to give to the needy. I pray that the love to sacrifice will push us to make sacrifices for those who demand that from us. See you next year, happy celebrations.

5. Sending my warm wishes to you on this great and special day of celebration of Prophet Mohammed. May God grand you joy and abundant happiness. You will always stay happy and fulfilled. God will always protect you everyday in every way. You will go and come in safely. Evil will never befall you. Your blessings will never be pushed away from you. God is with you in all ways possible. Hapy celebrations.

Happy Eid El Maulud Celebrations

Looking for the right words to say to family and friends to wish them a happy Eid El Maulud in Nigeria celebrations? Then jump in here right now!

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6. Dear friend, I am sending you my warm wishes on this amazing day God has made. My heart celebrates with you and that’s why I decided to send this Eid celebration message to you. You will not lack any good thing in your life. Your life will be filled with the blessings of God. You will be surrounded with peace anywhere and everywhere. Happy celebrations.

7. May the spiritual excellence of today envelope you in peace, happiness and protection.May your soul be filled with all the words of God enough to protect you from the vile and evil of the world. Happy celebrations. Enjoy!

8. I pray that today, God will bless your life with happiness. I pray that today, God will fill your heart with love that you may show compassion to those who love and care about you. I pray that today, God will look down on you and shine his eyes of blessings and protection in your life. You will live beyond grace and the glory of God will never leave you. Enjoy the rest of the day.

9. Where others fall, you will rise. Where others are saying No, you will say YES. The blessings of the almighty will be with you every day of your life. You will not lack anything good this year and the years to come. Happy celebrations.

10. You have been destined for greatness in this year and the years to come. God will always be with you and support you everywhere you go. You will never be a victim of death by the grace of God. Let this day mark the beginning of amazing things in your life. Happy celebrations.













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