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Ten Questions to Ask Your Man on a Second Date

Ten Questions to Ask your Man

Ten Questions to Ask your Man on a Second Date – Going for a second date obviously shows that the first date went pretty well. Usually, the conversation should flow really smoothly in a second date because it is the second time you both are sitting together and there must have been some level of chemistry between you two for a second date to happen.

In actuality, the second date is considered to be the first real date because you have both seen each other on the first date and you didn’t find anything unsatisfying about each other, and you definitely liked each other enough to ask to go on a second date.

The first few dates, especially the second date is basically for you to get to know each other better so you have to know the kind of questions to ask him on a second date. This helps you to get to understand him better and lets you know the kind of man you are getting involved with. A second date is meant for you to decide if you want to continue with the relationship so you must be prepared to ask certain questions that will help you in making your decision.

Although, there are a lot of questions you could ask your man on a second date, a whole lot in fact. But we have come up with ten questions that are really important for you to ask on a second date.

Below are my ten questions to ask your man on a second date:

1. Ask him about his upbringing

This is an important question that is meant to a second date. It lets you know more about the man you are dealing with and how he grew up. You get to find out if he faced any difficulty growing up, how he was brought up and if his upbringing can somehow affect your relationship. If you ask this question, you must be ready to part with information about your own upbringing too. Also, this question is a good conversation starter.

2. Ask him about his interests

Another thing you need to find out about your man on a second date is his interests and what he is passionate about. Ask him what he likes doing, his dreams and what he aspires to be in future. When you ask this question, you get to find out if you share similar interests and if you somehow do, it sparks up the chemistry that is already between you too.

3. His past relationships

Although this is a no-no question for a first date, it is definitely appropriate for a second date. The way he feels about his past relationships will definitely factor in the decision about whether you have both got a future together or not. When you ask about his past relationships, it helps you know how they were. Perhaps if he was hurt or if it was a happy relationship that just happened to end for some reasons. Asking this question lets you know if he is ready for a new relationship or not.

4. His family

Believe it or not, this is a question you definitely need to ask on a second date. Asking him about his family helps you know the kind of family he grew up in. You get to find out who his favorite parent is and his disposition towards that subject is enough for you to find out if he grew up in a happy home or if it’s the opposite. This also lets you know what his parents do for a living, how many siblings he has and other related stuff.

5. His religious views

Whether he is a believer, an agnostic or an atheist, asking this question lets you find out about his view on religion and how it is going to affect your relationship. You get to find out if you share the same view on religion and if this is going to affect the relationship you both have somehow. Because religion is a very sensitive topic, it is advisable that you find out about this from the early phase of the relationship.

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6. His political views

It is also advisable that you find out about your man’s view on politics. Some people can be so passionate about politics so ask this question to find out if he is one of those people. Let him know if you share the same view or if you don’t. Discussing topics like this makes him know how amazing and flexible you are.

7. What he does for a living

This kind of question is too forward for a first date so save it for a second date. Find out what he does for a living and be sure to let him know what you do too.

8. Where he is from

For a Nigerian, this is an absolutely important question you must ask your man on a second date. Although, this question might seem appropriate for a first date you have got to ask it again on a second date. It’s no doubt that in Nigeria, where you are from is a big factor to consider before going into a relationship, so, ensure that you ask him this question and see if it’s going to be a hindrance or not.

9. Ask if he has a family tradition

You ask this kind of question partly for fun and for information. Find out if they have a family tradition they follow in his family and also find out what the tradition is about.

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10. What’s his favourite childhood memory

You ask this kind of question so as to end the date on a light note. Because topics like his past relationships, his religious views, and political views might have put you both on an edge so leave questions like this for last. This ensures that you both go home feeling light-hearted and warm about each other.

There you have it! The ten questions that are highly important for you to ask your man on a second date. Remember that the second date is for getting acquainted with each other more so utilize it to the best!

Do you have any additions to the questions above? Feel free to drop them down in the comment section below.

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