Great Inspirational morning prayers for your love

51. Showers of BLESSINGS shall drench you so much today that even the scorching heat of the sun would not be able to dry you up.

52. With God, all things are possible. Today, the lord shall stretch forth his might hands, and his goodness shall fill you and your household.

53. Guidance, protection, grace and mercy shall be your portion today in Jesus name. Be thankful for life because that is one of the best treasures you would ever have.

54. Favor shall be your portion now and always. It has been ordained from above that merriment shall be your portion. Claim it and enjoy it.

55. The darkness might want to lure you in, but stay strong and fight for the light because wonderful things in life awaits you.

56. There shall surely be challenges in life, but I promise you that all challenges you encounter shall never be permanent, and shall turn out to be a piece of cake.

57. God’s words shall continuously be the source of your wisdom. Everything shall work out in your favor today.

58. All impossible shall turn to possible for your sake today. Good morning my love. Never think of giving up my live. Stay strong so you can think back to thr tough moments and smile.

59. You shall stumble and not fall because God shall be there with you in all circumstances. May the works of your hands be blessed in Jesus name.

60. I just want you to know that something marvelous and great is coming your way and will happen to you today. God shall replace all your pain and sicknesses with blessings and joy.

Powerful Inspirational Morning Prayers

Who does not want powerful inspirational morning prayers? You can send these inspirational morning prayers now:

61. For your sake, all unanswered prayers shall be answered today.

63. Good morning sweet. Today, the lord shall replenish in billion folds whatever you have lost. Spread love and do good.

64. I pray positive vibes and energy be channeled your way this day, and all forms of negativity flee from thee. You shall find favor in the sight of the lord today.

65. All friends in sheep clothing who are against your progress but pretending to love you shall not see the, neither shall they have cause to come near thee.

66. Do not fret or worry about the things you do not have right now, because your everlasting father will perfect them in due time.

67. May you never have cause to question the handwork of God in your life.

68. God shall give you strength to take on any obstacle thrown your way today, and you shall come out victorious.

69. Good morning sweetheart. The sky shall be your starting point today.

70. These might be trying times for you, but soon you shall use these moments as reference points.

71. Peace shall be your portion and God shall take away your worries.

72. This is me wishing you an awesome morning with the perfect energy needed to conquer all hurdles.

73. The thoughts of the lord towards you is that of good and not of evil. You shall surely have an expected end.

74. Those that wait upon the lord shall have their strength renewed. Thou shall never be weak to fall prey to the flesh.

75. Be calm for the lord heals the broken in heart and binds up their wounds.

76. You shall walk through the valley of death and fear no evil because the lord is with you, his rod and staff shall comfort you.

77. Thousands shall fall smitten at thy side, but no evil shall come near you because you bore in you the mark of the lord.

78. Blessed are you in times of tribulations, for you shall pull through. Know therefore test the lord your God is a faithful God, and is merciful to those who love him.

79. Good morning dear. Remember that Jesus loves you and cares for you.

80. Sweet promises are given to those who believe and trust in God. In your moment of weakness, hold fast to the lord and he shall guide you. Good morning.

81. May the works of thy hands and the meditations of thy mouth be acceptable unto the lord in Jesus name.

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