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Inspiring Naija Love Stories You Should Read

On the backdrop of popular relationship counselor and Facebook Celebrity, Omobolanle’s Valentine post on Facebook that we shared here. A lot of lovers have come out to also share their beautiful and inspiring Naija love stories.

This indeed re-iterates the fact that love lives in the heart of people who loves and should live in you too. You should not miss this beautiful collection of Inspiring Naija Love Stories we have put together for you.

Read on and be inspired with love:

Inspiring Naija love stories 1: Lauretta Ukoha

Dear Omobolanle Adeyemo, thanks for this space. You’d remember some of my inbox messages to you some time past and your advice. I have seen my fiancee as a very cool guy in church.

He is loved by both the pastor and the congregation and I admired him for that. The way he smiles always melt my heart and I secretly envied his”wife”(lol) On a particular Sunday, we had a meeting and food was shared. I didn’t get a share of the food, never knew he saw that, but he gave me his. To cut the long story, he collected my contact but never called for weeks.

The day he called, he asked if I was dating or engaged, I said no. He said it’s ok that he was asking for a brother in church. I wasn’t pleased with that so I told him the brother should be bold and meet me.

When he knew I was serious, he confessed it was him. Summary of the stuff, I got engaged a few weeks ago and I must confess, he’s all shades of love. He has proven himself in a million ways and I love him. Love is beautiful.

Inspiring Naija love stories 2: Taiwo Adewumi

Met him in church Dec 2000. I was a member of the ushering dept at HOTR and he was drafted in to help our dept during our yearly December programme. We just got talking and I took him as a friend (I was dating someone else at the time). We can talk for hours, that’s what I really love about him. We dated for 2 years and we’ve been married now going to 15 years. It’s been very good.

Inspiring Naija love stories 3: Atinuke Dami-Yakubu

LONG STORY ALERT (I need a cold drink when I am done)

In 2014, I read @gaisebaba and @funtoibuoye’s interview on Bella Naija after the tweet about pouring 28 years of himself in a woman (something along that line). In that interview, he talked about Camp Joseph, a Christian camp meeting he attends yearly and the covenant of purity. It was around December and I remembered I had been seeing the said camp meeting sponsored posts on Facebook.

A few days later my friend buzzed me on BBM to ask if I have heard of camp Joseph and if I was attending, I had no plans to attend although the ads have been all over my news feed + the interview. Honestly, I only decided to attend because she wanted to attend. Although she could not make it, later on, I went ahead after dragging another friend.

OK so during camp Joseph there was like a variety night on one of the days, a guy came up to perform spoken words, I was excited about it because:

1. That was the first time I was seeing a live spoken word performance done so well. I and my sister have always been a huge fan of passion for Christ ministry after seeing a video of I can wait by Genetiks.

2. That was the first time I was hearing the correct pronunciation of ‘Poem’

So I paid attention to the beautiful poem, deep lyrics and of course laughed a lot because a lot of people didn’t know know how to respond to the deep poem when someone is performing so someone corrected the audience it went overboard and I so laughed. it was a really memorable session.

On the last day after the impartation service, we were asked to connect with at least 7 people. I just wanted to walk up to Mr Poem and commend him but he had too many people around him. So I Waka pass with my tired self and went home.

Ees not by force to commend biko.

One of the people I connected with on camp Joseph was Dayo Nigeria, I had his social media handle so I sent him a friend request on Facebook by Jan 2015. The spoken word guy’s name came up and I was like oh this guy so I sent him a friend request and my commendation message, we had a few line of chat and it was bye bye.

Few weeks later Dayo Nigeria wanted me to be on a project he was starting, he created a group on BBM and he guy was part of the team. One of my roles was to contact everyone for their task and compile them. It meant chatting with them privately.

So I contacted him, very proud boy, he did not even acknowledge that we’ve spoken before (you know now like, he sha didn’t acknowledge)

I pestered him for his task. I really can’t remember how we started talking really well like we could chat all day till like 3am (he said I was disturbing him in Law school, Yinmu ). As friends (I was aiming to celebrate my 3 years of singleness and freedom from Abuse) so I wasn’t even thinking of any relationship anything, we were just sharing opinions on orisirisi, from Bible, to politics to movies to religion etc because our values aligned and we agreed on many things we were forming bestie.

Fast-forward we met after about five months of chatting online and it wasn’t so awkward like we thought with my broken shoe. I even mistakenly stole his body spray (he bought it at the mall and forgot it with me, I started using it instead of returning it..don’t judge me please)

Yes, I started catching feelings…. Dhuur. Told my very spirikoko, MFM attending BFF (we were both attending another church by then though) , to my surprise she asked me to tell him. She said telling him doesn’t mean you want a relationship etc.

I really didn’t want any, I was super focused on other things, like organizing the first student fashion design show in Abeokuta.

This time we weren’t talking as much, it was 2016 already.

One day I was meditating and HS reminded me of what he told me one of the times I was praying with a confession by DDK (I will look for the title, they are two). He told me he was going to send someone wiser than his years. Have you met my Dami Yakubu? Embodiment of wisdom lomo. GOSH!

I kept that in my right hand Bhet left it like that, then while skimming through my gallery I read a portion of the book ‘The vow’ that I had taken screenshots of the former year + some few more things I can share here.

I knew this was it but waz my own sebi we’re serving the same God he should Goan talk to his son too. I wasn’t going to bring anything up.

On Valentines day, early momo. Guesss who’s calling. Uncu. After pur conversation sebi bye bye is appropriate? No o uncu said he loves me. Me i don’t not reply o. Bye bye Takia.

March came, he called to ask me to be his girl (Marraige in view of course) with all the sweet lyrics as per wordsmith.

I told him I’d get back to him (shakara… Lemme please)

I wanted to do the shakara for a week but I couldn’t take eet. After four days I gave a YES.

2 YEARS after plenty love letters and annoying attitudes , Oluwadamilola is the most amazing Fish (sorry) boyfriend ever (abi special friend) OK he’s proposed (fiancé). I won’t trade what we have for anything. Keeping christ at the centre of this relationship and putting each other first has helped us create a reality that seem impossible to others. No stereotypes, No pressure. Just what we both want in agreement.

Inspiring Naija love stories 4: Adepegba Mary Funmibi

I told you in January that I would share my story one day but time has not been friendly for me. I think I have the time now.

My fiancé joined our church 2016 I guess and since I got to know him in church, I never liked him for once because I do see him as an over-serious and too spiritual person, and he can talk. I angrily gave him my Contact early 2017 before I went for Service and he checked on me throughout the year. We always end each conversation with a fight because I told him I don’t want to be his friend at all, There was a time I blocked him and even put his Number on Voicemail.

Babe, I finish service, came back home and this guy refuses to let me be,

To cut the long story short, I gave him attention for the first time mid last year and he told me precisely that Am not here to play, I came for both friendship that will end in marriage. I was shocked because the guy I was with then has never mention marriage to my ear despite my Age oo.

We started and He gave me a surprise Jan 01 by proposing.

I was happy, to say the least!

I have never regret Saying Yes to him though we are yet to marry but soon we will. My Joy has no bound celebrating this day with my Bobo.

Inspiring Naija love stories 5: Showole Oluwabunmi Abimbola

I met this young man in 2001 at a business center in Lagos during my I.T in 300L at the University.

He was doing his Masters then at OAU while I was planning on how to face my project. He made himself a project in my life and started “tormenting” me with love anytime he’s on Campus for his lectures.

Every attempt to disqualify him failed and I started noticing some traits in him. First and foremost, he’s highly intelligent, resourceful, over caring and can do anything for me as long as it is legal.

He officially proposed in 2002 and we had our introduction in March 2003. Got married in August 2003 and I thought the love will diminish as the children started coming almost immediately but that never happened.

His love for me grew stronger every day and to stay away from each other for a whole week has not been possible o.

I had to ask him if he’s using a love potion on me and he keeps asking me same.

Can’t get over the love and affection he showers on the children and me always. It’s been 15yrs plus of love, joy, peace and most importantly affection like no other.

Since I lost my parents, he’s been the father and my mother simultaneously. He makes sure I never lack despite the fact that I am an event decorator.

Join me in appreciating this guy Abimbola Kunle for the great man he’s been to me.

I will forever love you boo of life.

Inspiring Naija love stories 6: Omotoyosi Shitta

My first impression of him at the NCCF sanctuary in the orientation camp was that he was the most good looking white fowl I have ever seen. Every thing about his outfit was perfect.

Post-camp we were both posted to Lokoja and lived at the NCCF secretariat. He was the only person in the house who sent a text for my birthday.

We went to Jos for a national conference in October and on our way back, we got talking and a friendship deal was stuck. I didn’t think we were close till rumours started flying that we were an item. Much later, we both became NCCF state executives and he was a great friend and emotional support on my very stressful days.

Rumour got worse and I was hurt. I mean! There was a no shaking rule and I have no intentions to be deceitful. My close friends in the house doubted me at some point.

With the stress of PPA, being State Treasurer, outgoing batch exco, state conference exco, building project exco, he was all I had. He’ll get my food for me, buy beverages for me when my weight loss worried him, get drugs when I need and take me on walks in the night to relieve stress. Those periods, I was hurt by the fellowship and many issues surrounding it. We even had a prayer group with two other female friends.

As POP was approaching, it dawned on me that our friendship may come to an end. I wrote a note to him during state conference asking if he would forget me when hustle of real life sets in and he replied that he won’t.

Two months after, he called to say he wanted more. I saw it coming but I was in a dilemma. If I agree, rumour mongers would say they were right about us.

I knew my happiness was priority and I love him and he loves me too. So I gave a positive response after some days. It’s been 3 years now and it’s been all shades of bliss.



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