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Facebook Celebrity Shares Her Inspiring Valentine Story

Popular Facebook Counselor

Omobolanle Adeyemo, a Popular Facebook Counselor, and Celebrity who shared her love story with us here have taken to the popular social media platform to share her interesting and inspiring Valentine love story.

It is truly inspiring. Check it out:

In the atmosphere of Valentine, let’s talk about love.

Personally, I love romantic stories. Every time I hear a love story of how a man and a woman met, I blush and do all the awwwws. The beautiful part of this meets is that, sometimes it’s a coincidence or deliberate meet. From all the stories I have read or been told, I always see God’s divine hand of connection.

I like to share how my hubby and I met. Asides that it’s an exciting story and one that always makes me blush, it’s also an inspirational story, that inspires singles in choosing the right mate. I know God favoured me greatly blessing me with such an amazing man…but me sef, I wasn’t just waiting for a good man, I was a good woman myself.

If you’re not tired of hearing how we met, I’d share.

“Hubby and I were classmates, level mates and all that. He was an extremely intelligent one in class. Always topping the class in tests and exams and I was like, it wouldn’t be bad to have this guy as a friend o. No ulterior motive.

I remember writing my first test in Uni, while I was busy gushing at my own score (14/20), I was shocked to know that somebody scored it all (20/20). I immediately gave myself sense. I remembered my sisters telling me to make friends with people smarter than me. I made up my mind to have him as a friend especially that I had dreams of graduating with a first class. Lol, I wish!

On his own while, he saw this slim, smart and beautiful babe, (me) and was crushing on her. He came to introduce himself to me which I can’t even remember. I just knew we became friends somehow. Then when I moved to my own apartment which was so close to where he lived off campus, he told me that was one of his best days. He’d teach me difficult modules, help me with stuff and was generally a good friend.

In 2009, in part three in the University, he asked me out. Took me 6 months or thereabout to give my consent. I like that he didn’t pressure me. He left me alone to make my choice. My hubby is smart and confident like that.

I gave my consent to start a relationship with him because we shared the same values: sexual and all. I saw him as focused, ambitious and reasonable. I wanted somebody who would not pressure me for sex, a well self-controlled man. Specifically, I desired to do it first and last. I didn’t like all the heartbreaks I saw around me. I told God, I would want to hit my own jackpot without having to do many trials. To God be the glory, I got that! I am his first and he’s mine as well.

We were successfully able to combine academics and our relationship. In class, we were classmates. Outside of class, we were lovers.

Hubby graduated with a First Class Honours as the best in the department and Faculty while I was rated the most improved student who rose from a Third Class Grade to a Second Class Upper Division. We were the talk of Uni. Everyone wanted to know how we did it. Lecturers used us as great examples (even though some of them were skeptical at the onset). Junior colleagues wanted to know how we successfully combined both without one or both falling apart. I’d say, we were focused. We helped each other a lot. He was the one doing more of the helping though because he’s the smarter one who grabs things faster.

Before this time, I had asked him if he was going to propose because I fancy rings and love the idea of wearing one (it must be a defined ring sha), and I also wanted to know if he’s the type of man who didn’t believe in proposing. He told me he was going to and it was going to come as a surprise to me.

It did.

After 6 and a half years of dating, he proposed in the company of our mutual friends. I didn’t expect it though…it was such a romantic atmosphere (that’s a story for another day).

We got married after almost eight years of dating; those were days Konji used to deal with me. Oh, my massaging my v((gina, speaking in tongues didn’t work o… but thank God, that’s history now.

Our story took over the social media wave in 2017 and I think that was the year I became a Facebook celebrity. I received calls and messages from far and near many of which were people I had only heard or read about. I also had lots of blogs, magazine and online interviews.

Being married to him is one of the most beautiful moments in my life. I’m happy, content and blessed. My husband has constantly proven that good men exist and good marriages are not a myth.


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