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Inspiring Naija Love Stories You Should Read (Part 2)

Naija love stories

So we continue our inspiring Naija love stories with a part 2 due to the fact that there were so many love stories, placing it on a single page wouldn’t have done enough justice. Did you read the first part? You can check it here.

Continue reading our inspiring Naija love stories and revel in this content:

Inspiring Naija love stories 7: Tolulope Oluwatosin Dada

So in 2009, I went for this audition for a drama group in a school fellowship (Ccf-Nifes – Futa chapter). One Uncle was there among the judges, dressed up like a boss, all going against my performance like its whack. Little did I know that uncle was just forming ‘I no see you ooo’.

In 2010, this Uncle just showed up at my hostel, talking and all smiling and then I heard ‘Tolu! I want you to be my wife’ (like those were the actual words of wooing he said to me). I went numb like what happens to ‘Tolu! Be my girlfriend’? I laughed so hard and said ‘Bros! You must be a joker’. We were on that page till…

In 2012, this same Uncle came to my I.T. workplace at Ojota, Lagos, with a huge backpack on his back and he said to me ‘Tee! I’m traveling to the UK for my masters, I want you to have me in your heart and consider my proposal for a while now, I want you to be my wife’.

I went again with my hard, loud laughter saying ‘Bros! It cannot work, please don’t even consider it, take care and have a good life’. All along this Uncle’s stay in the UK for more than a year, he called and checked up on me severally, advised me on school activities and even helped with my final year project.

In 2013, Uncle came to Nigeria for his brother (God bless his resting soul)’s wedding, where he brought me some stuff and went back to the UK again.

I was still on my decision No!

Hmnnn! Uncle still stuck around oooo that at a point, his call was the first one I have in the morning and the last I have at night (from UK oooo)….still my decision No!

Uncle finally came back to Nigeria in 2014, and continued with the pursuit for Tolu but my village people still stood on my case say No seeee! Just to avoid Uncle, I blocked him from contacting me on all social medias.

In 2017, my village people finally decided to leave me alone and then I got that strange phone call on my birthday (PS: he never forgot my birthday, he always found a way to reach out). Lo and behold! It was Uncle and somehow I just missed him and appreciated the call, so then we kept talking but still, I didn’t give any chance of lovey dovey thingy until towards the end of the year. Uncle persisted with all might and strength…..say this babe! I die here this time, either you or you!

And that’s how me -Tolu, the stubborn Ekiti girl decided to consider and agree to Uncle’s proposal for 7 years at August 2017, as mum and family members have started disturbing and crazy killing me in the house sef and few weeks after I agreed, Uncle sharperly visited my parents and made his intentions known. Uncle proposed to me with a ring (cause all along he proposed I be his wife) at September 2018 and he is getting me married by April 20, 2019.

Uncle is Ehis(E).

Funny, I always liked E, I was even crazy about him at a point but village people were actually real. He never asked me to be his girlfriend but his wife and never have I ever regretted my agreement to E’s proposal. As a matter of fact, it has been a blessing. Kindly wish us well.

Inspiring Naija love stories 8: Constance Oko-oboh

In 2012, I found a paper on the floor of one of the classrooms in my faculty, it was a call for submission of short stories or poetry. So I put in and told a friend too. Guess what, I didn’t make it. My friend told me to follow her to Uniben for the grand finale and I obliged.

Before then, my friend and I had to rally round to upload her picture on the website for all the finalists. I remember Ofmat was the second guy just after my friend’s name. I’m crazy about TDH guys. So I was like, wow, fine guy. Plus I loved the title of his poem “I don’t need your pity”. The day of the competition came, I was in the crowd. I didn’t know he had an exam on Monday and the competition was a Saturday, May 20th, 2012.

He was talking with my friend, she introduced him to me but the guy didn’t look my way. We were also roommates and she would be like why is this guy chatting her na?

My friend likes light-complexioned guys.

Anyway, she never said he asked her out. So in 2014, Ofmat contacted my friend and came to my university for departmental waka. He was the regional coordinator, NASELS, I was departmental treasurer.

He still never spoke in a friendly tone with me like someone that wanted to know me. I added him on facebook in 2014. I noticed he was a good guy, God-fearing but I was fixated on my ex-boyfriend.

In 2015, Ofmat was supposed to have graduated from University in 2014 he was still traveling round schools in South south for departmental waka. I always told myself that this guy is too over-zealous. If he toast me sef, I no go gree. He had this shoe he wore the other year with a large inscription on it, tackle your obstacle.

I just knew he had poor taste in designs. My friend and I would laugh at him a lot because of his weird shoe. So by October same year, I was posted to oyo state. My ex boyfriend too. Anytime I was in town and I needed directions in Ibadan because I wasn’t serving in Ibadan, I would contact that nasels guy, Ofmat.

I had another guy too I liked (undefined relationship) and my ex wanted me back. So in Sept 2017, I saw Ofmats WhatsApp post about warroom. I asked him about it. He gave a brilliant review. At this point, I felt he would toast me because one time we spoke for long about life, family, relationship etc. His age put me off, the age gap was 6yrs. I needed a mature person.

So he invited me to his church and that year, his GO children were in Nigeria, I didn’t like the convention advert so I didn’t attend. I felt it was all these churches that were trying to belong. Plus he said, he’d be busy.

We may not have time to talk. In my mind, I was like so I’m coming to normal convention abi. So that Sept 9th, 2016 I didn’t attend the convention.

By early February 2017, we got talking again and he said he would call me. He then asked if I had a Glo number and kept calling everyday to check on me. I came to Ibadan Feb 14th for masters clearance and settling down. He then asked me out in late February. He was in Lagos that night when he did and by the next morning, we decided to break up. We just felt it was not right anymore. Though the first day we met at Mokola roundabout, he wore a very ugly faded shirt and short ugly kinda Palazo knickers. He said he didn’t want me to even feel anything for him. He met me at the roundabout and went to the mall. I noticed he didn’t have money on him, he did not have up to 5k so I ordered meat pie and drink. He did the same. I was like how person go love without money.

I had been very single from Feb 2016 till then and decided to just use him as maga. I didn’t know the guy had no penny.

So that day, we spoke about life, future, values, everything and I noticed he tallied with me. I swear it was like he stole my booklet I wrote all God told me. I kept quiet. I then mentioned traveling abroad as part of God plan for me. He knew I was the one when talking but when I mentioned abroad, he decided to abort his feelings.

But then, somehow he kept asking us to pray for our future home. Guy, chill, you don’t even have money. He would say let’s study scriptures together. He used to also send stories via WhatsApp and he always sent me 3times every day. I will always be pissed. I never knew I was in his Broadcast list. He has a weird sense of humour and very jovial, I can never be like him, I didn’t like his carefree nature.

He doesn’t keep a to-do list. Money nko, my guy is prudent when he has less than 2k, and I didn’t like a lot of behaviours he attributed. I realized everyone can’t be me and I won’t be compatible with someone like me. On my birthday that year, he blew my mind. He gave me my first cherishable gift from a lover. He gave me a cake and a portrait. I didn’t know he used his weekly teaching money to buy small me cake just to make me feel happy.

So, we began dating same February and then, by June, he met my parents and the rest is history. Though I didn’t want to get married during my masters program, it’s been good all the same. It’s been 14 months of marital bliss.

Inspiring Naija love stories 9: Shadare Feyishayo Omowunmi

We went to the same secondary school, I was in ss3 while he in ss2. We were just friends then though, but later, sometimes in 2008 he asked me out, and said he likes my personality because I always send new month message to him every month then, I didn’t give him an answer until Jan 20th, 2009,

Fast forward to now, we’ve dated for 10years. We’ve had our ups and downs but I can boldly say we’ve never had to break up for 1week. The good news is that we are getting married on the 27th of April this year.

Inspiring Naija love stories 10: Adenike Anderson

Iain and I met in Church and then we both realized we attended the same Uni, and then we became friends. You know those friends you only meet on Sundays you stand talking to after Church. Ehen..he was one of them. After about two months of doing this, we agreed to meet outside of Church for a cupper. I won’t lie. I found him physically attractive but knowing that he smoked and had tattoos kind of meant I had friend-zoned him.

Anyways the day we were to meet for a cupper I completely forgot and left him waiting for over 2hrs. When I eventually showed up I found him engrossed in a book. He didn’t even realize the time had flown by. That day we talked about everything and anything and it was then I realized we could be something more.

This was about February 2010 having met in November 2009. It became a routine with us. Every Sunday after Church he will follow me back to my hostel, have lunch at mine and then leave later in the evening. During the week we will make time to meet up amidst lectures and other commitments.

By April, we shared our first kiss. It was by the bus stop and that kiss automatically changed the dynamic of our relationship. I can’t even tell you how it happened. One second we were talking and the next we were kissing. By June we were engaged and by November 2010 we were married. It was like once we knew what we wanted there was no need waiting any longer. We will be married 9yrs this year and he remains my very best friend and lead supporter.

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