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Letters To Someone Special To You

Letters to someone special

Letters to someone special: Love letters are written and exchanged between two lovers. The love letters are used to express our feelings for someone we love; they are also used to acknowledge the impact of our lovers in our life. How their presence has changed us, how they motivate us and many more.

Letters to someone special 1

I am writing this letter in order to show you how much I love you, and how important you are to me. How is everybody at home? I hope they are all fine and sound? My regards to every one of them. Do you remember the beautiful times we shared together? Those days we were sharing the sweetest moments together in love, peace, and harmony? I never knew you were such a wonderful lady. I love your smile, your beauty and the fairness of your skin that glows like a light. I love your powerful smile because it mesmerizes my heart and gives me great pleasure that I cannot possibly think of achieving alone in the next fifty years of my life. Truly, my life has changed since the day I set my eyes on you. I can now understand the difference between pain and real pleasure since the day I met you. I want you to know that there is nothing that will make me stop loving you. I will surely be with you for the rest of your life. My love for you is not the type that dies so easily. Baby, always have it on your mind that my love for you is special. It will not in any way be destroyed forever.

Letters to someone special 2

The purpose of writing this letter is to let you know how important you are in my life; to let you understand that my heart only beats for you. I want to cheer you up for the kind of true love you show to me. The love we share together makes me look younger every day, this is a sign of a good heart you have. You never make me sad even for once. Could you remember the other day we met, the sweet smile of love you cast at me? This memory has never been lost in my heart. I keep it for a beautiful day like this. Truly, since the day I met you, I have become so much attached to you and wish you know the great impact your presence has caused in my life. I have become a changed person in my life because you are part of my life. Baby, I want you to know that I will never stop loving you forever. I will forever be the reason why you smile because the game of this love is yet to end. It will continue to exist forever in my heart. My love for you will not end again God’s willing.

Letters to someone special 3

It has been long we hear from each other due to the distance of the relationship between us. So, I decided to write this letter to you, hoping that it will reach you in good health. I am also using this opportunity to remind you of the moments of love we shared together when I was around, never think it is over; it is just the beginning. Long before I met you, I was sad due to the past life and love I found myself. Then, I realized that had it been that we have met before now, my heart wouldn’t have suffered the entire pains it went through. Your love has given me more confidence that there is true love in the air reaching every corner of this world. This is the reason why I am hoping to spend the rest of my life with you. I am looking forward to a greater reason for us to live together forever. My love for you is as simple as the bond power of paper but as strong as the hardest rock in the world. I love you.

Letters to someone special 4

If I can’t hear from you, I should be able to write to you, to remind you of the queen you are. It has been quite long we relate due to the mission of our federal government. Though, it really pains me that I have not been able to express my love as supposed. What actually annoys me most is that the beautiful things we have done while we together had really been pending. I always recall the kisses and hugs that keep my body warm. Your attitude has changed my lifestyle and then gave me a reason to become a good man. I love you so much and I will never forget you forever. Let me tell you the truth about how I feel for you. I feel like never to leave you until the death separates us. I love you with complete faith and courage. I wish you all the best

Letters to someone special 5

I have been too lonely since the day you left so, I decided to write you this letter to facilitate your return anytime soon. Come back to make me happy once again, come and reopen those beautiful love stories you tell me. Those beautiful smiles of yours have been seriously missed so I wish to see your face shining once again before me. When you were with me, my heart is always at rest. Since the day you left, I became so sad and moody. Your presence really means a lot to me. Please come back soon. My love for you cannot be taken for granted even by me who claim to have it for you. My life is no longer the same since the day I got married to you and this is also a reason to love you beyond the sky. Don’t even think that I may betray you one day, it is not possible. In as much as you are alive, be rest assured that your love will forever reign in my heart, and after my death or yours, it will still remain in my heart. Your memory will not perish in my heart because I love you.

Letters to someone special 6

I am writing this letter to tell you that I miss you with passion. I miss your kisses and hugs and the romantic moments we shared together. I miss all the love you showed to me. Less I forget, I love your eyes because they are beautiful, I love your face because it shines like a star, I love your skin because it glows like the brightest star. Before, I thought it is good to be arrogant not until you came into my life and changed it. Your present has made everything easy for me. I love your eyes because whenever I see them, I become happier, all this transforms me into a better person in life. Trust me, I will never stop loving you for the rest of my life. I will not think of leaving a great lover like you until the end of time. You may not know how much you mean to me, but I swear I so much in love with you. I can’t stop loving you for the rest of my life. My love for you does not have a limit.

Letters to someone special 7

Your love dwells in my heart and it is the reason why I am writing this letter to you. The entire romance, the sweet voice of yours and every single memory keep on repeating itself. This is the kind of person I have become since the day I set my eyes on you. I love you so much and wish you all the best in this world as my beloved wife. I love your smile; it is made of a divine treasure blended with the fluid of pleasure that transfers joy to me. I will never stop thinking about you because you are so special. You will always be the reason why I’m happy. Your good character is never the last thing to mention about. You are the most precious love of my life and will never stop loving you for the rest of my life. I want you to have the best of your time with me this week, so if you can come around, it will have been one of the most beautiful experience for me this year. I love your face because it shines like sunlight. It is the reason why I cannot stop thinking about you.

Letters to someone special 8

With the special love I have for you, receive the message in good earth and best of conditions in this life. I want to tell you that your love still remains in my heart, and has never changed. It will not in any way changed because it comes from a very deep part of my body. I will always love you forever. If every woman can be as kind as you are, the whole world will have become the best place to be. I will be so special because you will surely shower me with your kindness, love, passion, and happiness that never end. Your precious face is not common, so smooth, beautiful and glowing like a light of love. I will never stop thinking about the beautiful moments we shared together. I love you so much and wish you all the best in this world. I will not stop thinking about the entire advice you give me, they are part of the reasons why I love you. I miss you dearly and will never stop telling you this. I want you to know that this world cannot contain the kind of love I have for you so, be rest assured that I am with you any time any moment. I will not get tired of loving you. I wish you all the best in this world. I appreciate the special love I have for you because you are my dream come true. Loving you has changed everything about me. I love you, my superstar.

Letters to someone special 9

Your beautiful face keep coming back, so I wish to see you any moment from now; I wish to see your beautiful body full of light and soft to touch. The kind of thought I have for you is full of s*xual acts. You are my life and my beloved wife; you mean everything to me because you are God sent an angel. I miss your delicious soup; I miss your kisses and the powerful voice that sings love songs for me. You are my happiness which means without you, I will be sad. Please, love me more and more and care for me so I will rest assured that you are still there for me. Your shining skin looks like moonlight in the dark night, this is one of the reasons why I love you. I will never get tired of you because you are simply the best woman in my life. I love you beyond the sky and wish you understand the power of y love for you. Thank you, my sweet love. Good to hear from you. I appreciate your efforts in my life. I love thinking about you because it gives me a kind of comfort in my heart. Thank you, my precious love. You are the reason why I am so happy today.

Letters to someone special 10

I have been dreaming about you since these days, I hope you are fine where you are? If I said I’m not scared about your journey, my claim should be named the greatest lie of the year. I am scared of losing the sweet moments we share together, the giggles when I make you happy, the tears you shed whenever you are hurt and how I pet you not to cry again. You are very intelligent though, and it is one of the reasons why I aspire to make you my future wife. I love you with all my heart and pray that you will never stop being the only girl my heart desires. I want to assure you of one fact, believe me; I will not betray you, so take it as the truth because your thought has occupied every angle of my heart with endless love. I wish you all the best now and forever. You shall become the mother of my future kids; you shall be my only wife forever because I cannot share your love with any other woman. Your lips, I love to kiss because they are made of the softest flesh ever. Your body, I love to touch because it is as sweet as a lollipop. My love will forever flow for you alone. I love you.

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