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Instagram Follower Shares Her Amazing Love Story

Naija wedding story

Remember the Naija wedding story video of Ola and Oluwa that was shared on the blog yesterday? An Instagram follower saw the video and decided to share her own love story with the blog. This story is just so amazing. Okay, enough of the talk. Let’s get on with her amazing love story below:

I had just graduated from the ABU Zaria in 2011,and was with my aunty in Kaduna. Still waiting for my NYSC when I came across a friend request on my Facebook account. I was a bit reluctant to accept it, but I later did.

He was a young man who is a graduate of Benson Idahosa University. He chatted me up until I was able to reply to his messages. Then he asked for my number which I released to him hesitantly. So he called and we started talking, although, I was as old as 21 then, I wasn’t thinking relationship.

But he was bent on starting a relationship with me. He was also quite young because he was 21 as well. We got talking and chatting on “2go” if you remember #smiles# I got used to him even though we had not met.

We were in love!

Until I went for my NYSC I found someone else and rather than tell him about it, I barred his numbers#hmm! Harsh thing to do right# yea! He didn’t find out until after a month when he tried calling me using his his brother’s number. That was when I told him that I was no Longer interested in him. He pleaded and pleaded, sent me Facebook messages and apologising for what he didn’t do. I just wasn’t interested

So he left me because I didn’t seem to love him any more. After my NYSC, the guy I left him for broke up our relationship and told me he was in love with someone else. Gosh! I was devastated but my NYSC honorary award was my consolation point as I carried out a personal CDS!

I had three more relationships in 3yrs. Until one day I remembered someone who tells me that he loves me even without seeing me. He fell in love with my picture and my voice and each time I ask myself if I can ever find true love, only his thought crosses my mind.

I broke up with this same man thrice and he keeps coming back. So,the final comeback was October 2015. He called me to check up on me and he brought old memories back. He tells me even though we haven’t seen, he loved me even before I was born #funny right#. When I dropped the call, he sent me a text the following morning which was my friend’s wedding day and I was her best lady.

The text goes thus “I have thought about us and I don’t see us together Just know that what will not be, will not be!” Gosh! I was heartbroken because now I know what I want and what I need from a man and I couldn’t have it!

I felt really bad and thought to myself “good for you”. Meanwhile, during the course of our break up, he had picked up a film editing career which he told me that our breakups made him face his career,and when I asked him if he had someone he told me, he hasn’t met anyone like me.

He said he wanted a lady with Exceptional long hair, dark in complexion, beautiful,born and bred in the north,descent and Godfearing. He had found all these qualities but was scared to go on So fast forward to Oct,2015 after he sent me that text, I decided to let him be because I felt I didn’t deserve him anymore. So a week later, he started calling and when I picked his call, I was furious and I asked him what he was looking for. I told him not to disturb me any more since he was no longer interested in me. So he said he couldn’t do without talking to me, that he needed a friend he could confide in. I told him we couldn’t be friends anymore because it reminds me that we cannot be more than friends and I was scared that one day, he would show his girlfriend to me.

He then told me that I should give him time to think and I was like how much time do you need? He said october to November. So I said okay. We got talking again as friends, Remember, we had still not seen each other.

Before November, he asked me to be HIS again and I didn’t hesitate.We then arranged to see. It was another thug of war as he requested I came to Lagos. My ego wouldn’t let me but eventually, I agreed after so much persuasion.

My trip was fixed for April 18, 2017. I was scared, excited and skeptical and I was like what if I don’t like what i see, what if he turns out not to be who I have been speaking with for the past five years We spoke until I switched off my fine in the plane. My trip was for an hour as I flew from Kaduna to Lagos.

He is one in a million with a heart of gold After then I went back to Kaduna because I had returned to school for my Master’s in fisheries and Aquaculture. On my way back I thought about how he treated mevin his house, he was so real, romantic and caring and guess what! He never asked for sex# Now I am shy# And I was like which guy would sponsor your flight trip To and fro, treat you like a queen and not want to go down with you!

So I thought to myself girl! You are staying here. We kept talking, he introduced me to his brothers and I even met one of them in Lagos. He started talking marriage and meeting his mum Which we did and in October 1st, 2017 he flew to Kaduna to propose to me and meet my parents for the first time.I wasn’t expecting the proposal but he did in collaboration with my sister’s husband.

Of course, I said yes!

So currently the wedding preparation is on and I can’t wait.

naija wedding story video

What an amazing story! Do you believe in love? Of course, you do, that's why you are here reading this. Guess what, they want us to shoot their Dee Wedding stories video and there is excitement in the air. Will you watch when we are done with it? I bet you would!

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