Hi Family

I know you guys must have missed Dee. So sorry for not posting for so long.

You know how photography is, battling with some client jobs here and there. I will drop some of my recent photography gists on the Events category soon. Watch out for that!

Not to worry, I am not going nowhere anymore.

I cross my two hands and two legs…Believe?

Okay, Let’s start shall we?

Last week, I got into a conversation with my Mom about photography when she mentioned something about seeing my ex-girlfriend on her way to get groceries for her store.

Knowing where she was headed with the ex-girlfriend thingy, I tried changing the direction of the ‘convo’ but trust ‘Mumcee’ being an Ijebu woman, she stylishly chipped in that eye-brow raiser;

I hope you wee invite her to your wedding!

At first I laughed hysterically. Invite who?? All these Ijebu women sef!

Which one be special invitation again…Biko!

Thinking it was funny and obviously laughing foolishly, bewildered by her statement.

She mocked me in Yoruba:

‘on rerin abi? ( Is it funny?)

I replied:

Mom! It really is!?

She is past tense, Why do I need to invite her? She has played her part in my life, inviting her will bring up old wounds.

I was just going on and on, before she continued:

“My Dear, There is nothing wrong in telling her you are getting married and there is nothing wrong your ex-girlfriend also passing her invitation card to you”

Being your ex does not mean she is a forbidden individual. At least, I still see her a lot of times and she greets me like I’m her mother (See set up).

Well, eventually, I was able to succeed in changing the discussion into something more serious!! – My coming home for Christmas’

Hehehehe!! Mom loves seeing all her children gather together at home! Odikwa Serious!

Let’s get back to my point exactly, which got me thinking for a while!

What if I invite her to my wedding, It’s the thing to do, innit?

I agree that we broke up in a not so cordial terms but then, it’s been 2 years and no ill feelings basically!

However I still feel bitter about her not being patient and all! Well? We are human, are we not?

But Guys, what do you think? Would you invite your ‘Ex’ to your wedding?

For you with plenty ‘Exes’ Will you send the invitation cards?

Biko, drop your opinions below, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Yours In Love


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5 Responses

  1. Tosin Olaniyi

    Biko like my dad will say, which play will bring the lion and dog together? Ere wo ni aja n ba ekun se?

    There are some of my exes that I won’t even look at twice if I see them on the road, talk more of inviting them to my wedding… Awon bad belle

    But there are some that we ended on a good and friendly note, still talk today and I can invite.
    So it’s a thing of how Una end the relationship and how the guy character be while in the relationship.

    An ex of mine got married some years back and he invited me for the wedding… And I was like, to do what na? This is a guy that still messages me from time to time saying he misses me. Akoshibero person.
    Lol I Don overtalk. Bye bye deedee


    • Deedee


      Na only you waka come? Your Exes suppose don reach team oh!…..

      Thanks for stating your own opinion! You better go and eat Rice dance on the dance floor… Hehe

      **Runs Away***

  2. JoJo

    There is no reason for you to invite an ex to your wedding cos they are ‘past tense’ ! And I believe a mum who is sentimental about her son’s ex cos she sees the ex everyday amd she greets her like her mother will definitely see nothing wrong in her son doubledating his ex n present girlfriend , na she go join them together again!

  3. Enny Cole

    I have no issues inviting my ex, not just all. There really isn’t any point. It all depends. More importantly, most wouldn’t even now I am wedding, cos to get back together again is always the main target. I dont want wedding crashers.

  4. Fadeyi Janet

    [An ex u have not being having good conversation with & you r about getting married,can such ex be invited? Compare to an ex whereby there is a good communication. No longer dating but you too still keep in touch…..As for me,i think i can invite my ex. # Generally; Not all ex needs an invite#


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