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Happy Ramadan Messages & Ramadan Wishes for 2020

happy ramadan messages

It is 2020, won’t you send family and friends a number of Happy Ramadan messages?

Whether you are looking for special happy ramadan messages, great happy ramadan messages, amazing happy ramadan messages, happy ramadan messages to send to your lover, spiritual happy ramadan messages, happy ramadan messages for 2018. You are just on the right page. Welcome!

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is celebrated worldwide by all Muslims. Ramadan is a period when Muslims fast and pray to Allah for blessings, forgiveness and Thanksgiving. Muslims don’t joke with this celebration at all. They fast from dawn to dusk throughout the period of Ramadan which usually lasts for a month. After dusk, they break their fast by eating and continue the fast the next day as before.

What is Ramadan and how is it celebrated?

Ramadan as mentioned earlier, is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. It is believed to mark the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad. Ramadan is observed all over the world by Muslims as a month of fasting.

This yearly celebration of Ramadan is very important and is one of the five pillars of Islam. The Ramadan month could last anywhere from 29 days to 30 days depending on how the moon is sighted. The moon is usually crescent during this period. The 2018 date for Ramadan this year is from 16th of May to 14th of June.

Ramadan means dryness or blazing heat, and it is very compulsory for adult Muslims to fast during this period. The only exceptions are the elderly, pregnant, or ill people.

Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset that is dawn to dusk. And they are not expected to eat, drink, have sexual intercourse or smoke. And they are also expected to refrain from sins. Like lying and back biting. It is believed that there are spiritual rewards to observing the Ramadan fast and doing any of the above prohibitions will prevent one from gaining any rewards. It is believed that one’s rewards are multiplied during the Ramadan season when one observes the fasts and prayers.

It is important to send Ramadan text messages to your loved ones so that they know that you love them. If you have loved ones that are Muslims or you are a Muslim, you should send happy Ramadan messages to them! You really should! Ramadan is a really happy celebration. A really glorious one! Just like you would send happy birthday text messages to a loved one to make them feel loved, so should anyone send happy Ramadan messages to their loved ones to make the celebration a special one for them.

People love to be acknowledged. To be loved. Sending Happy Ramadan messages like this is one of the sweetest things to do. If you are a Muslim, you are not an exception! You should wish your fellow Muslims too! They will think you are the most caring person in the world. And that is really cool.

Happy Ramadan 2018 in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Muslims are quite generous. They share food at the end of the fasts that is, at the end of the 29 or 30 day fast. The food most commonly shared is Jollof Rice with Ram meat. This is a very common practice in Nigeria. To help the Muslims to have a really smooth fast, you can give them certain gifts like cooked food, milk, beverages like water, soda and so on. They will really appreciate such gifts. They will love you for it.


Because you are giving them what they need at the time. You could also give to the beggars on the streets too.

It is really important to celebrate Ramadan with our Muslim brothers and sisters. If you are a Christian, it will be really lovely if you send a really cool text of greeting to your Muslim friends for Ramadan. And if you are a Muslim, you can send to your fellow Muslim brethren in order to spread the love. Messages like this usually stick to the hearts of those you send them to. Make your friends happy. Send them one of the below beautiful texts! Pick and send!

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New Happy Ramadan messages for 2018

1. Happy Ramadan to you my Muslim brethren. I am wishing you a whole month of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. May Allah keep guiding you and protecting you.

2. As this month of Ramadan starts, may Allah bless you and your family abundantly. With enough blessings to keep you happy.

3. Ramadan Mubarak to you my brethren. I am so happy to wish you a very beautiful month of Ramadan. May Allah hear all of your prayers.

4. As you fast and pray to Allah, may He crown all of your fasts and prayers with huge rewards. May Allah continually bless you.

5. Happy Ramadan to you my brethren. May this month be one full of prosperity for you. May you always prosper due to this Ramadan you are celebrating.

6. What a beautiful season of Ramadan it is. This month will bring to your life loads of happiness than you have ever dreamed of.

7. Happy Ramadan Sister! May you always have cause to give praise to Allah. May you see more and more of this glorious celebration.

8. Happy Ramadan to you! Hope you are enjoying the season? Ramadan period is a period of spiritual reflection. May Allah give you grace to know Him better.

9. Happy Ramadan to you my colleague! Ramadan is a beautiful and joyful celebration. All Muslims fast together with a spirit of togetherness. Allah bless you.

10. Happy Ramadan to you my friend. May your life starting from this Ramadan period be full of joy, colours, blessings, goodness and grace.

11. As you are ushered into this month of Ramadan, may you always have a glorious reason to give thanks and praise to Allah for His Love?

12. Ramadan is a wonderful celebration in the life of a Muslim. And I know it is important to you too. Happy Ramadan my friend.

13. Happy Ramadan! Ramadan Mubarak! Enjoy this month fully. Reflect fully on the essence of Ramadan and grow in faith.

14. Ramadan Mubarak to you! I hope you are observing your fast diligently. May Allah continue to provide for your every need according to His riches in glory.

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Happy Ramadan Messages to the one you love

Perhaps you are away from your lover and you need to send some sweet Happy Ramadan messages to them. These messages compiled below are just for you. Pick as many as you want and send to them. They will feel really happy that you remembered to greet them for Ramadan. It’s a total sweet gesture. Try it and see!

15. Happy Ramadan to you my sweetheart. It gives me great joy to greet you welcome to this Ramadan month. You are welcome into Ramadan.

16. My love, it’s Ramadan again! Oh… How excited I am. If only I were there to celebrate Ramadan with you. Wishing you Happy Ramadan.

17. Happy Ramadan to you my honey. Be more reflective of the Islamic faith and the importance of Ramadan during this period. I love you.

18. Dear, Ramadan Mubarak to you. It’s such a happy thing to see that we are both alive to witness this year’s Ramadan season. You’re welcome.

19. I welcome you into the month of Ramadan my honey bunny. I am very happy to celebrate this festivity and observe this fasting with you.

20.Ramadan Mubarak to you my sweetie pie. Wishing you a better spiritual experience. More spiritual awakening and enlightenment to you.

21. Happy Ramadan to you my sweetheart. Have fun this Ramadan. Eat when you should eat and fast when you should fast. Be prayerful!

22. My advice to you this Ramadan is to pray and fast steadfastly. Do not give up on your faith. Pray without ceasing and grow your faith my love.

23. Ramadan Mubarak to you! Oh my love it’s Ramadan again! May Allah fill your life with so much joy. May you always be joyful!

24. Happy Ramadan to you! My sugar crush.. I hope you are observing your fast diligently? May Allah crown all of your efforts and prayers with immense rewards and success. May Allah continue to bless us both.

25. Happy Ramadan to you my baby. I am wishing you 30 days of awakening, 720 hours of upliftment and a month of reflection. May your fasts and prayers never go in vain. Allah bless you.

26. Ramadan Mubarak to you my dear sugar. You know you mean a whole lot to me. So, in this month of Ramadan, I am wishing you all of your heart desires. Lots of money to your bank account and happiness.

27. Happy Ramadan! After the completion of this month’s fasts and prayer. May you walk into your full glory. May your Glory illuminate everywhere!

28. Allah bless you my love. Happy Ramadan! I am so happy to celebrate this massive festival with you. Wishing you lots of favour this season.

29. As you celebrate this season of Ramadan. May you know massive favour for the rest of your life my Love. May Allah never leave you.

30. As you fast and pray in this festive period, may Allah crown all of your prayers and fasts by granting all of your heart desires.

31. Ramadan Mubarak my heartthrob! I will keep praying and fasting with you throughout this period. Allah bless you. I cherish you.

32. Happy Ramadan to you my Heart. No one else can replace you in my life. As we celebrate Ramadan, may our bond continue to grow stronger.

33. Happy Ramadan to you. Dear, remember to reflect deeply on the purpose of Ramadan so that you will be able to appreciate Allah in His full glory.

34. As we celebrate Ramadan again this year, I just thought to remind you of how much I love you. How much I adore you. Much love.

35. Ramadan Mubarak! Happy Ramadan to you my heartbeat. May you never fast and pray in vain. May you see the results of your fasts and prayers. May Allah reward you immensely. I love you. Always know that.

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